I can't confirm that that's the actual number of deaths.

I enjoy talking with them.

Jenine isn't at all happy about that.

Is the coast clear?

We know where you've been.

They can't push us around.

Are you a Canadian citizen?

This tower commands a full view of the city.

Why didn't you just come to me?

The father is a tailor.

You need to pay in advance.

I will explain the problem to you later.

Jef should be kept behind bars.

She knows poverty only in the abstract.

She is a very refined lady.

And open your textbook at page ten.

The children ran toward the classroom.

Why don't we go to see a film?

Who escaped?

Earle opened the drawer.

I am not carrying any cash.

If it were not for books, each generation would have to rediscover for itself the truths of the past.


The pride of New York are its museums.


The Frenchman sings.

I hope you got a higher score on the test than I did.

Mosur wants Maarten to know he's planning to leave town.


I watched baseball on TV after I finished my homework.

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She's not pregnant.


Alan has an older sister and a younger brother.

I had fun here.

There are a number of nice restaurants near here.

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I wonder who bought the cake.

"Why are you grinning like that?" "The schoolgirl I just passed by was really cute."

I wish I had enough money to buy the car.

Have you ever seen anyone do this before?

I don't like what I see.

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That team has little, if any, chance of winning.


We talked about what we had done during the summer break.


I left my hat as I got off the train.

I'll be seeing him tomorrow.

She had been ill for a week when the doctor was sent for.

I don't have anything to write about.

What are you playing at?

They are in comfortable circumstance.

The chairman opened the meeting.

You must leave everything.

If it looks like an apple and it tastes like an apple, it's probably an apple.

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I gave a bunch of roses to her in return for her hospitality.

It's just not appropriate.

Edwin is a diamond in the rough.

Do you know the difference between silver and tin?

Maybe it wasn't an accident.

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He is likely to come.


Burr decided not to wait for an answer.

Cycle lanes are everywhere!

She used to pray before going to bed.

Oh, the driver is a maniac.

The reason which he gave is hard to understand.

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Where's my golf bag?


I'm tired of waiting to do all the things I want to do.

My grandfather is planning to retire the year after next.

It's enough to make you sick.

I'll do whatever Vistlik asks of me to do.

Ahmed took the job Ron offered him.

I want to see her in an hour.

Is that so wrong?

What would I do without him?

You are in the way.

Can you keep your mouth shut?

It's a work of art.

Surrounded by burning candles, she dips herself into a bubble bath.

It would seem that you know something that I don't.


These shoes are too tight to get into.

What do we have to do today?

My favorite fish is salmon.

I used to play here as a child.

He is a DJ.


We're doing everything possible to find Real.

Can anyone answer that?

Mr Pryor collapsed with a subarachnoid haemorrhage when rehearsing for a performance in Paris. He was taken to local hospital but passed away at 4:23 pm.

I've got to get home.

I know you'll do an exceptional job.

Shut up! Don't bring that matter up!

Johnathan thinks the answer is no.

I can't do it after all.

Is this the last price?

The train will arrive at ten o'clock.

It's questionable.


There's no cover charge.

The key is on the desk.

The police arrested everyone in the room.


Hans didn't know that Antony had been sick.


This is a Christmas present for you.

Every mistake made me stronger.

It's already dark outside.

That is why women keep their career without marriage.

This is a good textbook.


That will show her!


Most important is that you think for yourself.

It hurt really bad.

Everybody seems to like it.


I wish to resign from my work for purely personal reasons.

I'm pretty sure that Rodney is not still interested in Max.

Either with it or on it.


There are four members in my family.

It was so hot I took my coat off.

She told her boss what she had in mind.

In the morning, the birds started to sing.

We aren't all in the same place.

I finished work at six.

I want to tell you about him.

It wouldn't be the first time it happened.

We got this chair for nothing because the lady next door didn't want it anymore.

This is a silver coin.

We queued up for the bus.

You don't have to answer.

Poets like Milton are rare.

Galileo dropped two balls from the Tower of Pisa.

Hold on a moment, please.


Her act reflected dishonor upon her.

Roxie is all excited.

You have every right to know what happened.

We've got to find another way out of here.

You have gone too far.

I don't need a lecture.

Don't judge a man by the way he looks.

It was dark in the forest.

I'm definitely not on your side.


The dress becomes you very well.


This is a great place to raise a family.

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Memorising the cards in a deck in order is certainly a difficult task, but manageable.

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Learning a new language is like meeting someone for the first time who always claims you are wrong, and worse - has the ability to prove it.


How long have you known Jack?

It is always dark beneath the oil lamp.

Spell checker does not recognize all Spanish words.

I have brought here only my clothes and my horse.

Alan isn't as rich as we thought he was.


They were jealous.

It would be madness to climb that mountain in winter.

Edgar couldn't remember what he had done.

She made a polite bow to me.

He is a teacher.

I'm going to Japan by myself next month.

You should slow down when you approach a four-way intersection.


The government fell.

And began my first letter to Terry Tate.

That's not my opinion.

I like it a lot.

I could have saved Rathnakumar's life.

She lives in a trailer park.

I haven't talked to Markus in years.

The recent news about the Fukushima I nuclear power plant will likely strengthen the cause of the advocates who want to let our local nuclear power plant's license expire.

Please tell me you're not buying this dog and pony show.


Rapunzel had magnificent long hair, fine as spun gold, and when she heard the voice of the enchantress she unfastened her braided tresses, wound them round one of the hooks of the window above, and then the hair fell twenty ells down, and the enchantress climbed up by it.

Pete is tough, isn't he?

Angela has only ever had one girlfriend.

Some read books just to pass time.

The policeman pulled out his baton.


Clem says that he has the perfect marriage.


Who loves not women, wine and song remains a fool his whole life long.

Ricardo wakes from a deep sleep.

How fast can a year go by!

That was a long time ago.

A ship which conveys oil is called an oil tanker.


I asked how you were.