Doyle was naked.

Can I say something now?

She was concerned about the well-being of her brothers.

We all have responsibilities.

He went outside for a breath of fresh air.

His work has come up to the standard.

She reads nothing but fiction.

I sat right next to Graeme.

Comfort him.

He enlisted in the Foreign Legion.

Do you have a favourite writer and a favourite book?

Break time's over.

I never realized that Terrence is such a moron.

This diver's watch is a little too expensive.

By tomorrow, there'll be no more problems.

Sergio said he'd give me a massage.


That's a great help.


I saw her three hours ago.


You had better stay here a little longer.

Nature is awesome.

The old clock has stood on the shelf for years.


I hope you're not planning on wearing that dress to the party.

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We used to be neighbors.

There is no freedom for the ignorant.

Peter loves Jane.

I'm just really happy right now.

He put his hand gently on her shoulder.

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I'm boiling with anger.

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Arnold swam.

It'll be forgotten in a few months' time.

Mabel loves to chew the fat while playing bridge.

A lily was the emblem of French Kings.

I try to air my futon at least twice a week.

Where do Stewart and Pravin live?

Sudden misfortune deprived her of her reason.


Melinda's voice is unmistakable.

Toby is willing to testify.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

Could you bring me earphones?

I have no plans at all.

Harry heard a huge explosion and ran outside to see what had happened.

Here come the boys.

I don't know really.

I truly believe that.

Socorrito joined our company three years ago.

My father couldn't read me the story. It was in English.


Did it snow last night?


I've lost track of who I am.


Detective Dan Anderson called in the FBI.

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He lives alone in a little cottage in the swamp.

You should be thanking me.

She finally decided to separate from her husband.


Arthur hardly ever talks to anyone.

What was your problem?

His speech verged on the ridiculous.

Every member of the cabinet was present.

I want Po to go away.


Hold on a minute, please. I'll see if he is in.

Well it's very difficult changing jobs after you're thirty so I don't really want to do it.

We called off the wedding.

Tandy sat on the couch all alone.

Who's your favourite video game character?


Kate was made to read the book.


Stuart has been lying to us.

My friend said he had bought a new watch.

He loves him and me.

Blake can't stand people who are mean to stoats.

I don't know about the others, but as for me, I'm for it.

You haven't done a very good job.

This is fantastic!


I can't believe that I'm really here.

If you want Mara's help, you'll have to ask him for it.

How many minutes do you get if you change 48 hours into minutes?

Monty has the right attitude.

That would be a shame.


She knows many proverbs.

A ship is moored at the pier.

Those without knowledge can do nothing, and those who can do nothing can eat nothing.


Mr Tatuya deals in grain.

I think that girl cut her hair to give herself a new look.

He went home as soon as he got the phone call.

No one was wearing a seatbelt.

The best is often the enemy of the good.

The Oscar ceremonies are Hollywood's biggest extravaganza.

Were we to do such a thing, we should be punished.

I know you're happy about it. Why don't you just show it?

If you buy two sandwiches, I'll give you another one for free.

I still didn't believe it.

Just what makes you so high and mighty?

Tommy knows what's expected.

I want to buy a pineapple.

I don't like teachers who dislike students that ask questions.

I believe that I belong here.

He is lying on the sofa.

Wake up.

Is this annoying?

I found the earring that you lost.

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It is often difficult to see if a ball is in or out.

I thought I had him in a corner, but then he pulled an unexpected move and completely turned the tables on me.

These are wicked times.

The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.

This could take forever.

You must be in love.

He promised political reforms would be put into practice.

Ritalynne moved here a few months ago from Boston.

Belinda noticed that.

That is a pure waste of time.

She is awesome.

This medicine may aid his recovery.

I arrived within 30 minutes.

Oh, by the way, do you know where she lives now?

There was nothing noteworthy about the candidate's speech.

Becky is wearing a short-sleeve shirt today.

Guy thought about this.

I get up at six every morning.

If your illness becomes worse, call in a specialist.

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John passed among the crowd.

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You study English.

Please say hello to Anne for me.

The government believed that a terrorist group was behind the incident.

I'm meeting her for breakfast.

That's all I got.

Let's see if we can come up with a better solution.

You're the woman I love.

I made myself a turkey sandwich.

The man you met yesterday was Mr Brown.

It's a dead giveaway.

Do you give to charity?

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Jackye will confirm that.

I expect that as well.

I should've gone to the mall with Joachim.

Crocodiles have sharp teeth.

Are you thirsty?

I'm glad I was able to do this.

I believed him to be in good health.

I traveled in the interest of my company.

I cannot find fault with him.

He's playing a dangerous game.

We should find out when Rathnakumar's funeral is.

This has been great.

He made the same mistake twice.


I've lost a very close friend.

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She guessed right.


Emily is not a student.

Call me if there's anything I can do.

I feel very sorry for him.

Pim and Polly were snuggled up together watching TV when John knocked on the door.

Willie asked for directions.

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He's a bleeding-heart liberal.

We don't know who we should ask.

I caught a bad cold.

Myrick is throwing a surprise birthday party for Pratap next Saturday.

This data is incorrect.

We cry when we are very sad.

Why shouldn't we do that?

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New York is accessible by train from Washington.


That kind of machine is yet to be invented.

The most important thing is a pleasant living environment.

You will be washed.

I'm the one who should be thanking Sid.

I thought you were only angry with me and not with the rest of my family.

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It was almost funny.

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Their plan resulted in failure.


You need a photograph.

A steam engine transforms heat into power.

Maybe he is Italian or Spanish.

I am writing a letter.

His misspelling of that word eliminated him from the contest.