He makes mistakes every time he speaks English.

You cannot put the entire blame on me!

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You're always welcome at my place.

I have to get used to it first.

Amedeo came home all covered in mud.

Do you come here every night?

As a matter of course, he is quite right.

You'll sleep better tonight.

Lynne is the one for me.


The graduation is two months ahead.

How many plates do you want?

Both Shutoku and Laurie are left-handed.

Shamim is a golden boy.

They liked to argue about political issues.

Everybody row in concert!

Not that shirt, the other one.


Bradford is in a coma, but he's stable.


Just come up here.

Turkeer reached into his pocket, but his car keys weren't there.

Everywhere you go will find the same scenery.

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Sadly, some of us are wretches and have to suffer eternally.

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John spoke in such a loud voice that I could hear him upstairs.

Do you want me to translate that for you?

He has a good chance of getting elected.

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You're a big fraud.

Fatal errors arise from carelessness.

Do you not get bored of videogames all afternoon?

Ken caught Charleen.

You cannot forget that he is as young as you.


He knows he acted badly.

The product was not taken out of the box.

You should travel while you're young instead of spending time in front of the computer.

The odds are against me, so I think I'll quit now.

Something's wrong with my e-mail.

She wanted to go out anyway.

If you hurry up, you will be in time.

Is that what Florian taught you?

Donna stared at the blank computer screen.

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Oskar was Panzer's alleged accomplice.


Erick is the only one who can help you now.

Wake me up when you get home if I'm asleep.

Why do you always take his side?

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Mr Nakamura went bar hopping in Tokyo.

Jennie was accustomed to being on his own.

Do you want to play cards and watch the game tomorrow?

Jenine ate the stew right out of the pot.

The new teacher was a disappointment to the class.


Arthur really wanted to see Jarl.


My mother is always complaining about me.

I'm experiencing some heartburn.

We should really get going.

I have enough money to buy a car.

I didn't tell you because I didn't know.


I know you did it on purpose.

Nothing comes easy for us.

I don't want to go if you don't go with me.

My work is to wash my father's car.

Blue fits you well.

As a result of some factories using fossil fuels, chemical emissions have already caused serious environmental problems.

I am not the captain of the new team.

I'm depending on you.

I love puzzles.

Rose milk is from the south of India. In Singapore, it's called "bandung."

The terrorists said a nuclear device was set to go off sometime tomorrow in Boston.


I don't know why he quit the company.

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Put on your woolies or you'll catch a cold!

Jean-Christophe has practiced medicine here for thirty years.

You'll get another chance.


Nicolo sat on the balcony and read the newspaper.

I taught him how to swim.

He was wrong to go ahead with the plan.


She speaks Hebrew with her mother and Polish with her father.

Do you have any idea what's wrong?

I've got to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

If I were invisible, I wouldn't have to wear anything.

These are the important items to which careful attention is to be paid.

This can't have been an accident.

Is it legal to build this wall of separation?


Shall we?

How was the meeting?

It is said that her father was killed in a traffic accident.

We never would have allowed Lance to do that.

She will finish serving her sentence next month.

I thought it would be boorish to challenge his identity without warning.

Well, I'll see you later.

We still need to talk to Alfred.

You must control your temper, Barrio.

Are any of your sister's friends single?

I'm too old for you.

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It seems that he knows about it.

You aren't like the other kids.

I am very honored!

To try to bring it back would be foolish.

I know where you were yesterday evening.

Why are you home?

Are you talking about this?


When it got dark, the party organizer said: "Time to go".

I need to know everything that you know about Shyam.

If you're done reading the book, please put it back where you found it.


However, the singer does not deny her ancestry.

What was the name of the movie we saw last night?

Strange things happened in that house.

Oliver thought about Becky a lot.

So, you were the one behind this!

Tracey and Syun sang the song they had just written.

There were a number of cars on the street.


Jean-Pierre shouldn't do that today.

He went into the next room and lay down.

Don't be discouraged.

The tide normally leaves the beach walkers only a narrow strip of sand they can walk on without getting their feet wet.

I'd like to speak to her.


Sugih is a professional photographer.

I just need to do something.

Tricia and Kyle got into a fight.

Are you still alone?

Today, I am very tired.


Jacques likes to go swimming in the summer.

Sometimes you're so unimaginative.

Where's your favorite place to go when you want to be alone?

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I began to stir about 4:30 in the morning, but I didn't get up until 6:00.


It's going to be expensive.


Vadim didn't even try to help Brandi.

He was crying with hunger.

We need to check something out.

Vijay held the knife like this.

I had no friends in Boston.

That explains everything.

I never even got a chance to ask Novorolsky if he would help.

That was pretty big.

Am I the only one who thinks this is too expensive?

I'm sorry you had to see that.

He hung up the phone and went back to sleep.

"It must bother you to have taken a bad master." "I'm stupid too. So, it's all right."

I really like my teammates.

Doctors suspect smoking has lot to do with cancer.

Winnie and Niall are expecting visitors this evening.

Siegurd fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.

Bradford hates sitting in traffic.

It's doubtful whether Carsten can speak French well enough to do the job.

He deserved to be hanged.

The average number of pregnancies per woman is two in industrialized countries.

Liz should've stayed at home.

You know more than you think.

If I were rich, I'd go abroad.

That's such a cool idea.

Do they have to do it?

Please listen to us.

His expectations hit the mark exactly.

The party leader rattled on at great length about future policies.

I am not interested in taking part in a survey: neither now nor in the future.

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They're better than we are.

I apologize if I offended you.

Complete the formula here below.

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The mother is dancing her baby on her knee.

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I am positive that he has finished.


Please send it to me by fax.

The temperature is forty below.

The Secret Service has to answer for the safety of the president.


Sharon asked Ramsey not to wake him up before seven.

Mike reached for her purse.

You can see it with the naked eye.

The ice has fossilised many prehistoric animals.

I've given up on trying to surprise you.


The house was completely burnt down by a fire.

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The status of the project is as follows.