High Performance Sports

High Performance Sports

Learn how to perform in the zone more often and become the confident athlete you’ve always wanted to be. Develop a strong mental game that has you looking forward to competitions and showing what you can do.

The core of Dr. Chandon’s approach is to teach athletes how to identify their individual high performance states and then develop anchors to those states. Developing anchors to high performance states makes them accessible to the athlete. With consistent and effective mental and physical practice, athletes learn to access their high performance states when they need them.

Quickly assess the strength of your mental game. Ten Questions About Your Mental Game.

Your Mental Game

No one knows you like you know yourself. No one is more in touch than you with your dreams, fears, hopes, strengths, weaknesses, and inner conversations.

Coaches are wonderful resources that we can use to help motivate, teach, challenge and celebrate with us. However, when we don’t accept equal responsibility for managing our mental game and our approach to training and competitions, we lose our most powerful resource–ourselves.

We need to learn how to improve our mental game–how to leverage our strengths and strengthen our weaknesses. We need to own our own mental game. We need to practice mentally with the same intensity and focus that we practice physically. Now you can do that with the methods and techniques that Dr. Chandon teaches. He teaches athletes how to improve their mental games with a combination of meditation, self-hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, Breakthrough Thinking and Jungian psychology. Although his methods are powerful tools for improving mental games, he teaches them in simple and practical ways that produce results.

Are you continually fighting with Self-Sabotage?

Mental Practice

Reading about improving our mental performance is different than actually improving mental performance. Reading about improving mental performance can be similar to reading about going to the gym to work out. We may learn some important concepts, but it’s not the same as actually working out. Here’s a way to improve your mental approach to sports and deal with the internal barriers that keep holding you back.



You’ll actively use the power of your imagination. You’ll mentally practice on a daily basis, just like physically working out. You’ll train your mind and body to perform at your highest levels. You’ll progress to the unconsciously skilled performance level. Put in the right work and see how skilled you can be.

Mental practice is simple and powerful. You’ll learn learn to manage your thinking, emotions, and physical states in ways that lead to high performance. You’ll develop thinking habits that are productive and powerful which lead to performance breakthroughs.  Mental practice doesn’t require large blocks of time. You can practice mentally in as little as 15 minutes per day.

Here are the core skills you could be learning. Mental Practice Skills.

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Here is a sample mental practice that talks about anchors and high performing states. Anchoring: Imagine It, Say It, Do It.