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Chicken Carrots Potato Cauliflower

Welcome to Simply Fast Recipes! This site is dedicated to everyone that doesn’t have extra time to spend in the kitchen but loves to eat healthy, delicious home cooked meals. 

The recipes here will always illustrate how to use the most healthy ingredients and are easy to prepare! So,  give them a try and enjoy! 

Quinoa Macaroni Meat Sauce Cauliflower

New Zealand Hoki Tacos

Vegan Lentil Split Pea Combo Soup

Tofu chili

Vegan Tofu Chili with Wild

Spinach Sweat Potato Mushroom

Grass fed beef stew

Grass Fed Beef Stew

Tofu Sweet Potato

Pan Fried Tofu Mushroom & Peppers with Spinach Side

Lentil and Sweet Potato

Vegan Split Pea Lentil with Sweet Potato & Kale


Vegan Macs and Veggies

Instant Pot Chicken Burrito Bowl

chicken soup

Instant Pot Chicken & Barley Soup