AIP Design Studio: Center of Excellence
What is AIP Design Studio?

AIP Design Studio is our accelerator to rapidly develop industry relevant applications to deliver outcomes. It is an application development environment with page definition framework that makes it easy to create applications around predictive and forecasting analytical models.

Why AIP Design Studio?

The AIP Design Studio reduces development complexity and speeds up time-to-market by re-using pre-built code-fragments, graphical widgets, data and analytic models for common business scenarios. AIP Design Studio delivers more than 90 pre-built applications for various industries and domains and draws on Accenture's industry expertise and vertical solutions.

Who Are We?

We are the AIP Design Studio Center of Excellence (CoE) team and we provide AIP Design Studio best practices, SME support and thought leadership to Accenture delivery communities.

Case Studies
AIP Academy Training
AIP Academy Design Studio Tracks

Available for:
  • Sales Track
  • Solution Owner Track
  • Data Scientist Track
  • Business Analyst Track
  • Developer Track
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AIP Design Studio CoE Team
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Ajit Kumar Singh
Gurugram, India
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Hernan Casanova
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Fabio Bucci
Bologna, Italy
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Alessandro Quadrelli
Milan, Italy
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Elena Flores
ManilaCity, Philippines
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Rajat Bhalla
Gurugram, India
AIP Design Studio Leadership
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John Matchette
Washington DC, USA
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Jean-Luc Chatelain
Atlanta, USA
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Lisa Wilson
Chicago IL, USA
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Daniele Leli
Bologna, Italy
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Ravi Bamne
Chicago IL, USA
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Michele Crescenzi
Rome, Italy

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