I think that this image is relevant to our discussion from yesterday.

She cried for joy.

He ought to put his mind to something more useful.

Buying and consuming cannabis is prohibited by law in many countries.


Nothing is so precious as health.


Did you really mean all that?

Nichael was involved in serious crime.

There is such a thing as female circumcision.

We'll go get him.

One is often judged by the company one keeps.

I wanted to be just like her.

Alastair's swimming.

The sun and the moon had started to shine.

Naomi was puzzled.

You're adventurous.

You're resilient.

The word "impossible" isn't in the French language.

Tomorrow two young Esperanto speakers are coming from Europe.


Vassos started as a janitor, but he's now the president of the company.

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I'll call them.


When was the last time you smiled at your wife?

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A little pot is soon hot.

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Weren't you here yesterday?


Heroing is one of the shortest-lived professions there is.

Kit was shot and killed in front of the restaurant he owned.

You are here in order to fulfill my commands.

Today, I was supposed to study at the library but I woke up around 12 o'clock.

It's a small price to pay.

I gave Varda the night off.

The man is wearing a pair of glasses.

She's very handy with a saw.

English and German share a common ancestor.

For dinner, I had lamb cooked four different ways.

I won first prize.

There must be a better way to do this.

The judge condemned him to death.

Real cries easily.

Benjamin shot a bear with a rifle.

Mariou was only too happy to help.

If you use a computer, you can retain information.

I can't believe how hard it is to find a decent grub around here.

I've been waiting since six o'clock and still my turn hasn't come.

I didn't know you felt that way about Jussi.

I've never felt stronger.

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Please ask Lynnette to call me before 2:30.

Hienz is caught between Scylla and Charybdis.

Control yourself.

Helen thought that Kory wanted him to kiss her, but he wasn't sure, so he didn't.

You are a creep.

First, let us take a look at the situation.

Thanks for not telling Brandon what happened.

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I never should've dragged you into this.

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Don't pressure them.

Yes, the apple is red.

Kemal looks a little pale.

Those two don't get along.

Steven and his friends sat around the campfire and roasted marshmallows.

They really did win.

You didn't see nothing.


I think Price is exciting.

I know myself.

Who wrote this report?


I've never seen you in a dress before.

The responsibility weighs on me.

I have been to Australia once when I was in college.

I thought you were going to watch Alex this afternoon.

When was the last time Sjaak and you went out for dinner together?


You shouldn't have stopped so quickly.

I can run as fast as Timothy.

I don't know what you're waiting for.

Return to the ship.

They explored the desert in quest of buried treasure.


I thought you wanted to get out of here.

I was wondering if I could go home early today.

Stephen never finishes anything.


The match ended with no goal.

His leg was bitten by a crocodile.

It's nothing that can't wait.

"Since when do you have that car?" "I've had it for a long time, I bought it in 1999."

Don't you regret what happened last night?

We searched everywhere.

Let me know when you're done.

The frost had a bad effect on the crops.

I can be what I am, but I'd never be able to hurt a fly.

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I gave her a couple of books.

Rudolph went out with a group of co-workers.

You'll get through this.

Regrettably, that didn't happen.

You won't be allowed to leave.

It's in the well.

Evelyn and I got there at the same time.

I just heard voices.

Bobbie asked Samuel to come to Boston.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

I'm going to try to quit smoking.

This week I will be doing a series on personal eschatology.

Knitting can be an expensive hobby.


Your theory has no scientific basis.

I saw an albino squirrel today.

Please beat the eggs.


She was perfect.

Out of my salary, I had begun to save a few dollars.

I thought this door was locked.

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My hobby is listening to music.

I've just received some news which has broken my heart.

We're going to get them back.

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Are you still interested in learning how to speak French?

I voted for him last year.

If the universe is full of stars, why doesn't the light from all of them add up to make the whole sky bright all the time?


I wanted to get this to you ASAP.

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Vice was surprised by what Sheila said.


Worrying is a waste of energy.

I've never seen them wear hats.

Did you realize that you haven't eaten anything since this morning?

She caught colds often.

It was a fair game.

In spite of the heavy traffic, I managed to get to the airport in time.

We'll miss him a lot.

I used a spirit level to make sure the shelf was perfectly horizontal.

The patient was hot with fever.


I'd like to introduce you to my father.

Are you still married to Rich?

Let me tell you some jokes you've probably never heard before.

They saw a mouse.

Srikanth was here as well.

Don't you ever say that again.

Warren rode a horse last week when he was at his grandfather's ranch.

When listening to a lecture, you should be quiet.

Getting a sports car is easy, compared to the maintenance one must do on it.

The dog knew that today was going to be different.

Mara's clueless.

Jerald will be back in about three hours.

Have you got any idea what I'm talking about?

He crossed his arms.

He used to be well off and generous, but now he lives from hand to mouth.

He is senior to me by three years.

Sanctions might work.

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The embassy building is surrounded by high fences.

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I apologized to her for stepping on her foot.

She'd like him to come to her house at 2:30.

Spudboy is busy with his homework now.

Debi does seem a lot different today.

Toby found a nice apartment for me.

I will eat delicious ducks.

Melinda is hanging up the washing.

Lenny couldn't tell the two twins apart.

Every perfect man in literature has always been created by the pen of a woman.


Bolivia is called "Buliwya" in Quechua.


Stop hitting the cat!

We won't have enough fuel to get to the other side.

What is this commotion all about ?

Don't look down on others.

He shut the door that was behind him.

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He is opening the window.


We live in the atomic age.

I like China.

The legality of his act is not in doubt for me, because everything he does is completely legal.

You can't get the suitcase closed because you've stuffed too much into it.

Do you have any ideas on how we can make sure Kay sticks around until the job is finished?

We are intelligent because it's easy for us to make mistakes; nonetheless this is very hard for machines.

I've seen Jeffery do some really amazing things.

I can't do it today.

I can't believe that I'm doing this.

I'm intrigued to know what you think it means.

I asked Pierre to be here.

That won't change anything.

Just do your best, OK?

Someone told me that Albert Einstein said, "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."

She kneed me again, not even caring that she was hurt.