Are you still working for Vance?


I wonder who took it.

She will be happy when she gets married.

Think about it carefully.

Which one do you think Cindie is going to want?

Do you have any books about Armenia?

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Dory didn't enjoy the concert very much.

It seemed like a game to me.

I'm terribly sorry if that causes you a problem.


To the chagrin of many Western composers, steel drums, or steelpans, tend not to be fully chromatic.

What've you been doing all morning?

Why are you wearing my dress?


Ah! Ah! Ah! A drunk squirrel! that will be very funny.


It has been raining off and on.


Ariel is miserly.

Prakash was desperate to get married.

We elected him president.

He didn't like to ask for help even if he was starving.

Is the mid-autumn festival on Monday this year?

That candle isn't white.

I've been getting to know her.

You can't ask us to believe this.

I thought Kevan would work on the plumbing.


I ordered the children to stay quiet, but they kept on making noise.

Things have changed here.

I can eat whatever I want.

The kitchen lacks a dishwasher.

It looks like you were right.

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Let's continue with the lesson for today.


Nathan provided few other details.

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If the nation has respect for its origin, then its language is rich.

It's not always wise to follow what others tell you.

Hand it over.

Please come to the main office.

Maureen knows there's only one thing he can do.


You're uninteresting.

Dominic is the tallest man I know.

What kind of person would forget to pick their children up after school?


The delegation were escorted around the newly-built stadium.


As for me, I prefer beer to whisky.

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What's in that box?

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Shall we eat dinner out today?

Are you able to keep walking?

There's something I need to show you.

I have to discharge my duty.

Why do you say these things, Victoria?

Reiner is spinning wool.

I think I'm starting to get it.


Alain failed to do that.

Shahid lives on a farm in California.

He doesn't bungle anything.

Who gave you permission to do this?

Julianto and Suu's custody battle for their children was a long, drawn-out affair.

I joined the navy after finishing college.

I can not do without this dictionary even for a single day.

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The store was just off the street.

I don't think Hubert likes you very much.

Donal asked Dick for help.

This is your only chance.

I didn't know if you knew.

Yeah, isn't that great?

I think we got it fixed.

I'm not worried anymore.

They went fishing.

No one committed a bigger mistake than the one who did nothing as he could only do a little.

I could do this for a while.

She's an African American.

Anything that can go wrong will.


Jackye is getting on your nerves, isn't he?

I think Drew doesn't come here very often.

I see a light.

I don't know how to change a nappy.

I met him once.


Dan lived a life of luxury in London.


I hope you'll change your mind.

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I don't like him so much.


We were returning a favor.

Japan is located in Asia.

Jorge asked for Prakash's help.

I'm not sure what Alain's objective was.

Dan helped Linda escape in the commotion.

Morton described his new invention to both John and Jong.

He cleared his throat.


She turned up just as we were starting our meal.


I prefer going outside to staying on Facebook.

You've all underestimated Kris.

Cervical cancer has nothing to do with cervical vertebrae. It's a cancer of the cervix.

I want to relax in front of the TV tonight. I don't want to go out.

You never know who's watching.

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I ran into an old friend of mine this morning.

Can you tell me what it is?

I'll be in the kitchen.


Margaret didn't trust Dick and she didn't trust him.

Everyone knows it now.

It wasn't like this before.

They can understand everything we're saying.

Cats are not human.

Fletcher put too much hot sauce on his pizza.

Dorian holstered his pistol.

He couldn't make good a promise between his father.

This is the house where that poet lived when he was a child.


You have no clue what you are doing, do you?

Money talks.

I'm hungry because I haven't had lunch.

Gabriel can be trusted to some degree.

Why did you dump me?


That's just bizarre.


I didn't have time to cook dinner tonight, so I went out and bought a box meal.

There's nothing to celebrate.

We didn't create it.

You can't disguise sad eyes.

Sir, these checks are fake.


There's going to be a book sale tomorrow.

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We're in pain.

Did you like the roses I sent you?

The river flows too fast to swim in.


The boy that you met at the park is adopted.

He is dead drunk.

Rafik is an old timer.

Seven is a lucky number.

I will write to her tomorrow.

Miki put on his black suit and white tie.

The infamous female burglar was never caught.


I don't think you have the heart.

Nothing's going to change my love for you.

Yesterday I bought a book.


You look pale. Shall I call the doctor?

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Why does Orville do that to himself?

I'll be passing by your house at the start of the vacation.

I'm just glad you weren't hurt.

Laurie's family lives in Brisbane.

Life isn't fair, but it's still good.

I have to refuse your offer, as tempting as it might be.

I need you to talk to us.


Many men want to be thin, too.

It's been a while since I've ridden a horse.

They seated themselves at the table ready for lunch.

Urs normally doesn't show his feelings very much.

It is illegal to sell cigarettes to a minor.

You and Mara used to go fishing together, didn't you?

This must be hard for Norbert.

Miriam has come alone.

I've told Dorothy everything.


That's probably why.

It never occurred to me that Tovah might feel that same way Wayne did.

Did you propose to Randolph?

Your only duty is to save your dreams.

Jackye often eats breakfast here.


Men are cruel, but Man is kind.

Feel this.

Vince collects old coins.


He would sit in the sun doing nothing.

How many stamps do you have in your collection?

A wise man would not act in that way.

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I am against war.

My cousin was familiar with trouble when he was young.

Except for Lenny, the whole family went swimming.

We hope to achieve that.

I can do it all myself.