I need to be at work by 7:30.

That doesn't matter to me.


Everything will work out in due course.

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I lived in Tokyo a few years ago, but now I live in Kyoto.

Ninja turned on a lamp.

It rained this afternoon.

Romain climbed out of his car.

Have you finished your lunch yet?

At first, the local cowboys laughed at him.

I felt completely happy.

I want to know when you're going to Boston.

We might as well stay here until it stops hailing.

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Do not disturb my circles!

Jimmy could tell that Vilhelm was bored.

He says at every opportunity what a great guy he is.

Spring brings warm days and beautiful flowers.

We want all the same things.

They can't get out.

This book gives a good picture of life in America during the Civil War.


Everything's going to be great.

Susan often leaves everything to the last minute.

It's my job to protect them.

Tao thought of the many ways he could kill Stacy.

I asked my boss for a pay increase.


She still has a little money, but not much.

What're you insinuating?

Marilyn is a lot like me.

Brender made a list.

Enter into that cabin.

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I think it won't happen again.

We needed all that.

He is looking at something non-existent.

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A biochemist gathers mutants for everything as if they were ingredients for a recipe.

The train is packed today.

Since he's visited Rome many times, he knows it well.

Congress went into recess.

Darren came last.

She goes to night school.

Why were you frightened?


Sally was stealing money for the last two years, and Robin knew it all the time.

My mother loves music.

I've never actually seen a real cow.


Norm sent me to get you.

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This package has been left here by him.

If that's what you want to do, do it.

He has completely recovered and can go back to work.

Mott wanted to see Rodney before she left.

I took your word for it.

Andreas doesn't have to sing if he doesn't want to.

You don't have a gun, do you?

I know it isn't always easy.

Micheal was committed to an institution for the insane.

Stephan suddenly looked worried.

Nici wasn't telling the truth.

Naoto is in no hurry to sell his car.

Phil kicked the soccer ball.


Geoffrey looked quite busy.

She was relaxed.

Not a sound was heard.

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He leads a hectic life.


She did nothing but look around.

I ran into her by chance.

I thought you were going to come over last night.

That's sad.

Saudi women are not permitted to leave their country alone.


Let's get off the subject.


She looked at him angrily.

What does it look like?

Don't expect charity from them.

Rumor of a riot was in the air.

Graeme had never met anyone like Kathleen before.


Push the button here.

Pamela is a bit small for her age.

We won't be buying anything.

What are you doing in a place like this?

Let's not even talk about that today.


Don't repeat the same mistake!


So many who see how the world is drifting away and so few who put their hands out to stop it!

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We just don't know what happened.

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I got tired of hearing the same thing so often.

I wish Joshua would just tell me the truth.

Have you got over the shock?

He was accused of evading tax.

I remember that he said that.

You'll never guess what Teri did.

I made him sweep the floor.

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It was crowded.

At the time, we were just fifteen years old.

Herod the Great built the Masada fortress and rebuilt the Temple.

The lawyer will try to show that her client is innocent.

Five plus three is eight.

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Take the emergency exit!

Tell them to get in here.

Joachim needs to do that again.

Piotr used to help Steve with her homework.

Aoi's hobby is dancing.

I want to know where you bought that.

She had gone to bed.

That bread is in the oven.

What's the color of Raif's hair?

I get on well with my stepsister but not with my stepmother.

Buy me a snack.

He was the very man for such a position.

That is why I came here.

He worked from nine to five.

Would you take part in this event?

Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat the fruit of his apple trees.

I have been studying French four years now.

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A sore back hindered me from playing tennis.

I suggested to him.

Find me a glass.

Milo doesn't need it.

He commented that the economy was likely to get better.


The music doesn't appeal to us any longer.

I can't remember where I parked my car.

Does she have enough energy to take a long trip?

I never laid a finger on Tommy.

My question is why.


What is a fax?

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Radek said I wasn't to worry about him.


Please give me two hot dogs with mustard and ketchup.

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous substance formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon compounds.

I accept his proposal.


Does that feel better?

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Mother cleared away the table.

I keep on forgetting that it has a touchscreen so I'm always selecting the wrong things!

A man's life is but three score years and ten.


That sounds exhausting.

Adversity is the best school.

Does it not happen to any teachers?


I can't tell just by looking.

You should keep in touch with Mr. Smith.

Always tell the truth.

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He prides himself on his knowledge of politics.

Why isn't it here?

Wouldn't that be fun?


He is naturally clever.


Where did you guys go?


He wrestled his attacker to the ground.


Nothing should be moved.

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I'm not really very thirsty.

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Are you telling me I'm stuck here with you?

There's no need to go to school today.

Anderson was quite frustrated.

They were always late.

Did Sheila ever mention a Canadian named Shakil?

Nathan can't read without glasses.

Nobody would visit me on my birthday.

They can't possibly be that stupid.

Jesse disguised himself as a priest.

The more he flatters, the less I like him.

The bus stops right in front of my house.

The report has yet to be confirmed.

I'll attend the next meeting.

Why don't you answer?

That country's economy is growing.


He's better at it than I am.

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This box weighs a ton. What's inside?

Izzy said he was scared.

Please, turn on the light!