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WonderCon 2016: How Does the New Location in Los Angeles Compare to Those of Yesteryear?

Comic-Con International has released the floor plan for WonderCon 2016, scheduled for March 25-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. After four years of steady growth in Anaheim, CCI has moved WC to downtown Los Angeles. Some wonder if the site is suited, given the lack of hotel rooms and the location. (Yes, these are […]



Today Marvel released a preview for STAR WARS SPECIAL: C-3PO #1. The book written by James Robinson (Armor Wars, Earth-2) and illustrated by Tony Harris (Ex Machina) is out this March . Only the spectacle of the Star Wars universe could reunite these two award winning creators as they reveal the mystery behind C-3PO’s red arm in The […]


Finn Jones cast as Marvel’s IRON FIST

Best known as Ser Loras Tyrell on HBO’s massively popular series Game of Thrones, Finn Jones is Marvel’s pick to play Danny Rand/Iron Fist in their upcoming series on Netflix per Entertainment Weekly. Iron Fist, centering on the eponymous character created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane, will be the fourth series of the Marvel/Netflix […]

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Of late, Marvel’s Hyperion character has been getting a wee bit of a push. There were several Hyperion toys at Toy Fair and now an all new all different Hyperion #1. Hyperion started as the “superman” in the JLA analog The Squadron Supreme, and he’s had many realities, many versions and now he’s got a […]


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Jarrett Williams, creator of the vervetastic wrestling comics SUPER PRO K.O.! is back with a new all-ages title from Z2 Comics. The first issue comes out in April and it’s a double sized 48-page dose of action with a diverse cast and a madcap style.


Exclusive preview: Mobile comics app Stela launches tomorrow with some surprising creators

A few months ago we told you about Stela, a new line of mobile based comics. The companyhas strong comics-makers behind it – editor Jim Gibbons and creative director Ryan Yount, and many talented people signed up to create original content, including Irene Koh, Stuart Moore, Brian Wood, Andrea Mutti and many many more. And it […]


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Really, the entire saga of San Diego’s downtown, Comic-Con and the Chargers is one of those local stories that will go on as long as one old timer is around to yap about it on Snapchat.

And as long as people can dream and make architectural renderings, there will be ideas for what kind of bizarro Brandon Graham-type building to put up in beautiful downtown San Diego. Like the above rendering of a proposed stadium that looks like a bunch of nesting tables stacked up wily nilly.


Preview: P.A.C.O and Donut, a new all-ages series from Benjamin Roman

Back in the long ago days of the TokyoPop original English manga explosion, one of my favorites was a book called I Luv Halloween by Keith Giffen and Benjamin Roman, a world building comedy about a Halloweentown where people could be very naughty indeed. Giffen has gone on to many other things, like helping reinvent […]



The Angoulême Comics Festival is supposed to be the crowning event of the comics world, a festival that celebrates the art of the medium in an informed and respectful way, a reputation it has enjoyed for the more than 40 years of its existence. In 2016, the festival pretty much shredded that reputation with a […]


BATMAN v SUPERMAN is getting an R-Rated Director’s Cut on Blu-ray

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, when it hits theaters on March 25th, will carry a PG-13 rating. As of yesterday, the MPAA announced that the film’s subsequent “Ultimate Cut” home release will be rated R. While it isn’t specifically known what’s different between the two cuts, the ratings board signifies that this particular cut’s […]



There’s a few items I expect from CBS’ multi-cam sitcom Two Broke Girls and a positive outlet for comics discussion or commentary isn’t among such items. Let’s face it, the show is what it is — so color me surprised when a lead actress from the show illustrates support to the comics world. Yet the lines in entertainment […]


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Finnish cartoonist Tommi Musturi’s The Book Of Hope is as mysterious and elusive as the human being it examines. Set in a family cottage following retirement, Musturi settles into his narrator position calmly in order to scribe, without judgment or even much push for clarity, the experience of one man as he inhabits the time […]


Preview: Miss Fury is back in a new #1 by Bechko and Lau

Miss Fury is a golden age heroine who was actually crated by a lady cartoonist, June Tarpe Mills. Originally published by Timely, Miss Fury was a rich socialite who donned a black panther costume to fight crime, as so many women of the era did, or at least women in comics books. She’s come back […]