I really do love your tie.

I'm not paid much.


He committed a gaffe when he asked whether she was pregnant.

It's been a year since I last saw Shoshannah.

I didn't know she was ill.


He is very close about his work.


This is an archaism.

Ann had a very bad day.

I was wrong all the same.

I'm glad I could be of some assistance.

There were too many people.

Thank you for telling me what you hate. Now it has become easier to fight you.

I cannot drive a motorcycle, much less a car.


Did you take Rodent to the airport?

We don't negotiate with terrorists.

This sentence is boring.

Siegurd is the right man for Alexander.

When is my first work day?

He cannot have done it by himself.

Ravindranath ordered the same thing I did.


He is able to run faster than I.

The work suited Cristi.

Hard work injured his health.

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Nancy had to be at his office all day.

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I didn't even know you had a horse.


We won't be talking about that at all.


This fantasy of wanting to live in poverty is a silly woman's dream.

I knew Victor would be back.

You're just the man I want to speak to.

Prakash always wanted to be a doctor, but his grades at school weren't quite good enough to get him into medical school.

We have to wait for the all clear.


I'm just going to use wet wipes, since I can't actually wash my hands yet.


There's little chance of keeping slim, unless you stick to a diet.

I have stomach ache.

I have enjoyed myself very much.


I don't have my glasses.

He had heard some other stories.

He was listening with his chin resting on his hand.


What one is is more important than what one has.


We often hear French being spoken here.


Charlene is jittery.


I went to them for advice.

Dan was driving a huge pick-up truck.

I know you have a house in Hawaii.

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I like to smile at Frederick.

I wanted a sports car, but my wife said we needed a van.

She sat on the empty beach watching the waves roll in one after the other.

I think you didn't do it.

As far as I go, I'm a cook. The only thing I do is prepare the food.

I guess after that many beers Duane is probably very drunk.

Marilyn is busy now, isn't he?

How would you describe her?

I'll call a repairman I know who'll be at your house to fix the washing machine promptly.

I've never won anything before.

Everybody wanted to do that.

The rain turned the road into a quagmire.

Serdar's desk is cluttered with papers.

Piet said that he would give you a book.

I heard something, but I couldn't tell what it was.


Scot was almost killed.


Let's try calling her.


I only hope Max succeeds.

One man, no man.

My words provoked her to anger.

Rajarshi said it could take a fews hours to do it.

Are you annoyed by this?

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And that's the dilemma.


William hates these things.

You alone are my hope.

I'm going to go outside for a while.

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When he shouted, the veins in his neck stood out clearly.

It'll cost around ten thousand yen.

"I can make it to my class on time," he thought.


That sounds interesting. What did you tell him?

This is a movie for men.

The scientist is conducting medical research.

You're not rich.

Michelle asked me for an opinion.


Brandi was ill.

There isn't anybody here.

Jackye thinks we're in some kind of rut.

Are you effective?

All human beings have the same kind of body.

Micah raised the crowbar intending to smash his attacker's head.

Can someone explain this?


I want to spend more time with my family.

I'll have to wait and see.

It's important to learn to hope.

Sigurd isn't homeless.

I know I'm going to die.


I know where Elaine was going.

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I'm going to join the army.

Root lit the candles on the cake.

Here's the group of reporters I told you about.

Knapper abandoned his wife and joined the army.

Any virtuous idea can be vicious in itself.

It was worth it.

She's afraid of this dog.

They export grain to many countries.

Do you have a problem with her?

Leigh didn't intend to argue with Charley.

What's the best way to deal with stupid people?

Is this the right way to the museum?

I am extremely competent.

Can you recommend a good story where a handsome prince and an ordinary girl fall in love?

Geoff thinks that wasting food is a sin.


I learned how to spin wool from watching my grandmother.


You have absolutely no idea how to do this, do you?

This is a statue of Venus.

Though wounded, they continued to fight.

Ancient manuscripts were copied by hand.

Can you trust him?

Do you know any martial arts to be traveling like this?

When did you seed the lawn?

I can't promise that.

Never underestimate Ricky.

I just want to snuggle.

They're surprised.

I'm just not very happy.

That was excusable.

He asked us to bring him a television and a fridge.

You are judged by appearances at first but by your mind later on.


I didn't ask about anything else.

See if this makes sense to you.

I hope you're proud of yourself.

He's a control freak.

The largest recipient of Japan's ODA that year was China.

That man looks vaguely familiar.

I can hear what I want.

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My parents don't like my girlfriend.

I'd like to eat something else.

I want to know what you're thinking.

I'm not going to stop working.

I want him to have this.

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Both of us will have to change.


My usual sleeping time is from seven to nine hours.

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Karuizawa is famous as a summer resort.

I came to Boston three months ago.

We're currently studying the project's feasibility.


Prisons are full of lunatics.

Have you ever visited Boston before?

Why do you want to talk to us?

He is a Chopin for our times.

Your death will serve as an example.

Should I talk to her?

What's this called in French?

Spy looks healthier than he used to.

It'll be done.


Who could refuse?

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What happened didn't surprise me.

The school is further than the train station.

Don't tell Lynn I told you.

I like being on my own.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

Everyone is talking about them.

I think we need more food.

We broke down what little resistance remained.

Dan told me that he wasn't feeling very good.


I'm going to work with them.


Hitoshi has written a few textbooks.