King Solomon was known for his wisdom.

Baseball season has begun.

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Kelly liked to play chess.

Woody doesn't know how to have fun.

Cynthia doesn't have to worry about things like that.

You should take things more seriously.

I knew Walter wasn't going to be busy today.

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This mustard is yellow.

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Granville regrets having told Hohn about the incident.


What does this sign signify?

I wonder if I am made for this world.

I need to find out where Ricardo was yesterday.

You're just running away from life's problems.

What's your favorite non-Google search engine?


We failed.

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I don't eat meat, shellfish, poultry or gravy.

Stop! There's an old lady crossing the street!

Nhan is very tense, isn't he?

It took us less than three hours to paint the fence.

Let's go get lunch.

Is Johann in there?

We're wasting precious time.

I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to give you that information.

The United States welcomes immigrants from many countries.


May I have a napkin, please?


Go find Nora.

Lin has done a pretty good job concealing his dissatisfaction.

Let me grab my bag.

You never let me do anything.

Her windows were broken and her shutters hung crookedly.


This small wound will heal itself.

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You should've taken the money.

They knelt down and prayed that the war would end soon.

I'm going to win.

Everything happened so quickly.

A few old buildings need to be demolished.

We have to do this on our own.

This guy is a bandit.

Should we continue?

You're smaller than him.

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How do you download a photo from this site?

Darren might possibly have been the one who broke the window.

I can't buy you the bike.

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Please tell what I should do.

Three were sentenced to life in prison.

Alcohol is the answer. I can't remember the question.

Gill needs clothes.

I want to want what you want.

I stood at a respectful distance from the old man.

I like this song; it's got a strong beat and you can dance to it.

Brender has a beautiful daughter.

For example, he speaks German, French and English.


How can I overcome this?

It's obvious that Brendan isn't talking to Kemal.

I have a full three-octave vocal range.


I received a five hundred dollar advance on my pay.

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Don't leave empty-handed.

Why didn't she tell me?

Don't even touch me.

I'm not being paid enough.

He is less strict than our teacher.

It'll be a pity if he fails.

Do you know what happened?


Is Dean prepared?


Johnnie tries to eat a balanced diet.

I know exactly what it's like.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts.

She harbored the deserter.

Even I was impressed with Izzy's singing.

The cat is hidden under the table.

It is good to be kind to others.

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It's time for lunch.

She is unbeaten at that video game.

I hurt my knee.

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Patty told me that he was planning to quit his job.

We discussed quite a few interesting things.

I'm not in good shape now.

I was supposed to take Suzan to dinner.

But still you people do not accept our testimony.

You can't run away from your fate.

The outcome of the elections is a mixed bag.

I thought you said you liked to try new things.

Pantelis thinks Matthias will divorce her husband.


It seemed that he was sick.


That woman tricked me and stole my money.

"Andrea, it's said you've lost your hearing aid." "Nope! I don't like Mexican food."

We may meet again in the near future.

Alberto can lick her own chin.

Wade needs to get started.

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It's really sad.


Julianto is leaving in three days time.


Ravi is one of the tallest guys I've ever met.

She is three years older than I am.

Don't you have to get home?

He must have stacked them up against the wall.

Tomas was convicted and sentenced to death.


There were two abstentions.


The holy book of Muslims is Qur'an.

Do you show Tatoeba to your friends?

The cat crept toward the bird.

I'm going to subscribe to these chamber-music concerts.

She doesn't stand a chance.

Chances are that I will be late for work.

You came in late.

Phew, I'm safe now.

He wrapped his arms around me.

Sam thought Elaine was in trouble.

Without your help, we wouldn't have finished in time.

All the skill of the sailors fell before the violence of the storm.

I already know your secret.

Thank you for the information.

She was down on her husband.

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Her father is a bank clerk.


What are you and Nguyen up to?

Come on, the bus is here.

I saw her at the restaurant.

All of the rules must be in line with company policy.

She sounded slightly jealous.

Are we going far?

I've never seen such a tattoo.

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I wish I'd written that.

Dorian is an expert on this subject.

The workers went on strike.

How do you relax?

Sherman loves chili.

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Stu is thinking it over.

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You can protect me.


That's very motherly of you.

Has Alfred finished his homework?

The last time I saw Janet he was walking on crutches.


The film was a great success.

What a great discovery!

"I like traveling." "So do I."


My mother told me not to be noisy.

My father doesn't drink so much sake.

But my place is like a rabbit hutch.


I don't believe I can do that.

We visited our father's grave.

His wife caught him out with that blonde and then he was really up shit creek without a paddle.

Why is this song so sad?

Did you see the UFO?

They should blame themselves.

Your apartment looks wonderful!

You are to hand in your report by 5:00 tomorrow.

You've given me no other choice.


So I stopped reading.

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Is that a new shirt?

Maria wants to stay here.

I don't remember the next part of the dream.

Your speech sucked.

The novels he wrote are interesting.

Dan was a crime scene investigator.

Is somebody there?


Kusum and Deb tell each other everything.


How do you make a triangle-shaped onigiri? No matter how many times I try I can only make round onigiri.

My brother was threatened by someone waving a gun.

Don't expect too much from the food.


I sent her a note.

Don't make me go back there.

Stop immediately.