About 360 000 babies are born every day and about 152 000 people die every day.

The Shinano River is the longest river in Japan.


I think what we just heard was Mah's voice.

Honey doesn't drip from the sky.

This sentence is a mess. Was it written by a foreigner?

I can't believe Shaw really said no to me.

I can call them.

Who did you see at the station?

I know how old Cindie is.


I know a lot about ships.


If you concentrate all your energies on the study of English, you will master the language.


I think that it's dangerous to go walking alone at night.

I don't miss home at all.

She's upstairs in my room.

I don't always approve of his methods.

You seem young.


It is her that told me it.

What an embarrassing situation that was!

He gave several examples of how we could change things.

I would never adhere to a secret society.

We might be able to help her.

Natraj speaks strangely.

Don't you have any idea where Myron is now?

Leith was eating dinner when Dannie arrived.

He'll be here right away.

Lin needs your help just as much as I do.

Knitting can be an expensive hobby.

I brought these reports for you to examine.

Arnold couldn't stop coughing.


It was such a lovely day that everybody was feeling happy and cheerful.

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Let's all drink wine at work!

Perhaps you should sit.

There is a man at the door who wants to see you.

We've got six children, you know.

My mother speaks little English.


You're backing the wrong horse.

Farmers have to get used to dealing with the variability of the weather.

The girl combed her doll's hair.

We were only trying to help.

I was almost certain you'd say something like that.


Don't worry. Everything's OK.

Johnnie emptied the bucket of water.

This has never changed.

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The birds soar in the air.

They recognized Vladislav.

Work hard, and you will succeed.

I want to see that girl again some day.

You are always wearing a loud necktie.

We've got a cash flow problem.

May I see your collection of old books?

Was that your plan?

We've eaten pizza and chicken at noon.


We couldn't play outdoors because of the intense heat.

You're too tall.

I'm going to my sister's.

The birth rate and death rate were nearly equal.

I think there's something you didn't tell me.

Her invention is brilliant!

I may be unsociable, but it doesn't mean I don't talk to people.

I know that we can help.

They are alert to the dangers of food poisoning.

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It was real scary.

The doctor can see you at ten on May seventh.

My brother is anxious for fame.


There's no logical reason for this.

The bus doesn't always come on time.

In Japan, it's now 3:00 a.m.

Are you sure this is where Joachim was?

Let us help you deal with it.

I must be losing my mind.

Danger gives relish to adventure.

Someone has been throwing beer bottles over the fence and into my back yard.

When applying to American universities, your TOEFL score is only one factor.

Pick anything you like.

I lost consciousness.

To throw the baby out with the bath-water.

We could talk about Jinny.


It is necessary to keep up with the times.


Sofoklis kept focused.


He is an absolute embarrassment to us Americans.

Didn't your mother teach you to say thank you?

I was quoting him.

The mother didn't know what to do with her son.

Model your manners on his.


Next week the electrician is coming to fix the wires.

Matt tried to solve the problem, but couldn't.

It's their only chance.

Danny doesn't have any friends who speak French.

This time could be different.

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Thomas was a handsome and kind man.

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Do you go to school on Saturday?

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He is my next-door neighbor.

Perhaps we shouldn't be doing this without Edward's help.

As he gets older, he's getting more and more stubborn.

Daniele wants me to talk to Spass about her behavior.

Apart from a few mistakes, your composition was excellent.

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Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

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Excuse me. I'd like to rent a car.

We partied all night long.

We are arguing with the neighbors.

Few children were in the room.

Marlena survived three days in the mountains.

You cannot be too careful in choosing your friends.

I really want to hold your hand.

Can you let Page know what's happened?

Were they lying?

Take a bath and go to bed.

Hamburg is Germany's largest port and also the third-largest port in Europe.

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The sirens are wailing.

It is delightful to look at a sleeping baby.

The bartender walked over to where Donn was sitting and asked him what he wanted to drink.

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I am hoping to put an end to our unhappy relationship.


You need to just leave Annie alone.

I'll abstain from going out today.

She talked on and on about her family problems.

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My feet are sore.

I saw them go inside.

The coast of England has many bays.

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We'll meet on Sunday.

We are looking for volunteers.

There was a chain accident during rush hour.

Everyone says that Nancy is very pretty.

Ice skating is kind of fun.


Nobody knows my country.

I turned page after page.

That's all there is to it.

How is your grandmother?

I believe the medium size will fit you better.

You're not a spy, or are you?

Carl leaned in and gave Cristopher a kiss on the cheek.

It's not graffiti; it's Banksy!

I just found a solution for the problem.

Have you ever been to Africa?

It was very misty.


I just sat there trying not to think about how alone I felt.

What exactly went on here last night?

You seemed so happy just a few hours ago.


They will not accompany the children to school.

Andries made up his mind to ask Spock to marry him.

She would make a perfect wife.

He was very naughty in his boyhood.

Yes, I'm coming.

My wife was pregnant at the time.

I really liked him.

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I don't care how long ago it was.

I never want to go through that again.

It'll soon be breakfast time.

Women loved it.

If I don't tell her, who will?

Sabrina always gets lost if he doesn't carry a map.

This way please, Rudolf.

I've got to shave before leaving.

Nicolas won't be home until tomorrow.


You're acting like a baby.

You were woken up.

His belly as of ivory, set with sapphires.

We've got a deal.

They look like us.

This won't happen again.

Reiner and Herb have sex about once a week.


Though he is old, he is still equal to the task.

She's always looking at herself in the mirror - What vanity.

That, what she said, sounds strange.

We've been together for about three years.

"Was that a warning?" Dan asked Linda.

The dictionary is incomplete. It only goes to the letter J.

They put a spoke in his wheel.