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Meet Jugl.

Life is busy. Work, family, friends, clubs, groups – they all deserve our attention.  But sometimes, with so much going on, we can drop the ball. This is where Jugl can help.

Chat, create and assign tasks, set up events and request payments.  Jugl doesn’t show you pictures of kittens, or humble brag about a new fitness regime. We just help you get things done.

Busy made easy. 

Events, To-Dos, Chat and more…

Get more done with Jugl.

Keep on track with to-dos, assign them to yourself or others. Set up events & manage the guest list.  Stay in control with the daily planner, it’s a quick and easy way to see what needs doing on any given day.


Create and assign tasks


Organise groups through chat


Set up and run events

What is Jugl?

Jugl is a mobile app that helps you work with others to get things done.

Family, school groups, sports clubs, the dog – we love them all (most of the time), but knowing what needs doing, for who and by when, is a real juggle! That’s where Jugl comes in.

Jugl is about getting things done with various groups of people. Join or create a group – maybe a family group, or the school netball team. Dive in to the group chat, keep track of tasks that need doing and reply to event invitations.

Our App is currently in the process of being approved for distribution in the iOS App Store and Android Play Store.  Watch this space for updates.

Contact Us


Phone:       +64 9 215 8185
Physical:   25 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland, 1011