You and I will survive.


Visit me whenever you want.

I could not help feeling sympathy with him.

Barry kept me waiting for thirty minutes.

Hey man, take it easy. I'm just messing with you.

He stayed at the hotel for two days.

This pass is a gateway to India.

Jane understands how you think.

About two weeks.

You have to turn left at the second light.

It was a really creepy story.

It might be risky.

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The United States is made up of 50 states.


The Senate acted quickly to approve the treaty with Britain.

Ragnar blushed and turned away.

It's the second-coldest region in the country.

I feel terrific.

Menopause is the end of menstruation.

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That was pathetic.

I'll go and get you something to drink.

Squid ink is edible whereas ballpen ink is not.

Do you think I don't understand what your plan consists in?

My prayers were answered.

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I hate these things.

Amos picked a lot of flowers.

I carefully took down everything that my teacher said.

Many restaurants are closed today.

Now, how did that get there?

We all need to live life to the fullest.

Darin asked Louise where she had gone to junior high school.

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Whom are you going out with now?


I'm not petting their dog.

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Both stories are true.

I was in Boston most of last summer.

He is a man of action.

That doesn't work.

You should trying selling your products online.


Life is hard, death is cheap.

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Try to stay out of sight.


I feel blue.


He is the Edison of Japan.

He promised to be here at six.

My sister has long legs and likes sports.


Vladimir's book was translated into 33 languages and has been published in more than 99 countries all over the world.

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We like Fred.

Leith wants his money today.

I'm looking for an apartment to rent.

Pratap just can't stand Kee's brother.

I can tell you cared about her.

Sound sleep freshened him up.

I hope you sleep well.

She's not yet heard the news.

I'm so worried about you.

My grandmother had been sick for a week when I visited her.

He doesn't come to school often.

I'll see to it first thing tomorrow.

We went to see a movie with my friend yesterday.

'A' comes before 'B' in the alphabet.

It won't take them long to get married.


I go to bed early at night.

When do you plan on beginning?

If you want to talk to Socorrito about this, let me know and I'll give you his number.

I assume you're referring to Frank.

He resembles his mother.

I wonder who wrote this report.

I heard that you had a date with Kevin. How was it?

Kevan was sitting up straight.

My airport shuttle bus leaves at six o'clock.

My parents read books and magazines, but I read more.

I have three kids.

I like the fresh air.

Romain was in his early thirties.

During the interval, Takashi and Harumi got a drink at the theater bar.

How many glasses of juice did she drink?


Well, I waited for you.

I was glad to see him.

They're both gone.

I've chipped a tooth.

Jarl isn't paying attention.

Kiki couldn't believe that Srinivasan could be so stupid.

You're perfect.


Irwin is a nice-looking boy.

The firm has bought some new cars.

I won't go under any circumstances.

Clarissa seemed to have thought so.

I don't want to blow it.

Sent from my iPhone.

My sister does not talk very often about politics.


Could you pull over?

I value their opinions.

Society is changing.

She's my age.

I don't understand why she is acting so crazy.

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After menopause, women still want intercourse, but it becomes more intimate.

Mother thought of nothing but my coming home.

You ruined my life!

I wear glasses.

Lorien's lamb follows her everywhere.


Glenn speaks quickly.

Even now, Old remembers Martha's bitter words.

Tammy doesn't want to work here.


The man is mourning after receiving sad news.


Sehyo closed his mouth.

Could you give me a lift in your car?

Tuan wished that he knew Harold's telephone number.

Stay with us for a moment.

Physics be hanged!

I will have been to Hokkaido three times if I go once again this summer.

I heard about Mott.

Oh, sure, I studied English in my school days. But it wasn't until two or three years ago that I really started taking it seriously.

Let him stay home if he wants!

I will probably be given a car by my dad and I would feel happy about it if that happened.

She's selling Girl Scout cookies.

I just met him.

My time is not my own.

Hubert doesn't have a dollar to his name.

Why do you have to be like that?

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We must achieve our aim at any price.


We fight something from another world.

You sure have a way with words.

Did you get his name?

The students burned their textbooks.

People, like metal, only shine on the surface.


I finally overcame my shyness and asked him out on a date.


I couldn't give Hotta what he needed.

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I recognized Brandi's car.


I see hate in your eyes, just as you once saw it in mine.

I tried everything to keep him alive.

This is beyond frustrating.

"Do you want this orange?" "No, I don't want any orange at all."

What is the breadth of this road?

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If you try your best now, happiness will come to you.

He'll get sloppy.

What would happen if two powerful nations with different languages - such as United States and China - would agree upon the experimental teaching of Esperanto in elementary schools?


It's crowded today.


Fabio's car is parked in front of Elena's house.

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She's a law-abiding citizen.

You folks don't understand.

I assume you're talking about Manny.


Jean-Christophe went grocery shopping when he was hungry and bought twice as much as he had on his list.

I didn't ask you to do that.

I like to sleep-in on weekends.

Calculation is miles easier if you have a calculator.

I have my own stereo set.


I can't help you today.

Betty is allergic to nuts, but not peanuts.

Alison not only denied that she was Randell's friend, but that she even knew him.


Marcos and Gail didn't tell anyone that they had gotten married.


You don't have to hide anything from me.

Were you on time for work today?

Do you intend to come tomorrow?

Who'll handle this problem?

Let's just let her handle it.

Lend me as much money you can.

I hope my part-time job ends early today.


She goes to the movies once a week.

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It's even worse than I thought.

Almost all approve of his actions.

Mayo doesn't know French.

It's obvious that Pilar doesn't like Molly very much.

I must have tried on everything in the shop, but nothing looked right on me.