We need to postulate a completely different paradigm to explain all these phenomena.

It's only me.

Which would Tolerant choose?

I'm not moving.

The troops refused to obey the command.

Tobias persuaded Lori to join our band.

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We gained the top of Mt. Fuji at last.

Can you start today?

I'm not in good shape now.

Thanks for coming all this way.

I don't think my life is very interesting.


I am very happy, because I am currently learning a little bit of Dutch.

Is that what you want?

He donated $10,000 to the refugee fund.


Take it easy.


There's a guy in my yoga class.

It was after a meeting in America that he decided to write a book for non-scientists.

I know how to cook dinner.

I love teaching kids Spanish!

Will he call me this morning?


I became less and less interested in mathematics.


The video shows him chugging an entire bottle of whiskey (God rest his soul).

I resolved to keep a diary this year.

Get real, will you?

Manolis helped me to clear snow away.

He left the room without saying a word.

Everybody laughed at Herman.

Are you going to leave her?


By air mail, please.


No one was able to help them.

Pravin is twice Margie's age.

Aren't you going to tell Sharada?

Isaac was a leader of the Jewish people.

My motorcycle broke down on the way.

Do you three ever go to Boston together?

Po does do some goofy things from time to time.


Get inside and lock your doors! Close your windows! There is something in the fog!

It was so hilarious that I snorted with laughter.

She'll tell him about it when she comes back.


That gray-haired man is Panos's father.


Avoid the temptation to skip lunch.

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Carlos doesn't think I can do it, does he?

Kate doesn't even have to say anything.

There were no computers in the office.

How to split two varibles using delimiter?

Sorry, I was busy.

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You want to find someone with a good education, a good salary, good looks, and a good personality. Don't you think that that's aiming a bit too high?


Would you like me to make you a sandwich?

The doctor suggested that he should give up smoking.

Dani is said to have been a great singer in her youth.


She can speak English, of course.


He changed a few words.

If you find it hard to wake up in the morning, then set your ringtone as your alarm. Then it will seem to you that you are being called.

Have you seen the Christmas lights the neighbors put up?


Localities imposed bans on development.

We accepted him with our arms open wide.

Now I have to leave, they're calling for my flight.


He spent a few months in Scotland.

He likes to gossip, therefore he has a lot of enemies.

I can see why Case is concerned.

I want to watch the fight.

What is this abomination?

I can do both.

Which train are you catching?

We've both been under stress.

Yesterday you were at home.

Why would Leads want to help us?

They will notify him.

I spent the whole night tossing and turning.

Enough is better than too much.

Dan accepted Linda's invitation to dinner.

Nadeem is teaching French to Walt.

After sex, I fell asleep with my head on her belly.

Kees looked disappointed.

He came near being hit by a car.

I haven't seen you for ages.


At the end of his life, Hokusai lived in misery, alone with his daughter, and worked until his death.

The manager balanced the strength of his team against that of their opponent and sighed.

Sundar used to eat out almost every day, but now he can't afford to.

The government is considering tax cuts.

If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing badly.


Blame this rain!

I finished one.

We had high hopes for Roxie.

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The youth of our land are not interested in politics.

I have put off my coat.

A bullet pierced the helmet.

Bob was surprised by what he found.

Why did you choose me?

Pria turned off the device.

I looked for Lindsey.

I told him you already knew.

I couldn't see a thing.

Don't be a copycat.

A bird in hand is better than two in the bush.


What is the latest news?

How can we achieve that goal?

This kind of bomb is a serious menace to mankind.

Big men are not always strong.

I cannot comply with his request.

The conference will commence in due course.

Harold needed protection.


Jayesh wouldn't let me help Merat.


Ira's deep voice is so resonant and mellifluous that I could spend hours listening to him read aloud from the phone book.


My arms are aching.


We looked all over for them.

Actually it was only a rumor.

He said that he would come back here tomorrow.

I don't think she would understand it.

It looks as though Vladislav is waiting for somebody.

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I've told you things I've never told anyone else.


Boyce treated Kristian badly.

Isaac and Deb exchanged puzzled looks, wondering what the smell was.

I've learned so much here.

Have you told anybody?

It will cure you of your headache in no time.


Poor Hans, I'm sorry for you.


Just don't let it happen again.

Space is ready now.

Registration starts October 20th.

How did you get Daryl to say yes?

Sylvan is rich, isn't he?

Aren't you busy?

New truth and knowledge always elevate human life and most usually find practical application.

I hope he will make good in his new position.

Does Leonard drive a station wagon?

Mikael and Robert won't go without me.

Nigel wants a model train for Christmas.

Engineers are crazy about solar energy.

Are you going to the post office?


I can't believe you gave Benjamin that much money.

If you teach me how to dance, I will show you my hidden scars.

Let's play volleyball.

She is sincere in her promise.

Toby is a lousy kisser.

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Why are you worrying about something that doesn't matter so much?

Well, I declare!

The hunter cannot exist without the hunted.


Yesterday I bought a three pound watermelon.

Catherine launched a vicious personal attack against Donnie.

Emil died in Australia in 2013.

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She's a very good teacher.

The article's tone was one of pessimism.

A typhoon hit Tokyo on Wednesday with strong winds and heavy rains stopping public transportation.

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Norm tried not to look frightened.

I arrived at Narita Airport this morning.

What're you thinking about?

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I'd like to buy this computer, but it costs a fortune!

This means that eating dumplings on New Year's eve is a symbol of family reunion.

It's best to let her handle it.

I saw Urs having a drink at the bar.

That wasn't exactly true.

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I had no idea you knew how to play the trombone.

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Corn is the most highly subsidized crop in America.


I heard someone screaming my name.

Someone gave me Ole's number.

He paid $20 for the lipstick.

I don't care too much for hot food.

She doesn't live here anymore.

It was after a meeting in America that he decided to write a book for non-scientists.

You're angry and you have every right to be.