I've heard that you can kill werewolves by shooting them with silver bullets.

Who is able to explain this to me?

Just know that you don't scare me.

Indra used to be a professional baseball player.

Someone waits for me.

Penny isn't artistic.

This is your one chance, Spyros.

Vistlik just came out of his coma.

Do we really have to do that?

It was mismanagement of the company's affairs by the acting director.

Gunter doesn't like it.

Douglas's lucky.


I exchange letters with her.

Vidhyanath isn't going to talk.

Don't forget us.


We've been trying to reach you for hours.

The policeman caught fleeing thief by the arm.

Do you want a turkey sandwich?

They all burst out laughing.

The Longs are having a garage sale tomorrow.

The city is contaminated with that black smoke produced by engines with wheels.

The price that the famous pay for their celebrity is a lack of privacy.

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That happened decades ago.


They'll come to us.


Where did you buy all this?

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He spent his honeymoon in the Maldives.

You must accommodate your plans to mine.

I'm from Tokyo, Japan.


Save your appetite for the big dinner.

He cannot be hungry; he has just had lunch.

Roxie has a slender body.

He is smart.

A thousand dollars is a large sum.


I have some wonderful news for you.


We think the world of you.

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I feel profound sympathy for the victims.


She came without notice.


These two leaves look alike.

He was handed a red card for starting a fight with the other team and as a result, their team lost.

This is one of those views which are so absurd that only very learned men could possibly adopt them.

Jill wanted me to let you know when Nichael will be arriving.

This is way more than we need.

He is a lawyer by profession.

Tell her that I am training.


Why won't you let me see them?


It is going to be quite cool.

Who is Benson? One of your friends from school?

He makes enough money to live a luxurious life.

I found a brilliant boy for him.

I'm sorry I made you worry.

We'll call you.

Is that a request or an order?

Every day is a gift.

I've written several papers on this topic.


I didn't understand what it meant.

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As a conspiracy theorist, Gene is always in a certain amount of danger.

Do you want something to do?

It's not my business.


My old car brought me $100.

Who is next?

We all thought he was crazy.

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He can understand everything she is saying.

I'm glad you like him.

Who disagrees with us?

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Have confidence in yourself.


I haven't been feeling great.


He dedicated his life to medical work.

Randy has enough money to do anything he wants to.

There is one very noteworthy element in this stage.

You and I have never played backgammon together, have we?

On the whole, I am in favor of your opinion.

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You must bear it in mind.

Are you going to talk to him?

I wish I hadn't known how to speak Turkish.

It crawls on all fours as a baby, then learns to walk on two legs, and finally needs a cane in old age.

He'll return at six.


I loathe you.

They are too suspicious about everything.

Hon is a preacher.

Please move the TV set to the left.

I was nine years old when I asked my mom if Santa Claus really existed.

There's no point in you meeting them, since you don't have much to offer.

He redeemed his watch from the pawnbroker.


Milan's mayor is Letizia Moratti.

I forgot to tell Norbert about Ginny.

The problem is important on that account.

You'd better get yourself out of here as quickly as possible.

I really like my job.

Change the flag.

The leaf is falling.

Machines that his company produces are superior to ours.

Not every grandchild is an angel; sometimes grandchildren are enemies.

It gets better every year.

Cynthia is a model.

Change can be helpful.

How much is this clock?

Julia joined the navy after finishing college.

He left without saying a word.


I have been living in Rio de Janeiro for four years.

What did you think we were talking about?

I wish I hadn't said that.

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I'm not dictating them.

The car broke down on the way to the airport.

The new president wants to whittle down spending on health care to a bare minimum.

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Dominick is our guest.


You're too nice.

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Is this your DVD?

You are hilarious.

Stop speaking in riddles.

Lucius seems to have vanished.

I'm going back home tomorrow.

Remember what we talked about last night?

I'm going to lunch.


I bet Sjouke won't do that.


Andrea looked out at the ocean.

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It was hard for Clare.

Take care not to throw away this chance.

I made a great find in the store the other day.

Let's elect Putin once more!

He is quite an odd man.

It is partly cloudy today.

That's the most important thing.

There was a special sneak preview last night.

I am getting married to the most beautiful girl in town.

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Why do we need an open source movement on the web?


What my mother had said was true.

That bread is in the oven.

This is my cat. That one is yours.

There's something definitely wrong here.

You must eat fruits.

Seenu is a little like his father.

I saw something white in the park.

If I had known your email address, I would've written.

He was busy when I called him up.

Your answer is right.

Why does everyone think Steven is the father of Marilyn's child?

As a rule, we don't allow smoking.

She fell in love with him at first sight.

There may be another way.

Tatoeba: Don't wander by here on Friday nights, kids.

All the more so.

We are to eat at six.


She writes often to her parents.


There's no alternative.

What's currently hot?

The interpreter gives emphasis to the last answer.


I feel there is just no way out.

I'm sorry. I should have called first.

Could you take me home, please?

He squinted.

You must not cross if there is a red light.

He is under suspicion of theft.

Every function should have comments describing its purpose in order to avoid confusions.

X rays are used to locate breaks in bones.

Jane has a lot of clothes to wash.

Juha has offered to help.

When will breakfast be ready?

What did you eat in the morning?

She looked pleased.

Sugih died in a train accident.

I suddenly feel sick.

Please come quickly.

Jane can play the violin, not to mention the guitar.