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A-mae-zing Mind Soul Center had moved.  You can find the meditations class around the corner from the old locations at 142 Mill Street in Canandaiqua.

Our Mission

We want to give you the tools and support you need for deep healing of your mind, body, and spirit. Cleaner, healthier people are the foundation of the conscious communities we are creating in this time of ascension.

Whether its through one on one sessions, classes, or acting as a hub to connect you with your spiritual tribe, Western Door is dedicated to the benefit and liberation of all sentient beings.

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John Bennett

A wanderer and seeker of effective healing modalities. He studies the Wilderness Fusion modality, an Apache healing art. He has also lived with an ascension Shaman for several years. There he was introduced to many healing arts including energy work, dousing, and the All Nations Sweat Lodge.

As dance teacher, and Astanga yoga instructor, John rediscovers again and again the important of the physical body in wellness. He practices Vapasana meditation and pure awareness meditation, having attended Goenka and Barbara Brodsky Vapasana retreats. Also he practices pranic living through the teaching of Ray Maor, a method of nourishing oneself through the ambient energy that exists all around us.


Healing Touch Massage

1 hour session - $100 Middlesex, NY
A physical and energetic massage. This work will help ground, cleanse, and balance you. Energies that don’t serve you anymore will gently release. We will work together to relax your muscles and mind.

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Distance Healing

1 hour session -$100 Skype
An energetic massage over Skype. Find a comfortable seat and allow the grounding, cleanse, and balancing to take place. This session will help you to gently release the old and stagnant energies that you are ready to let go of.

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Ascension Guidance

1 hour session -$100 Skype/Middlesex NY
A conversation to douse your path of highest potential. What damns block your river of possibility? We can find the linch pins that will release your inherent abundance. Come with all your questions and together we can go exploring.
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Various Location
Tuesdays 7-8pm
$10-20 sliding scale

Guided meditation and energy work followed by Tai Chi Gong and a discussion.
This process will help melt energetic blocks that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential in this time of Ascension.

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