How much will it be?

I like this town as it is. Although, there being so many stone stairs is a bit of a pain...


Have you found something?

You're into this up to your neck, Alberto.

Jakob paid for dinner.


I demand satisfaction.

My brother studies as hard as I do.

It was hard for me to act pleasantly to others.

I followed Harmon back to his camp.

"What are these stains on the floor?" "Blood."

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You've been told.

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I had no idea you collected stamps.

Do you want to keep dating her?

I forgot to save the file before switching off.

What time do you usually eat breakfast?

I suggest he follows my advice.

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When I hear that song I remember my youth.

You'll probably find walking through that part of town interesting.

He made a speech that supported my opinions.


Ann sat two rows ahead of me.

Ms. Swan is our English teacher.

The doctors tell you that your brother will never wake up again.

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Have a nice time.

How many kidneys does a human being have?

I waited for him at the station for an hour, but he didn't show up.


A cat always lands on its feet, even if upside down when dropped.


What you said is not true.

He took part in the anti-war demonstration.

I want you to work with us.


We're proud of our team.

He went to Nara.

What would I know about love?

Precisely at nine o'clock came the Princess in the carriage with four horses.

Politics is the art of perception.

Here are a few good rules on how to preserve food.

What is it?

Do you think that's going to help?

Earl started to run.

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Duane will almost certainly be at the party tonight.

Who's going to believe him?

It's just the beginning.


Erwin was wearing a brown suede coat.

How could we have let this happen?

He is putting together a plan.

Do you want to go to my room?

The automobile runs on electricity.

That is how I learned English.

How much trouble am I in?

You have no idea how to do it, do you?

We barely started.


You have three messages.

There's no smoke without fire.

This is getting complicated.

You are no longer welcome here.

It was pretty clear what was happening.

Bad cold is prevailing throughout the country.

Don't put salt on my wounds!


Give Monica what he asks for.

Everything's going to work out.

Well, I just asked him if he knew the time, because my watch has stopped, and he simply bolted.


That may have been true when you were a kid, but it's not true anymore.


Quantifying public opinion is often the first step to solving an important problem.


Isn't that the girl who married Herman?

No matter how hard you try, you can't finish it in a day.

I let you win.

The gap between rich and poor is getting wider.

We walked here.

I knew you weren't OK with that.

How can you be so heartless?

Nara is an old city worth visiting at least once in your life.

I'll ring you up tonight.

The two teachers had an equal number of students.

What good is torturing Isabelle going to do?

The boy has the greatest amount of fruit.

We've all got to start somewhere.

His car is the latest model.

Modern music is familiar to him.


Either you or she has to go there.

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We found him sleeping under the desk.

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You're single.

Remove the lamp from the table.

His face was covered in blood.

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We're reading the same book.

We should respect our parents.

He arrived an hour late, which annoyed me very much.

Edith tried to put the broken pieces back together.

Rajendra abandoned the mission and quit his job.

It was very pleasant. However, it would have been more pleasant if I had been able to speak English fluently.

How far away is your school?

"I smell a rat", I said to him.

Blake hasn't checked in yet.

What's your favorite Christian hymn?

Contact Serdar for details.

Hon wasn't the one who broke the window.

What time do you think Isaac will arrive?


On entering her room, she began to read the letter.


Not to talk smack on those from any other country, I'm just thankful for my own.

My appointment is in thirty minutes.

You can come.

Once you have reached informal agreement, you should enter into a contract with the other party.

We've got to warn the others.

You can't let her stay here.

I'd like to take my jacket off.

Thank you for helping me cross the street.

He is a baseball player.

We have a visitor this afternoon.

I hate to say it, but Barrett is right.


Would you like to go to a movie tomorrow night?


Chew with your mouth closed.


Is there a good time to chat?

Fuck, I cannot sleep because those damned owls are hooting so loudly.

Emily is very lovely.

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Tell him it was a mistake.

There's only one way to find out how to do that. Ask Juliet.

Straka doesn't really mean that, does he?


The warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear.

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The angry crowd clambered around the police van shouting insults at the suspected paedophile inside it.

Hector and Shyam aren't paying attention.

Goodbye and good luck.

The boss will be angry at me.

Victor and Kirk laughed.

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It is said that the Japanese are very friendly to those that they know, and very indifferent to those they don't.

Seen from distance, the rock looked like a human face.

She lied about taking the money.

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I'm bringing Elliott along with me.

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After a hard day's work, a man can do with a good, hot meal.

Make four mini-dialogs with the phrases in the list.

The cat ran away into the room.

I arrived at the bus stop just after the bus left.

That is our father.

I think perhaps I can help you.

The recent scandals involving altar boys and religious leaders have undermined the faith people have in the Church.

The pleasure is mine.

I just spent the weekend with my children.

I have to say goodbye to a few people.

Without water, the soldiers would have died.


I'm a fan of Britney Spears.

Leaves fell down every now and then.

I just got back in town.

He is at the head of the class.

I can at least take her home.


ALS slowly destroys the nerves and muscles needed for moving your body.

I don't think you should tell Hilda what to do.

We have a huge job ahead of us.


It is thought to have been much colder long ago.


It's no crime to skip breakfast once in a while.

I still miss my ex-wife, but my aim is getting better.

She doesn't want you to know.

Worry affected his health.

I'll introduce you to Mark if you want me to.


He's building up a network of acquaintances outside his office.

She likes birdwatching.

Nobody defended my country.

A Mr West called in your absence.

We have to do more than that.

The plan is well worth trying.

A tight belt will interfere with circulation of the blood.

As far as I can tell, Hirotoshi isn't lying.

Don't wear yourself out.

Walt isn't very trustworthy.

You don't sound so sure of yourself.

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I respected some young writers.