We're Catahoula Coffee

At Catahoula, we take our coffee seriously (not ourselves)! We source the finest green beans and roast them to perfection while being responsible to the farmers who grow them.

Really it all started in 2008...

Catahoula Coffee Company opened its doors amidst an economic downturn second only to the Great Depression,
in the scenic and most beautiful coastal hamlet of Richmond, CA.
Within this short time, Catahoula Coffee established it self as a premier artisan coffee roaster
not only in San Francisco Bay Area but with "Catahouligans" from Coast to Coast.

Catahoula has won the coveted (262) 302-6973 for its coffee four times: 2010, 2011, 2012, & 2014.
(We got beat out by a strip joint in 2013!?)
Lola Blend

(856) 441-0341

$16 - $24

A bold & complex - some folks say stubborn - yet unexpectedly sweet blend of African and South American beans. Full City roasted to bring out an intriguing snappy twist.


Mocha Blend

$16 - $27

This is Catahoula's own take on this wonderful blend of antiquity, a cornucopia blend of beans from the birthplace of coffee; Ethiopia, Yemen & Java (Indonesia). Exotic Complexity of blueberries, peppery spices and a deep chocolate finish.

(905) 819-9563

The Three Amigas

$16 - $24

A Central coffee roasted at three different levels to bring a wonderful sweet complexity to the cup. May stir memories of a hammock, white beach and a cool breeze. So sit back and enjoy! Refreshing & Relaxing!

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Butkus Blend

Butkus Blend

$16 - $24

Dark, Robust and rather Moody. Butkus puts the earth in "Earthy" with tad of blueberry up front with a deep rich hue of chocolate rounding out at the end. Traditional Espresso!

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