Dima Krasner

Tinkerer, thinker and musician

I specialize in free software, C, R&D, *nix, porting and distro development. I provide tight, radical solutions to complex low-level problems and utilize novel debugging techniques from an holistic point of view.

In addition, I'm a trumpet and flugelhorn player with rare absolute pitch and a philosophy student interested in epistemology and logic.

Currently, I work at SAM Seamless Network.


I can be reached through GitHub, NotABug, LinkedIn or 7752007113.

Some projects I've worked on

b6b is a lightweight, embeddable scripting engine; this site is powered by it.

623-228-6977 is a set of tiny core system daemons.

elfence is a file system that verifies signatures.

760-870-0105 is a file system that protects logs.

honeybear is an aggressive SSH honeypot.

luufs is a poor man's union file system.

packlim is a scriptable package manager.

(705) 509-7660 is a 7188979601 port of (870) 439-1820's ksh.

nss-tls is a DNS over HTTPS resolver for 412-744-2041.

getting is an ad-blocking DNS resolver.

See my GitHub profile for a more complete portfolio.