I wonder how he's going to react.

"The Crow and the Fox" is one of the most famous of La Fontaine's fables.

He left me with tons of hard work to do.

How do I get to the theater?

Leslie gave a good performance.

The Earth is just a little island and we are little islanders.

It's that important.

Are you old enough to vote?

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She took a bite of the apple.

The statement is not wholly true.

Did they really do all that work by themselves?


Oscar let me down and he also let Teruyuki down.

Let's start again.

Cole has a bloody nose.

We're all like Dustin.

I can't stand being laughed at in front of others.

Bread and milk are good foods.

Valerie's lifeless body floated on the water.

Who cares what happens to her?

Your sovereign is king of Prussia and emperor of Germany.


Can I have this?


This building was put up in six months.


There's only one door.

I most certainly didn't say that.

Defend her from danger.


I wouldn't have thought I would someday look up "Viagra" in Wikipedia.

That'll make for a memorable time.

Did you hear my son play the violin?


A clock has two hands.

I like Harry, not as much as I like Draco of course, but still I think he's cool.

When did you two start dating?


She has selective hearing.

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Never underestimate your audience.

I want to buy an automobile.

The camel can go a long time without water and food.

I doubt that Vincent would help, but you should still ask him.

That could be a coincidence.

You don't know what it is, do you?

Bonnie is getting angry.

It's very stuffy in here.

Why did Julie stop working here?

In the case of Mr A there is no excuse.

You didn't pass the test?

This is discrimination!

Do you have a tattoo?

Lori staggered out of the bar with a bottle in his hand.

You were at home yesterday.

The film received favourable criticism.

Am I right about that?

Socrates was accused of atheism because he did not believe in Zeus.

You know I can't wait any longer.

He's just trying to be popular.

It's dangerous to mix these substances.

Didn't Rainer say something about that?

That's nothing but a figure of speech.

I see him quite often in the city. Sometimes we have lunch together.

Insecticides are agricultural chemicals that exterminate insects harmful to plants.

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May I look at your passport?

If the Ottoman Empire had committed genocide against the Armenians, they would not have a country now called Armenia.

I'm not talking about her.

Just take mine.

You poor motherless children! How I pity you; and yet I can do nothing to help you!

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You've got my phone.

Kyu giggled.

He came to meet me yesterday afternoon.

It is 7:30.

He helped me carry the baggage.

Promotions encourage translators.

What can't you tell me?

You ought to find nice shoes here.

I go to my work at eight forty as a rule.

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The door suddenly opening, she sprang to her feet.

Gregory often mispronounces people's names.

Not a soul was to be seen in the street.

Suddenly the eldest daughter spoke up, saying, "I want candy."

I think Matthias is devious.

We have overlooked this important fact.

I'm trying to be supportive.


We need all the help we can get.

We're in big trouble.

You mistook the salt for sugar and put it in your coffee?! How careless can you get?

This book is very good.

Doug already knew that Rayan had lots of money.


We must work together to build a better world.

Hitoshi died at 2:30.

Address the matters, and not the people involved.

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He is such a bad person that everybody dislikes him.

I just need to sit down.

It would be nice to get married.

Some people live far removed from harsh realities.

Eddy wants you to drive.


Ramesh was hoping that Jackye would smile at him.

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I appreciate your conviction.

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I like to spend time in public libraries.


We'll take that under consideration.

The ice watered down the juice.

Stephen is probably going to have to go to Boston next week.


Pip was seventeen and John was sixteen, but they were both still at school.

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After a storm comes the calm.

Skef told everyone that he passed the exam.

You know I love you.

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Jinny leads the soccer team.

Where is the newspaper?

Kazu likes sports very much.

What kind of flowers should we get for Murph?

The medicine decreased his pain.

I love sports, too.

I must admit I like Billy.


He knows how to curse in Chinese.


Gary was supposed to help me this afternoon.

Why would I need to do that?

A maid came in to comb out her long hair, and brought the finest linen for her use.

More than half of the residents are opposed to the plan.

I think it's nice around here.


The scolars quarrel, and the case lies still unsolved in the hands of the judge.

We have to give them more time.

Are you going to take advantage of Shahid?

It's too late to help Corey.

I understand more than you think.

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What do you want to say to him?

I just want to get out of here.

Has Blayne promised to be there?

Sabrina used to be successful.

Last Wednesday my dog passed away. She was 16.

I am right for once.

The author of this book is still young.

I'd like Rafael to be happy.

The dog ate a watch and a Japanese fan.

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The eye is the mirror of the soul.

Those whose sins are forgiven are deemed to be sinless that they may find the way to heaven.

When I was at school, we were caned regularly. Nowadays, it's illegal in many schools for a teacher to hit a student.

Do you always drink coffee with your breakfast?

When suddenly faced with a dangerous situation, hold your horses - make sure of the proper action, then act.

Did you see his work? Would he have wanted to do it badly, he wouldn't have proceeded otherwise.

Blayne wanted to talk.

You thanked Vernon for the present, didn't you?

I want you to get me a soda.

The doctor suggested that he should give up smoking.

Max never thought about Nikolai while she was away.

That's as good a way to die as any.

This blouse buttons at the back.

Howdy folks.

Where do we start?


Don't go if you don't want to.

Why do you think they like it?

I'll make you wish you had never been born.

When we are in good health, we are apt to forget its value.

Darci can't make it to class today.


He was eating a bologna sandwich.

Delbert was sent on an errand to the store.

I remember returning the book to the library.

This ain't normal.

Jong is innocent.

I'll be in Boston next week.

Tell them it was a mistake.

I am a conservative.

What do you think went wrong?

How much longer are we going to be kept here?

I paid him a visit on a warm afternoon in May.

I worry more about you than the future of Japan.

Tears ran down my face.

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I'm there all the time.

Movies often come to a happy end.

After examining the bear at leisure, I made a rush on him.

Tollefsen doesn't know anyone in Boston.

Jennifer took the blame for their mistake.

To the best of my knowledge, the rumor is not true.

His words are meaningless.


She told me that I could sleep on the sofa.