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Wolk & Levine, LLP is a boutique law firm, providing quality legal services to individuals and businesses in a diverse range of practice areas throughout California.

Practice Areas

Business Services Law

Assistance with formation, hiring of employees, intellectual property registration, negotiating and drafting contracts, business valuation and sales, franchising, and dispute resolution.

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Intellectual Property Law

Whether you're a business owner, writer, or artist, your intellectual property may be the most valuable asset you own; feel safe knowing an attorney is working to protect your interests.

Practice Areas

Homeowners Association Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution; Record requests; Corporate governance; Review/revision of governing documents; Enforcement of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions; and other common interest development-related legal services.

Practice Areas

E-Commerce and Gaming Litigation

Our attorneys are up to date on the most recent laws and legal opinions concerning internet and e-commerce law and regularly contribute to practice guides and publications on recent trends in these areas. Wolk & Levine, LLP has also worked with international companies concerned with gaming and gambling regulation for their websites, as well as compliance issues for sweepstakes, contests, and auctions.

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Wolk & Levine, LLP litigation attorneys work to achieve the best results possible for you and your business when engaged in lawsuits. However, we strive to avoid litigation and look for creative solutions to problems that bring cost-effective and efficient resolutions. We take a realistic approach to business and acknowledge that sometimes lawsuits are unavoidable or necessary.

Practice Areas

Employment Law

We handle employment and contractor agreements, dispute resolution, Labor Board hearings and other litigation, handbooks and policies, and other employment-related legal services.



We handle all aspects of entertainment and media, including television and motion picture, video games and virtual worlds, branded entertainment and promotional products, music, publishing, and advertising.

Practice Areas

Restaurants and Convenience Stores

Owning a restaurant can be an exhausting endeavor fraught with potential for liability but our clients all agree that is is also an extremely rewarding business. Running a restaurant takes equal parts passion and good advice and our attorneys are ready to assist you with successfully navigating the course.

Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Whether you are interested in a simple living trust estate plan to avoid the time and expense of probate, or have a large estate you wish to shield from liability, our estate planning attorneys can assist you in creating a custom plan for a flat rate.

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