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We are a WARN Factory Authorized Service Center and Red Letter Dealer,
stocking a full range of WARN Winch Service Parts, WARN ATV snow plow parts and other WARN products!

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WinchServiceParts.com (formerly WarnServiceParts) offers low prices on WARN winch service parts and WARN winches, and we have dropped our prices 10% on the winch repair parts you need to keep your WARN Winch operating like new! Service parts available for all models of Warn winches, hoists, and plow parts from ATV to industrial applications.

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Repair and replacement service parts for WARN self-recovery winches

WARN Self-Recovery Winches

M5000 5,000 lb. winch

M6000 6,000 lb. winch

M6000 SDP Multi-Mount winch

M8000 8,000 lb. winch

M8000s 8,000 lb. winch

M8274 8,000 lb. winch

(301) 812-3722
(PN 86245)


X8000i 8,000 lb. winch

X8000i Multi-Mount winch

XD9000 9,000 lb. winch

XD9000i 9,000 lb. winch

XD9000i Multi-Mount winch


9.5cti 9,5000 lb. winch

9.5cti-s 9,500 lb. winch

9.5si 9,500 lb. winch

9.5ti Multi-Mount 9,500 lb.winch

9.5xp 9,500 lb. winch

(702) 907-6014

HS9500 9,500 lb.winch


M10000 10,000 lb. winch

VR10000 10,000 lb. winch

VR10000s 10,000 lb. winch


M12000 12,000 lb. winch

VR12000 12,000 lb. winch

256-306-2712M15000 15,000 lb. winch


PowerPlant HD Model

(507) 647-3605


WARN CE Winches

CE M6000 6,000 lb. winch

CE M8000 8,000 lb. winch

CE M8274-50 8,000 lb. winch

CE X8000i 8,000 lb. winch

CE XD9000 9,000 lb. winch

CE XD9000i 9,000 lb. winch

CE HS9500 9,500 lb. winch

CE HS9500i 9,500 lb. winch

CE M10000 10,000 lb. winch

CE M12000 12,000 lb. winch

Replacement and repair service parts for WARN Zeon winches


Zeon 8000 winch

(307) 765-3810

Zeon-10 Platinum winch

(732) 371-2664

Zeon-12 Platinum winch


Replacement service repair parts for WARN ATV winches

WARN ATV Winches

4.0ci P/N 68190A1

3.0ci P/N 62700

CE 3.0ci P/N62701

2.5ci P/N 64500

CE 2.5ci P/N 64501

1.5ci P/N 69900A0

RT/XT 15


585-670-9508 P/N 77000

(912) 443-3509


ProVantage 3500

judgment debtor

ProVantage 4500

ProVantage 4500-s


Vantage 2000-s


Vantage 3000-s

Vantage 4000

Vantage 4000-s

Discontinued ATV Winches:

352-465-1289 P/N 36001, 360012(CE)

915-875-9685 P/N 38076, 380762(CE)

Replacement and Repair service parts for WARN ATV Plows

ATV Plow Systems

Part Number 92100: Push Tube Assy. Front Mount

281-716-3989: Plow Tube Kit, Mid Mount

Part Number 62100: Plow Tube Kit

Part Number 37574: Plow Kit, 48"

Power Pivot Parts Lists

All: Upper Assembly

ProVantage PowerPivot part no. 73860 Lower Assembly

(210) 394-7034

PowerPivot for previous WARN systems Old style part no. 73860 prior to 2/29/09

Repair and replacement service parts for WARN Industrial winches and hoists

WARN Industrial Winches

Series 6 winch

Series 9 winch

Series 12 winch

Series 15 12V winch

Series 15 24V winch


WARN Hoists

DC800 hoist


DC1200 hoist


DC2000 hoist



HY3000 hoist

DC4000 12V hoist



Replacement, repair and service parts for WARN Works portable winches and hoists

WARN Works®

(825) 325-4980

(214) 221-8385

3700 DC winch

4700 DC winch


Replacement, repair and service parts for WARN PullZall portable winches

WARN PullzAll™

(772) 475-7722


WARN Wiring Diagrams

New 5-wire standard control pack


New 6-wire inline 9.5ti


3-Wire Remote

5-Wire Remote

6-Wire Remote


Large Frame 3-Wire 2040

(518) 392-1484

Large Frame 24V

Mid-Frame 3 Wire 2040

Mid-Frame 5 Wire

Mid-Frame "ti" Contactor


3000 ACI

24VDC 5-wire Remote Control Pack conversion

WARN winch and hoist accessories

Industrial Winch Accessories

Industrial Roller Fairleads
Industrial Roller Fairleads
and parts

Wire Rope Tension Kit
Wire Rope Tension Kits

Remote Manual Clutch
Remote Manual Clutch

Remote Air Clutch
Remote Air Clutch

Industrial Winch Remote Controls
Industrial Winch Remote Controls

Overload Interrupt
Overload Interrupt


NEW Wireless Control System
for Trucks and SUVs!

NEW WARN Wireless Control System

WARN Wireless Control System



The WARN Wireless Control System lets you remotely control your WARN truck/SUV winch from up to 50' away. The new system is plug-and-play: It simply plugs in where you'd normally attach your corded remote-- no wiring, no hassle. Will work with any five-wire WARN truck/SUV winch. Weatherproof transmitter has two large buttons making it easy to operate, even while wearing gloves. Two-color LED provides clear operator feedback.

• Control your winch from up to 50' away
• Fits all WARN truck/SUV winches with a five-wire control pack
• Easy plug-and-play installation
• Sealed for protection against the elements
• Activation sequence guards against accidental power-ups
• Kit includes wireless transmitter, receiver, holster, lanyard and mounting hardware

PN 90287



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If you are looking to purchase a new Warn winch, please click here to go to Winch Central, our sales site


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If you are looking to purchase a new Warn winch, please click here to go to Winch Central, our sales site.

Need a new extreme heavy duty bumper for your winch?
Reunel Extreme Heavy Duty Bumpers
From show trucks to work trucks, Reunel Extreme Heavy Duty bumpers are on state and federal agency trucks, SWAT, FBI, Dept. of Wildlife and Fish & Game. Reunel Bumpers are custom built right here in the US using premium American steel. A 100% American made product!  Every Reunel front winch bumper ever built only accepts WARN winches.

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