Edwin wouldn't let me help Paula.

We like doing things our own way.


I expect see her again in the next summer.


I'm not going to drag their suitcases around.


Lonhyn sat next to Saiid.


Cindy already knows that Vernon doesn't plan to be here today.


I only care about Roberto.

Is it free?

Your explanation won't wash. It's too improbable to be true.

What did you do to her?

Marty's not at all sure.

Justin is an amazing actor.

Everyone remained seated.

The actress sued the magazine for libel.

They were after Edwin.

Maybe I expect too much.

Matt looked in a mirror.

Matthieu is one of the most disagreeable people I know.

Hello, I'm Ariel. What's your name?

I'm just a freshman.

I'm sick and tired of the way you yell at me.

This sentence is not correct.

Did you read it?

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They want to talk.


This kind of flower doesn't grow in my garden.

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Who do you think asked me to give this to you?

He isn't really sad; he's only acting.

In my opinion, a movie is much more entertaining than a book.


Elijah will never be able to keep this a secret.

She traveled from Boston to San Francisco via Chicago.

Where are those prisoners?


I've been getting to know her.

He ran away for his life.

I hope that she will help me.

Why were you in prison?

Many peasants died during the drought.

Would you change your past if you could?

I'll do it only if you tell me the truth.

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Don't play with matches.

The meeting will reconvene in two hours after a brief recess.

They have a large garden.

Victor probably knows where Israel is.

I wanted to give you these.

No, I'm not stupid.

The soup is very hot. You shouldn't eat it now.

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I hardly know where to begin.

We had to stop over in San Francisco for two hours due to the fog.

It's warm today, isn't it?

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Get the hell out of my room.

I'm the only one who can help Real right now.

What happens when we die?

The proposed legislation runs roughshod over at least three amendments to the constitution.

The addition of salt greatly improved the flavor.

What if Gary hadn't heard my voice at that time? What in the world would have happened? Just thinking about it gives me the chills.

Elijah is acting a little strange.

Don't spend the whole night preparing yourself.

How do you suggest we proceed?

They moved here two years ago.

You can make it.

The girls looked at each other.

I have no face to turn to.

Stephan doesn't usually walk to the gym.

We should call off the search.

The investigation was incomplete.

I would tell Holly about that if I were you.


Albert is engaged in foreign trade and often goes abroad.

We really are hungry.

Just kidding.

Don't tell him I told you.

I learned cooking under my sister's tuition.


I am sure that more flags were burned as a result of Congress passing that law than had ever been burned before.

Carter is annoying Randolph.

I had something else on my mind.

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He is untidily dressed.

It's sort of a long story.

Actually, we had prepared ourselves for defeat.

"You have to take all this medicine to get better," said the nurse.

Sid has a bubbly personality.

That small star is brightest.

Roxane made a proposal.

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Will you look at this?

Ira said he'd love to go to Boston with us in October.

Marci knows that Antonella is bluffing.

Mrs. Green taught me English.

To the public, he was a hero.

He was sitting with his arms folded.

Let's go see what's in your attic.

The functions of his brain were very active.

Is this your house?


I saw them a few minutes ago.

He came in fifth in the race.

When drawing kanji be careful of dots and sweeps, write as carefully and quickly as possible.

People who do bodybuilding are called bodybuilders.

Emil was at my office today.


They always extend kindness to their neighbors.


Cathryn hardly ever works anymore.

We are faced with a host of problems.

In a democracy, it is important for journalism to be independent.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Are you studying your Portuguese lesson?


Get rid of those kinds of naive ideas.

The audience burst into applause.

College is now free in Germany.

Perry is a real character.

He did'nt ask any question


He had few teeth.


We couldn't keep from crying.

Do be quiet, please!

I went to bed at midnight.

Tarmi lost track of the time.

I fully agree with you.

Gregg says that he doesn't want to eat anything.

To tell the truth, I didn't solve this question.

I went to Kennedy Airport to see my friend off.

The figurative meaning is no longer in current use.


I was very careful, but I caught a cold.

This street used to have another name.

Vulcans have pointy ears.


I hope Natraj is well.

You don't know them.

She published her article on common misconceptions to her personal blog.

Each bird sings with its own voice.

We're enjoying another beautiful day here on the beach.

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I told them that I wasn't tired.

He ate all of it.

Marcos can barely eat.

He had some fun.

Do you speak Tagalog?


Mother often said that she was proud of me.


I'm not tired at all.

She was hurt in the accident.

It is very difficult for anybody to be objective about his own character.

The police are telling people to stay inside.

He never lets his beliefs get in the way of his duty.

I mean it!

Matthieu had a fight with Ric.

I am searching for my brother.

I can't do this all by myself.

Jesse barely spoke to Sergeant last summer.

Annie felt like going out for a walk.

I want you to trust me.

I've got a good idea.

She was filled with deep grief to hear of her father's sudden death.

He is still at large.

She came back an hour later.

Brendan asked Hui for a job.

We saw an old hut standing at the margin of the forest.

It all happened so fast and then it was over.

He tends to be late for meetings.

He takes himself very seriously.

"You're here to follow my orders." "You wish!"

The place is invested with an air of mystery.

"That's pretty much a cookie-cutter RPG." "An RPG where you cut cookies? How silly is that?"

I think you've been very immature.

On the American flag, there's a star for every state.

I won't give up on our marriage.

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I can't find them either.

I have always considered you a good friend.

The teacher fell in love with the student.

What do you suppose caused this?

I tried to convince Martyn otherwise.

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Some people cannot cope with the world.


I really don't understand the plan they presented.

Everyone is looking at Joachim.

She pawned her gold.


Have you eaten enough?

She gave him the money.

Who's the composer of this symphony?