He investigated in the hope of finding some useful general features.

I have no idea how much they are paying for that.

You won't be the first.

Ruth knows that it's dangerous to play with scissors.

Anne showed Erwin his baby pictures.

The last straw breaks the camel's back.

I need you to give this to Mysore for me.

Stand up straight. Slouching is bad for you.

Let him leave.

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He painted the barn.

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Scott was focused.

Can I stay at your place? I have nowhere to go.

The flag is raised.


I'm sorry, but people I don't know can't come in.

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I thought I might be of some use.

I don't need that kind of pressure.

It won't be long before everything is ready.

Ramanan is thirty years old.

There is a strange man in front of the house.

Why did you have to do that?

These benches are mine.


I can't remember exactly where Skef lives.

I haven't ridden the bus to school all year.

That's a delicate problem.

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Is there a problem out here?

You can't find this article everywhere.

Jonathan is pretty competitive.


Plastic does not break easily.

He put his tools away after he had finished.

Are my ears red?

We aren't burning anything.

Theo said he doesn't work on Mondays.

Matt did his best to comfort Axel.

Suspenders make my personality.

The story was so funny that I split my sides.

Maria is painting his house.

This laowai, how classy!

Tiefenthal came here on his own.

Traitors will be deported.

Raymond found a wallet lying on the sidewalk.

It has been wonderful.

Kuldip is the best friend I've ever had.

Carla is the one freshman who aced every course in which she enrolled.

A promise is a promise.

I fall asleep easily while watching television.

I'd better get to work.


He is a better swimmer than I.


You should tell Dan what happened.

I haven't met her.

There's no time to talk.

Is the bank still open?

Apparently, I was wrong.

School will break for the summer.

You're not mad at me, are you?

Mr Parker tried eating with chopsticks.

That red dress looks good on her.


We haven't been able to get much help.

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This book is written in English.

Dwayne seems to have made up his mind about something.

Valerie isn't sure why he's here.

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The plan was given up under the pressure of public opinion.

I look like a reindeer.

Saumya has his own problems.

Thank you, anyway.

You're not prepared for what awaits you.

To strive for maximization of self interest, happiness or security seems very natural for a human being.

I talked him out of the idea.

Mickey and Philippe are expecting their first child next month.

They're not talking.


I didn't want to see her again.

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This will do nicely.

Christopher Columbus once started a revolution, and then crushed it.

The Prime Minister nominated him as Foreign Minister.

He has no regard to appearance.

I practiced with Hume.

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We're having difficulty locating Maureen.

Miracles do exist and we believe in them.

Let's go find something to eat.

In the first place we must find a way out of this.

The camping trip was really in tents.

No one was on board the ship.

Honey, will you go shopping for me?

I know what Irwin is capable of.

Seymour came on Marian's boobs.

You'll get there in time, so long as you don't miss the train.

How do you feel about me?

We were children at that time.

I lost my keys and I can't find them.

He died before he could realize his dream.

I barely slept last night.


Chill out!


Tiefenthal wondered if Kyung would kiss him.

This book is useful.

There were many delicious snacks at the party.

The police are investigating the cause of the crash around the clock.

The nun prayed and crossed herself.

The brave halfling stumbled from a frying pan straight into a fire.

Scot promised to be here at 2:30.

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Adrian needed you.

Drink it down.

Do you think I should stop Alberto?

They thought McKinley was wrong to take the Philippines.

I'm the one who rescued him.

Why are you so certain?

I'm not asking you about that.


We will work together to clean all that mess.

Amy is still sleeping.

The toilet is clogged.

Did you hire them?

That's really funny.

What are the alternatives to imprisonment?

We learn a lot in our trips abroad.

The thief cut the telephone lines before breaking into the house.

I have to dry my hair, put on makeup and get dressed.

Have you told Noam how you feel?

The meat is tough.


We know about daily events through the newspapers.

What are the forms of "to be"?

I wonder when Jane will come next time.

You've been the best dog one could desire!

I'll see you tonight.


It's so painfully obvious.

She will write to me as soon as she returns to her country.

They want a reaction.

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I realise the problem.


Konrad had big money problems.

I just saw Ravindran in front of the library.

He is fighting with his back against the wall.

I don't want to be known.

Of all the features that attract home buyers, location is probably the most important.

You'll regret this in the morning.

The number one reason why friends dump their friends on Facebook is too many useless posts.

Boston was our first stop.

There are many places you should see in Kyoto.

I played tennis all day.

Erik said that he thought that it might rain.

Hey, thanks for the help.

Because of these trees, he can't see the forest.


I guessed.

She stood waiting for me for a long time.

I'm really proud of our team.

Did you have another fight with Root?

Usually, they did not stay long.

I tried to convince him of my innocence.

I'm not going to call you.

Compared to those around him, he looked really happy.

Oh, the rice stalk is sticking up in the tea. Something good might happen.

Go instairs!

I was hired to kill your friend.

I'd like to see her again.

Welcome to Dublin!

Sridharan couldn't say for sure when he'd come back.

Ken could be in for some trouble.

I didn't order this.

Taurus smiled at Dimitry when she came into the room.

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Dan used to be so scared of big hairy spiders.

Taiwan is the democratic China.

It appears to be a wedding.

He is not so stupid as to be unable to tell right from wrong.

To tell the truth, I am at my wit's end.


Sergei didn't have permission to do what he did.

I wasn't really expecting that to happen.

It has nothing to do with luck.

I'm not leaving without him.

Contribute to Tatoeba.

What a dishonest fellow!

All birds have wings.


You look younger than Joshua.


Your ears pop when the plane takes off.

Darren caught a slight cold.

I know this is an upsetting time for you both.