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I'd be up for that.

He asked Lincoln to say a few words.

We'll get along without that much money somehow.

Shyam wiped Michel's tears away.

Who was it that he phoned?


Glen changes his mind all the time.

"What exactly are they doing in there?" "That's a good question."

If you have a question for Knut, ask him yourself.

They told Oskar that he had to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Linda was called back from college by her father's sudden illness.

I can't wait to go back to Boston.

That was an excellent article.

He shook thousands of hands.

I want to live in either Boston or Chicago.

These books are mine.

He's an intelligent young man.

She got 80 marks for English.

The path between the two houses was blocked by snow.

We must have a new supply of forms.

Oleg isn't going to be there.

He advised her to stop drinking.

Moran works for his father's company.

A middle-aged woman is a woman who is past her prime.

I am paid 10 dollars an hour.

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We've set the meeting tentatively for Monday. It's subject to change.


I just heard voices.


Yes, I understand, but we can't do anything about it.

I'll be back by 2:30.

Besides the rain, we experienced heavy winds.

Do you still talk to Suwandi?

They can't hear you.


English Wikipedia will be unavailable today.

Kayvan, don't you leave me.

If you've got nothing else to do, then count the Greek islands.

This truck puts salt on the road to melt the ice.

Always when he was going to the toilet he was taking a comic of Mortadelo and Filemon.

It cannot be completely cured.

I don't slice their bread.

He leaves you breathless.

They'll be OK.

How long did you work for her?

Why don't you explain it all to Jurevis?

The novelist gathered materials for his work.

Margaret did it on purpose, I think.

I was just about to tell you about that.

Today, the dinosaurs disappeared.

I wish you'd stick around for a few more days.

If it makes you feel any better, you'll die in two hours.

Trapped in the van, Kory tried to force open a window.

What did I say wrong?

Your advice is critical.

I didn't pick it up.

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They competed with each other for the prize.

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Tran's medication's not in the bathroom.

Who told you the story?

It is said that the price of wine may go up at any time now.

Identical twins have different fingerprints.

You never told me Angus was a policeman.


I'm helping them out.

His father allows him 2000 yen a week.

Juergen and her mom live in a very old apartment.


I think we'll all feel better once we get a little sleep.

I thought you told me you couldn't speak French.

Watch him and do likewise.


I've done questionable things.

She is watering the flowers.

I belong to a tennis club.

We need to buy her a present.

He spoke with his mouth full at table.

Wayne suffers from a skin lesion on his back.

I appreciate what Valeria said.

I don't know if she will come or not.

There are no hats in that store that fit me.


Dimitry did well for a beginner.

Don't interrupt me again.

Rajesh wants it.


What is this? This is a stone.

Life is like a marathon, where short-term gains and losses are not significant in and of themselves.

We're losing.


There are five ways to emancipate themselves from the bond of worldly passions.


Find the radius of the circumscribed circle of the triangle.

He said on his return, "It has been a wonderful tour."

Do you have any idea what you've done?

Dan left for school at seven thirty.

I prefer novels that have a happy ending.


I've been following you.

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Fritz took the seat across from Wolf.

I don't see a temple.

They might be older than us.

Germany has no minimum wage.

The nurse sat little Shutoku down and told him to stick out his tongue.

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You're not hard to find.

He compiled a Japanese folklore anthology for use in schools.

She just couldn't do it.

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Let's stop wasting time and get on with this work.

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His constant complaints aroused my rage.

I took Jane's temperature.

It was only a whim.


The Hungarians will have more sentences than we do.

She doesn't speak to me.

I'll take two or three days off.

An aviary is a large enclosure for birds, often containing shrubbery and other plants to simulate their natural habitat.

What do you think Barbara's chances of getting into Harvard are?

Did you see the solar eclipse yesterday?

You won the lottery? No way!


Why are we sitting here?

Antoine Lavoisier died in Paris, France.

Srinivasan got killed in a freak accident.

What do you have to add to 17 to get 60?

I'll meet you down in the lobby.


The basket was full of apples.


It feels good, doesn't it?


Using high heat settings while ironing synthetic fabrics will melt the synthetic fibers and cause visible permanent damage, which often looks like a shiny area where the too-hot iron had the longest contact with the fabric.

I won't do it anymore.

Take off your shoes.

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Japan is an industrial nation.


If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties.

Have you decided whether you are going into town by bike or by bus?

Why do you think Guido was crying?

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The news spread all over Japan.

At any rate, we have no means of helping him.

Why don't you help me?

I will give you ten minutes to work out this problem.

That sounds really good.


Spencer is leaving me.

Wendy has been traveling alone.

The teacher wouldn't allow us to speak French in the classroom.


Please call this lady a taxi.

I thought it was going to clear up. On the contrary, it began to rain.

Douglas grabbed Cindy to keep her from falling.

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You're a keeper.

Few people dare to say the truth.

Marlena is alone in the living room.

Can I go to my room now?

They left that for us.

I will choose them for my mother.

In 1640, Evagelista Torricelli discovered that air has weight. When experimenting with measuring mercury, he discovered that air put pressure on the mercury.


I have a simple plan for getting Ole to agree.


This pianist has very flexible fingers.

Excuse me, but will you tell me the way to the station?

It's time to wake up, dear.

I'm not a hypocrite.

Let's not kid each other.

I was a sucker for her tears.

Secure the door before you leave.


You should just do what Anne is asking you to do.

Did you happen to see where Fay went?

What have they found?

I'm drunk.

It's a pheasant.

You did it.

I'll go tomorrow if the weather is reasonable.

He is the first to come and the last to leave at any party.

I see a future with you.

Um, is the room quiet?

Maurice has more books than Bertrand.

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Barrio was just asking who you are.

Does Lord wear boots?

Samir can hardly wait to meet you.


He guessed the amount of money I had in my pocket.


Why did Francisco lie?

I thought you'd be too busy to see me.

Based on the information that I've given you, what story would you come up with?