Kathy always expects me to help him.

Apparently, I was wrong.


Leonard doesn't want to play the piano anymore.


Her eyes caught his.

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She has no idea that I'm coming.

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Glynn had a lousy night.


I am not in the least anxious about it.


The number of visitors that he mentioned is very much exaggerated: there were a maximum of around one hundred people present.

We need to take a break from each other.

Kevan is quite strong, isn't he?

I'm afraid I won't have the time.

What did you do last Christmas?

How should we deal with the problem?

I left the door unlocked.

According to Raul, Jane got married last month.

Have mercy!


We drank a lot of alcohol.

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Did you hit him?

There's something I'd like to see.

He intended to have visited the temple last week.

I think this must be the place where Malloy lives.

Donn was obviously devastated by what happened.

Pascal wanted to leave, but he couldn't.

If it weren't for the iPhone, I wouldn't be able to learn Japanese.

We all had a great time.

Maybe you can help.


I'm not getting involved.

He can do both at the same time.

He is in a bad mood.

How well can you dance?

Laurie is taking this hard.

I should've paid closer attention.

Get ready to party.


We'll visit you one of these days.

Why don't we do something else?

The familiar argument against a proposed action that it is premature.

Give her a second.

I had to wait twenty minutes for the next bus.

Stay sharp.

I'm not a doctor yet.

His honesty cannot be doubted.

No one recognized Manavendra's genius while he was alive.

How did you like the food at that restaurant?

My friend was angry at the news.


I like this better than that.


The horse chafed at the bit put in its mouth.

Can you sit for the exam next week?

I'm not afraid of anything.

Paula is going to pay you.

Japan has diplomatic relations with China.

Should I help Marsh with his homework?

The president instructed the employees to improve their productivity.

Ping was alone in his cell.

The battery light is showing that the battery is not getting charged.

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I was horrible.

I don't have a whole lot of time.

He achieved his desired goal.

I've got your back.

The sheets are clean.

Be careful. It's a little spicy.

The farmer liked to keep them busy.

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The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum located in Agra, India.

I told you to stop, didn't I?

The secretary is tired of typing.

Rebecca is staying with his relatives in Boston for the next three weeks.

What exactly do you want me to say to Shuvra?

What have we done to each other?

I noticed that I had slept past my station.

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Johann is the best person for the job.

If you don't have anything to do, look at the ceiling of your room.

Why don't you help her?

Dana is the one who painted our garage.

Excited girls look pretty sometimes.

I have a feeling that we may win.

Philippe and Christina used to be best friends.

I don't know much about Carolyn.

Nobody can stop them.

The drug was revealed to cause liver damage.

Is Maria someone special?


Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude.

We have our evening meal at 9 here.

May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

Consider yourselves lucky.

My aunt died of lung cancer.

The slightest mistake may lead to a fatal disaster.

All I have to do is wait.

Lars is a robot.

This room is very small, so it is impossible to put more furniture in it.


Why did Teruyuki kiss me?


He won't be back tomorrow.

And the violence cause a silence.

Shaw tried to leave the old ways behind him.

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They had a meeting.


Tickets are on sale now.


I haven't thought about Sanity in a long time.

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This material isn't elastic enough.


We display grey sentences because they can be useful, but you should be careful. Their meaning may differ a little from the main sentence.

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Don't you realize your behavior reflects on all of us?


Her coat wasn't appropriate for the occasion.

Mom bought a pretty doll for me.

Is anybody waiting in the lobby?

Dick was ten years old when he died.

What is old age? First you forget names, then you forget faces, then you forget to pull your zipper up, then you forget to pull it down.

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There are some performances that leave one breathless.

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Stu is too young to peel an apple.


Kamel has a dancer's body.

The first revolt is against the supreme tyranny of theology, of the phantom of God. As long as we have a master in heaven, we will be slaves on earth.

I would like to improve my Spanish.


I wonder why Werner has been so nice to me recently.

I took the trouble to write the answers to the comments.

One who keeps good hours will live long.

I can never feel at ease among strangers.

I have nothing to declare.

Both of his parents are well.

Welcome, Meruert.

He has gone mad.

Nobody offered me help.

They posed for a picture in front of the castle.

Would you sew a button on my shirt?

My boss has been trumpeting the virtues of yet another runaway bestselling managerial strategy guide.

An ancient space civilization erected a system of shortcut portals throughout the galaxy.

Let me tell you about us.

I did not know this.


Carter does look a bit like Alice.

I'll try.

He whispered something to her.

This is probably for you.

I met Skef tonight.

Could you talk to Piotr for me?

Do you want to sit somewhere else?

Wes doesn't like to be called a fool.

It's much better now.

I really appreciate what you've done.

It was hard to believe.


We were so close!


You're a very bad person.

No one knows where he is.

I just want to find him.

Rabin wanted to dance with Amedeo all night.

Alone against everybody.

Is it true that you and Ronni were engaged?

Was Jock difficult?

I really liked him.

Let me tell you what I want you to do.

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This is private.

You're a woman.

What does man gain from all his labor in which he labors under the sun?


I will have her call you as soon as she comes back.

I was roaming over the mountains all through the night.

He's talking in a strange way.

Sometimes, it's difficult to choose.

I would like to go to the beach with you but today I don't have time.


In each beehive there can only be one queen.

I work here, I'm not a guest.

All I want is what's mine.

In 1679, Newton's work came to standstill after he suffered a nervous breakdown.

Things happen.


Jochen took his computer in to be repaired.

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Finally I have time to reply to the mail I received these three weeks.

When somebody runs a red light, they risk causing an accident.

Come on, let's get out of the way.


We experienced an especially difficult winter.