Fire away!

Do you agree with that?

The storm is gathering in intensity.

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Honzo didn't want to talk about his problems.

Are you pregnant?

Please drive the car more slowly.

Do you drink tea?

He was the only recourse for his family after his father's death.

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Chinese is a language that has four tones.


As I'm not good at swimming, I avoid swimming out of my depth.

The expensive machine turned out to be of no use.

Geoff asked Vance to help him, but she didn't want to.

They excluded John from the club.

I'll let him know you called.

That dictionary is mine.

Per knew there was a problem.

This time, when he went into the hospital, he finally understood that one's health is really the most important thing of all.

I use it.

The EC countries are working out a new security pact.

Education is the acquisition of the art of the utilisation of knowledge.


I knew I recognized you.


Push the table over by the window.


He slept deeply.

Now is the time to join together, through constant cooperation, strong institutions, shared sacrifice, and a global commitment to progress, to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

To our surprise, he won the grand prize.


You're just another notch in my bedpost.

When did you join the force?

Fires for luring fish at night flicker on the silhouette of an island.

We are hoping for good weather during the sports festival.

I told them I was busy.

Who's your favorite reality TV star?

That job wasn't very interesting. However, the pay was good.

The last time I went to the beach, I got badly sunburned.

He is kind.

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Has Lucy telephoned yet?


Is there a TV in your bedroom?

I feel like going out. I got no money, though.

I've read that Thomas Edison's last words were "It's very beautiful over there."

Mariou has been bullying other kids at school.

Merton will find out.

This is great stuff.

Please don't ask Winston what happened.


Sharada is a friend.

The food is fresh and healthy.

Embarrassment is an emotional state of intense discomfort with oneself, experienced upon having a socially unacceptable act or condition.


Knowledge of foreign languages is useful for everyone.

He died four to six weeks ago.

It's time for school.


It's nonsense to try that.


That's the way it's done.


We went for a walk on the beach.

I'd thought it might not be necessary to go.

I need volunteers.

I have a housekeeper.

I like my house.

As for the accusations of heresy--here, the evidence is much weaker.

I mop my house almost every day.


Is that illegal?

Erwin is coming to see me tomorrow morning.

And every one is harsh that's new in power.

Who have you been speaking to?

The neighbor's dog barked all night.

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The girl in the picture is smiling.

What a freak!

She goes to the supermarket once a week.


We must call a cat a cat.


Are you expecting to have the problem fixed soon?

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It's not very easy.


Teriann has probably retired by now.


Pratap still isn't so busy.

"I saw the pictures." "What pictures?"

The number 6 people are extremely magnetic. They attract others to them and they are loved and often worshipped by those under them.

Dan rescued the shop assistant and tried to put out the fire.

I'd like to know where I left my umbrella.

My brother is not busy.

Micky can deliver the message.


Sensors for motorized awnings can be bought here.

He is too wise not to see the reason.

Edmund got very drunk and poured his heart out to the bartender.


Let's go outside and play.

The history of Rome is very interesting.

I have a pretty good idea where Wade went.

She ran up to me, her hair flying in the wind.

My grandmother went peacefully in the night.

Talk to Valentin and see what he thinks about this.

Jiri asked me to tell you that.


This key is not mine.

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She spent a lot of time writing her essay.

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Oh, I found it, nevermind.


They flew to Paris by way of New York.

Axel might be wrong.

I've always wanted a daughter.

A good brandy completes a fine meal.

"You are the person," said the King, "and you have passed sentence on yourself; and even so it shall be done to you."


We survived!

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As soon as I'm back in Shanghai, I'll cook up a delicious meal of rice noodles with crab.


Most of the food we buy in supermarkets is overpackaged.


Daniele is very moody.


It was really exciting.


We've got a big job to do.

You're entitled to a lunch break.

Matthieu doesn't carry much luggage on trips.

I'll call for an ambulance.

I want to wash up a little.

We're so glad you could come.

Takayuki was searching for his wife Philip.

Let H be the base of the perpendicular drawn from point A to the line BC.

Are you going to show me where you work?

I was born and brought up in Tokyo.

Both sides accepted the proposal.

The geometry, for instance, they taught you at school is founded on a misconception.

I didn't buy anything.

He spoke despairingly of his son's actions.

I've been on sick leave.


Barrett would do anything to protect Jennifer.


It was an understandable accusation.

I think it's time to start helping Cole a bit more.

Kevyn didn't want to believe the rumor about Toufic and John.

"You don't understand anything!" "I don't even pretend to."

She is my father's mother. She is my paternal grandmother.

Spring will arrive there soon.

Why don't I ever win?

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How's it going?

How did you hurt your back?

Will you be shacking here?

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See what happens when you tell the truth?

I caught my son stealing from a cookie jar.

Children are sometimes afraid of the dark.


We were flooded with applications for the job.

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While in Europe, she visited Rome.


Like it or not, you have to take this medicine.

I thought that shirt might look good on you.

It was approved.

I don't want to spend the rest of my life regretting it.

You never talk about your wife.

He conquered Mt. Everest.

Be careful not to trip.

Are you a superstitious person?

We need to be more aggressive.

I totally disagree with Neville.

Esperanto - for you to understand the world.

Let's ask her something else.

This car is his.


He plays Minecraft day in, day out.

I can understand this problem to some extent.

Sooner or later, Barton will tell me everything.

Hsi might be interested.

There's not enough time.

Pardon me a moment, Donne.

Theodore painted the barn red.

The committee consists of eight members.

She resembles that actress.


There's always next year.

What time do you usually wake up?

Kurt is definitely not a gentleman.

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How long will Norm stay with us?