Phill must be bored half to death.

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It's too loud in the club.

My watch is more accurate than yours.

Justice is to judge men on their own merits, not according to their names or their ideas.

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Put the book where you found it.

What've they done to him?

I didn't know what I would do.

Lawrence and Lukas were both sitting in front of the fireplace.

Bibili sila ng tinapay.

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My coach eats 8,000 calories a day and never gains weight.


Are you over 18?

Double-click on the icon.

At this time, we should wipe out crime and collusion.

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Sam couldn't figure out how to use the machine.


The couple who came on a shrine visit, Kouji Oonishi (40) and his wife Yukie (34) said, "We prayed that our child would grow up healthily."

It is careless of you to say such things.

Julia didn't intend to argue with Melinda.

Call it what you like.

Stanislaw's eyes softened.

I have a lot to do.

Kyle says that he'll pick Geoff up at 2:30.


Have you got the money?

They made a fool of him in the presence of ladies.

We cannot know too much about our own language.

Heather has lived in New York since he was a child.

Lojban is designed to be unambiguous in orthography, phonology, morphology, and grammar. Lojban semantics, however, must support the same breadth of human thought as natural languages.

I'll find a way.

Relations between the heads of state in this region have been convivial, even brotherly.

To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand.

This is a front-loading washing machine.

What are they called?

I was hoping you could tell me how to do this.


I motivated you.

In the morning he too was found dead.

They're really harmless.

Son is expected to arrive any minute now.

Do you want us to call you a taxi?

We have an obligation to do our best.

The treasure is believed to lie hidden somewhere in the mountain.

Claudio went down the stairs.

The last volume is missing from this set.

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"He even wrote me poems." "Love poems?"

He was lucky and won the competition.

I feel really good right now.

That island's population lives on fishing.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Horses don't like trailers.

Then she found several stacks of thousand-dollar bills under a bush and put them in her basket.

I trust the room will be to your satisfaction.

Are you saying that you don't love Renu?


Dan received funds from local foundations to improve his old library.

We really thought we could do it.

I didn't take it seriously.


Look out for bees.

Have you heard whether Hienz got the job?

I was thinking, would you like to get married?

Come on. I want to show you something.

You need to take responsibility for what you've done.

Someone is coming round.

You're free to go.

Why not talk to her about it directly?

You could be right, I suppose.

I'll pay for the damages.

We have a little problem.

Nicolas said hello to Josip.

Linda was an imbecile.


Jeannie shouldn't have gotten in the way.

We're so proud of you.

Collecting guns goes ill with collecting children.

Put away your toys!

Kate has three times as many records as Jane does.


If Knut comes, please let me know.


You're our guest for the week.

The best was yet to come.

A burnt child fears the fire.


I'm studying with Ramon.

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I agree to help you.

If you want, you can easily do it.

He was made a fool of.

It'll take all afternoon and maybe more.

Go on ahead, Janice.


The sky became suddenly overcast with clouds.

He's in the bathroom.

You're going to have to be more specific.

My father is going bald.

She claims the inheritance.

You had best eat plenty of fruit to keep healthy.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean.

Bryan wasn't really sure what David meant.

Do you think it had something to do with Al?

It's for my personal use.

This math problem beats me.


This is how the tunnel looked like when it was opened back in the 1980's.

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I'll apologize.

I wish that I were young again.

I don't know if there's any country on Earth where you can marry your pet dog.

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Write a composition of ten sentences.


Can I talk to Kent?


I'm just trying to buy some time.

Subra says he doesn't want to talk to you.

The army of the Gauls was conquered.


Shannon didn't want Louiqa to go.

It takes some courage.

You'll have to manufacture some kind of excuse.

Nobody wants to come to your party.

You are our one millionth customer.


Then the King said to his wife, "If the thirteenth child which thou art about to bring into the world, is a girl, the twelve boys shall die, in order that her possessions may be great, and that the kingdom may fall to her alone."


What a good tennis player Tony is!

The train is due at noon.

Corey came home earlier than Stefan expected.

I had better chain up the dog so that he won't bite.

It's bad, I know.

My computer won't start up anymore.

They are very competent.

I told Bruno I wasn't interested.

Ami congratulated Stevan.

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Do you agree with that or not?

The spider is spinning a web.

Morton says he won't get married to Gregge.

I gave it a try figuring that anything is worth a try. But putting together a program like this is something I'm no match for.

This elastic has a lot of give.

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We took it for granted that he had been punished.

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Maybe I should give Triantaphyllos a hand.

How are you going to tell Hamilton?

Presley fried three eggs in the pan and put in bacon too, which sizzled and smelled delicious.


All the students will partake in the play.

He demanded that I should pay the money at once.

Are you sure you don't want to go shopping with us?


They look similar in some ways.

Let's order Chinese takeout.

This is not true love.

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How many people did you kill?

Melinda really regrets being an only child.


I consoled him with his favorite food.

You say you want to visit Rahul? Why in the world would you want to do that?

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Let me tell you about the case.

We could not continue our journey for lack of money.

He ran away for his life.

What's the reason?

He was so confused that his answer did not make any sense.


Muiriel is very good at telling invented stories.


You will notify Shai, won't you?

He was from Texas or thereabout.

I run my own business.

Dan encouraged Linda to write to her father.

When I saw all that, I could only shake my head in silent resignation.


Edward has recently changed his telephone number.


I'm not one of those folks.

That negligee is gonna knock his socks off!

I don't want to write with this pen.

Are you sure you can swim that far?

Would you like to freshen up?


Beth looked after our dog while we were away.


You may tear apart the baby's rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived, could tear apart.

We should've left earlier.

Isn't a coming out an invitation to coming in ?

Don't confuse the two.

They were making great progress in architecture.

A squid has ten arms.

What happened the night of the murder?