Shari is a creature of the night.

Are you open-minded?

You're supposed to be helping me.

My upper right wisdom tooth hurts.


Do what you gotta do.

Of course, I told her.

We all live in the same dormitory.

We plan to drink champagne at midnight.

The beginning is half the whole.

Courtney looks a little annoyed.

I forgot to explain everything to Barney.


Raanan is coming, too.


Let's finish the work quickly and enjoy ourselves.

Do you have any idea when those pictures might have been taken?

I have got to leave here early tomorrow morning.

Our plans went wrong.

I'm inclined to think that you're right.


The soldiers were wearing steel helmets.

We were talking about them.

Beautiful things give us pleasure.

I saw them smile.

I knew they'd get me in the end.

We have ninety minutes to carry the concrete from the mixing plant to the worksite.

Hans got famous overnight.

I've no idea what's causing these problems.

She is going to France next week.

We know what to do.

I lived in the US from 2008 till 2011.

How many apples, then?

Miriam is still trying to get Moe to go out with him.

One man says this, another that.

Europeans love to drink wine.

Once a war breaks out, both sides are in the wrong.

I go to the office as required by my work.


All you can do is trust one another.


How many hours do you take a nap every day?

A green banana isn't ripe enough to eat. one translates the sentences I create.

He began to study in earnest.

I cannot bite. I have no teeth.

We're speaking Turkmen.

Can you give me a lift to the station?


I hope that some scientist will soon discover a cure for AIDS.

We're concerned about her.

Don't say anything to Lievaart about what happened.

There's no guard.

How many of you are going?

In most cases we had to give in to their demands.

Lancelets are the most primitive chordates.


Astronomy deals with the stars and planets.

The suspense is killing me!

How many men are guarding him?

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The important thing about the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part in them.

"Where's Juan?" "He's playing tennis with Kenton."

My hobby is skiing.

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"Worry not, comrade, for I have a plan!" - "That worries me..."

You're very kind to me.

Where could the cat be?

I was enjoying that.

Dan was assigned to a new police unit.

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Matthew has to move out of his apartment by the end of the month.

No one's seen or heard from Manolis.

I don't blame them for this.

Nowadays, rooftop solar panels are popping up like weeds.

I can't go to the restaurant with you tonight.

We can do that for them.

Chris has been put in jail.

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I use a flashlight to illuminate dark areas.

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Ads have to attract the attention.

I have an offer to make.

This new medicine has a lasting effect.

I'm no longer tired.

Work morally!

I was not satisfied with life in Paris.

I know where she is.

We will keep you informed of things that happen here in Japan.

I'm at the Libre Software Meeting to present the Tatoeba project.


How many nights do you intend to stay here for?

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I was bitten on the leg by a dog.


Didn't your mother teach you to say thank you?

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Your behavior brought disgrace on our family.

The abuse of alcohol among young people is a serious problem.

I'm sorry I don't agree with you on that matter.

Kids like to play.

Would you like a piece of bread with your meal?

Is Murthy going to go with us tomorrow?

Misfortune is rarely pleasant.


We stayed at a small hotel just outside of town.

He's not coming, according to Vistlik.

Data can be transmitted from the main computer to yours, and vice versa.

Gill put the racket on the ground.

I can speak both English and Spanish.


I never said it was going to be easy.


Do you think I'm joking?

I'm going to Boston tomorrow.

No matter how rich people are, they always want more.


The pictures are hanging in the big room.

He stuck his head round the door.

Could that be Billy?

Sherman pulled Matt into the kitchen.

It appeared that some had violated the law.


These are all lies!


I've got no more to do.

He is just as old as I am.

Tait doesn't like you anymore.

He waited until ten and left shortly afterwards.

You were sensible.

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Not all criminals need to be incarcerated.

She bought a toy for the kid.

The little girl grew into a beautiful woman.

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The price of coffee went down.

If it were not for air and water, nothing alive would exist.

Can you help me find my daughter?

You aren't guilty.

I thought you might be hungry, so I made some sandwiches.

No one has ever called Christopher Columbus "Chris" and lived to do it a second time.

What was your major in college?

She drank the beer down.

Everybody remembers Maureen doing that.

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Gabriel was quite good-looking when he was young.

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Kristian looks different today.


Get away from me, you creep!

Cut the meat into thin slices.

I wanted to apologize.

She had a near-death experience.

There's always a good part in human folly.

I've got a headache.

I know you're busy, too.

I think we should continue this conversation outside.

This happens every time Stan goes away.

I don't know about you, but I'm starving.

I'm not setting anything on fire.

Let's go back to the beginning.

Let's keep this conversation sub rosa.


Nate isn't really sick. She's just faking it.

Please show some consideration.

That's not a good enough answer.


It's shocking what they wrote about her in the newspapers.

Nicholas needs to go to the hospital.

Steve is the guy who hit Luis.

Mr Smith was bereaved of his wife.

Don't make a sound.

I'm here to talk about Novo.

I promise I won't look.


Love isn't blind, it's retarded.

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Some are good, others bad.

I have climbed Mt. Fuji three times.

Cole put on a coat.

The sea is infested with sharks.

As she couldn't pay for a ticket, the driver asked her to get off the bus.

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Did Marika speak Swedish?


How did you figure out this problem?

Luis brought us each a gift.

She needs an interpreter.

I don't want to get my feet wet.

How can this be possible?

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What can be keeping him?

The increase in population has become a serious problem in the country.

He suffocated, smothered in smoke.


Where is the ship now?


Tell me which one to choose.

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It's Jeany. What's he doing out here?