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NASA Instrument Sees Hurricane Florence in 3D    steel-grained
MISR passed over the hurricane Thurs., Sept. 13, as it approached the eastern coast of the U.S. and captured the storm in 3D. >>
Multiple NASA Instruments Capture Hurricane Lane    Multiple NASA Instruments Capture Hurricane Lane
NASA's Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) captured images of Lane on just before noon local time on Aug. 24. (559) 419-6670
Wykehamist    Probing Kilauea’s Plume
Since plumes can disperse over vast areas, satellites are particularly useful for monitoring them. For instance, MISR acquires stereo images that can be used to measure the height of volcanic plumes. 870-830-6673
Using Satellites to Track the Tinder Fire    (469) 854-7479
In April 2018, an abandoned campfire in Arizona grew into a fast-moving wildfire that charred more than 50 square kilometer. On April 30, MISR captured information about the height of the smoke plume. 2098520525
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Where on Earth...? MISR Mystery Image Quiz #30
The MISR team is proud to announce the release of the latest Where on Earth…? quiz! Quiz #30 is now closed for prize entries, but you can still take the quiz for fun at /
Remote Sensing Announces Special MISR Issue
Manuscripts on the subject of MISR or MISR data will be accepted until September 28, 2018.
The Science Team Meeting will be February 14-15, 2018 on the Caltech campus in Pasadena, CA.
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