The sun shines in the daytime and the moon at night.

Ugh, I have to study for tomorrow's test.

A party of scientists were on board with them.

Get your hair cut!


Those is quite active for his age.

The engine died.

I remember having seen the queen.

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You need me, Brooke.


I knew what had happened.

I decided to ask for my friend's help.

Why is she here?

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When people came out of the factory in the evening, their faces looked white and ill.

What caused the malfunction?

Masanobu didn't hear his name being called.

Come along; I will introduce you to my better half.

"O save my children!" shrieked the frantic mother, as she tried to rush into the burning pile.


It's not backwards.

Are they going to fight?

Turn on the TV.


Who looks foolish now?

Dimetry might be able to do something to help.

She liked the new dress.


She's not sick.

You would be a better person if you learnt humility.

If you see or hear anything, let me know.


Steen chose to live with his father instead of his mother.

When did America become independent of England?

Jean-Pierre hired a new housekeeper, and a competent one at that.

I owe him some money.

I don't speak English very well.

Are you really sick?

She may be the traitor.

Never fuck with a fucker!

Is Gretchen still lying?

She asked me to read 5 poems.

When he started the book, Hawking was unable to write by hand at all.

I'm not going to let you go to the dance with Kenn.

What have you got for me?

Collin lost his hold and fell.

I didn't have breakfast this morning.

Uri may not be at home now.

They looked back.

I cannot hear anything. I'm deaf.

"Nice person," that's the word girls used to call men to indicate that they aren't possible objects of romantic interest.

I can't sleep well in a strange bed.

You really are insane, aren't you?


I have to write a letter.

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Penguins are accomplished swimmers.

She was absorbed in listening to music when I visited her.

Take the road on the left.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to be there on time.

What's this got to do with them?

If you are up for it, let's go!

They just left.

This lid is so tight I can't open it.

It was a pure accident that I met him there.


Without air there can be no wind or sound on the moon.


Both women grinned.

I didn't want to embarrass you.

You're too polite.

I didn't like rock music at first, but it soon grew on me.

Close the window, will you?


I hadn't thought of it like that.


The phrase 'honest politician' is an oxymoron.


Everybody knows she married him for his money.

His body showed every mark of his strength.

I'm waiting for the right woman.


Does the soil suit vegetables?

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Please tell me where Susanne is.

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Irfan needs me.

I am constantly forgetting names.

Even if I go make love with some girl before midnight, I will never forget your kindness.

Stop always putting yourself last.

He would smile his approval.

I would like you to introduce me to her.

I still have just enough time to get this done, I think.


I saw Siping holding hands with a girl.

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Marian was unable to conceal his anger.

He had wished her happy holidays.

Reservations are suggested on weekends.


He is always isolated from his fellow workers.


Give me three months.

I have a metal table.

Oscar felt himself getting hungry.

Do you want me to take a look at it?

Were it not for water, nothing could live.


I found it in the attic.


Angela refused treatment.

Just let me concentrate.

I think it's time for you to leave now.

I'm not going to the movies tomorrow.

I don't think I've ever been this close to falling in love.


He has an ax to grind.


Up to what volume of Naruto comics do you own?

I wanted to believe Darin was lying.

Hsi doesn't need to go to work today.

It's completely visible.

Ro drinks way too much.


He wasn't just humouring me. Those were the eyes of someone who really understood my feelings and sympathised.


I do hope that it won't rain tomorrow.

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He was bored with his family.

Could we take you somewhere else?

We're still looking for a house we can rent.

The miners did not want to fight.

Adrian has long hair and wears glasses.

This machine is easy to handle.

Go grab a drink.


Sanjeev watched the 6 o'clock news.

I would like to start.

Your voice is strange. What's wrong?


I don't feel right about this.

Even he stopped smoking.

You look much better.

What time does the parking lot close?

I'd better get back to my desk.

Can you manage those packages by yourself?

I'm having a great time in Canada.

She was thrilled with his presence.

Did you get another cat?

I tried to persuade him by all possible means.

Saad is probably OK.

We never agree.

Ever since he arrived, everything has changed.

Syun was next.

I've always hoped to sail across the Pacific in a yacht.

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I'm running late for school.


Shall I get you a ticket for the concert?

Sridharan is trying to stay calm.

Don't squirm, the doctor told patient before sticking a scary-looking needle into his arm.

I can't sleep on this lumpy mattress.

When he asked for a single slice, they gave him an entire uncut pizza, which he proceeded to eat by rolling it up like a burrito and just shoveling it in. The question, of course, is whether a whole entity is a slice of itself.

Is there anything you want me to burn?

He is guilty of murder.

Stop in anytime.

They won't be ready for another month.


Mick took a step forward.

Liza and Bruno embarked on a road trip.

They are mere creatures of habit.


My son is working hard on the field right now.

Unless it rains, I will go, too.

That's just weird.

She traveled all over the world.

They're not busy.

Johann isn't very well.

"Have I ever thought of buying a new pair of shoes?" "Mind your own business."

Has anyone told Jong about what happened?

How can you help them?

He is unfit to be a teacher.

The heart itself is nothing more nor less than a large, tough, leather-like muscle.

Christina and Greg adopted a child from Russia.

You don't have any proof.

He punched her in the face.

She sat reading a book.

Do you know how to spell Lynne's last name?

I don't believe you've met him.

What kind of beer do you like to drink?

The singer was at his best in that song.

Four horses roam the pasture.

The ship sailed through the Suez Canal.

The delegation were escorted around the newly-built stadium.

I got on the wrong line.

Don't do this again.

Randy deliberately made this mistake.

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I've got to go to Boston.