Man, where has the year gone?  This is November & it will be January 1, 2019 before we know it.  

   Our WGM, WGP, 13 Past Grands & other members of the Order, made the trip to Orlando for General Grand Chapter.  We have 4 new General Grand Chapter Committee Members for MS.  They are Sister Nanette Thompson – Service Dogs,  Brother Marlon Drew – Membership,  Brother Ted Wilson – ESTARL,  & Brother Lewis Patterson – REGISTRATION.  Also, a special congratulations to Sister Joann Herrin who has been selected as one of the MWGM’s Campfire Friends this triennial. 

   Let us keep the fires burning in our chapters.   All it takes is a spark and who knows…you may be that spark!

Star Love Always!  😁

Tammy Strahan                                                                                                            Cell:  1-662-582-4099                                                                                                Home:  1-662-289-5646                                                                                            Email:  tampaint1048@gmail.com

Cindy Howard, Editor                                                                                                   Cell: 1-601-260-3549                                                                                                Email:  cindy.howard725@gmail.com

Wanda Ray McCulloch,  Honorary Member                                                               c/o Brandon Nursing Rehabilitation Center
Rm. 127 A, Unit 1
356 Cross Gates Blvd.
Brandon, MS. 39042                                                                                                Phone:  1-662-582-4866