I have revenge for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It's good seeing you.


Of course this sentence is only used by the older ones.

Goodbye, I'll come back tomorrow.

If you don't know the way, ask a policeman.

Stand back!

I am much younger than Benjamin.

I have gas indigestion.

What did Michael think?

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These gloves belong to them.

There was blood on Harv's pillow.

Why are these girls so cruel?

He said that if he knew her address, he would write to her.

I thought you already did that.


That old guy is really nice.

Voters are morons.

I will become angry.

I didn't know that you could speak French so well.

Cool down and think it over again.

Who's your French teacher?

Let us not forget, dear brother, that man cannot be separated from himself.

The policy of the government was criticized by the opposition party.

Unfortunately, I can't accept your invitation.

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How often do you clean your room?


Eduardo hasn't signed the contract yet.

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Wendell tackled the problem right away.


Colin is dying to get out of here.


He has two pencils. One is long and the other one is short.


All of a sudden, she spoke out.

Kevin doesn't want you to know.

I've always had this on my mind, but what is Ray majoring in?

It's going to blow up!

Apple is an American company.


I have some problems to take care of.

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Milk gives me a stomachache.

He's a very talented man.

He whistled as he walked.

I took him to be an honest man.

Dave won't be home for lunch.

His overwork brought on an illness.

Milo ditched Sridharan after a week.

I lived next door to Meehan three years ago.

There was little sugar left in the pot.


There are a lot of children in the park.

I saw them get on a bus.

I noticed you didn't finish your dinner.

I want to buy a book.

I know that he's Jisheng.

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The child missed his mother very much.

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You're a real pain.


Clarissa and Dawson went on a shopping spree.

If you go hiking in the desert, be sure to take plenty of water.

I'll never be as cool as Michiel.

Who ate the bread?

Those two really hit it off.

I don't like Malus and I don't trust him.

Only a few students get perfect grades in Chinese Classics.

Give me the cup of coffee!

This is not my specialty.


It is a fact that I don't know her name.

The game was drawing to an end.

I can't seem to do anything that doesn't make Kay angry.

I want you to have a job that you love.

Who knows what you saw?


The hamstring muscles include the biceps femoris, the semitendinosus and the semimembranosus.

Yesterday, I talked for 3 hours with my boyfriend. We haven't seen each other for a week.

I have some questions I need to ask Alejandro.

She is likely to refuse to follow his advice, because she does not like him.

She was humiliated by him.

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Do you want to go out for a drink?

I added this website to my favorites.

Pieter is very angry.

The British Parliament is still in the Palace of Westminster.

The employees' interests are bound up with those of the corporation.

We strolled through the park.

It's possible, though rare, for humans to catch diseases from animals.

I'm not as talkative as you.

He warmed himself at the stove.

There's a lot of tension among the siblings.

I drove downtown to meet him.


He lost his favorite sweatshirt.


We just got home.


I know that I know it, but I can't remember it.


Kieran showed me his schedule.

Did you suggest that to him?

I think we'd better start over again.

Say goodbye to your friends.

It is I who am to blame.

There is a training camp with the club.

Johnnie said he'd like to go with us.

Bobbie probably won't even go.

The document records that the war broke out in 1700.

I don't like you going off on your own like this.

Give me back the book after you have read it.


Do you know why Kriton killed himself?

Many people are on vacation.

Ricardo had to get a cholera shot.

After Matthew had drunk quite a bit of beer at the party, he imitated Chewbacca's voice.

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.

Written in plain English, this book is easy to read.

Which car's your dad's?

We can't go back to Boston.

We set up our tents before dark.

I wouldn't take his job for the world.

Nikolai stayed behind.

I want to kiss you.

You're going to be all right.

Laziness is my weak point.

This song sounds sad.

That's my hope.

Germany is one of Europe's most beautiful countries.

Diane expected Rick to kiss her.

I can't wait to tell you.

I'm not through with them.

There's a general sense that something should be done about unemployment.

You know it'll be your duty from tomorrow on.

There is only one towel in our bathroom.

There must be adaptations in translations.

Kristi needed more.


Winston opened the hood.


I never expected to see Alexander again.

If it's too much for you to handle, then you don't have to do it.

Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can.

The potato was so hot that it burned my mouth.

No doctor can explain that.

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Just pretend you don't know me.


Show no mercy.

I cannot tell when he will come, but when he comes, he will do his best.

Edmund wants to change all that.


Today's Beijing has given me a very deep impression and aroused my curiosity.

I went for a walk after breakfast.

Oh, Mother, help! I'm dying!

A river divides the town.

Kit wore a Christmas sweater embroidered with reindeer.


After dropping Kieran at her home, Benson headed back to the office.

You're ruining your clothing.

I can't stand that kind of politician.

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I'll try to spare your feelings.

Did you like that?

Tell Mario to try harder.

Write to me.

Harv appears to be looking for someone.

Rich people have fat cats.

She sweeps the room with a broom.

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Happy are they that go to bed with grave music.

We should tell the others as soon as possible.

Check out those legs.

I saw a flock of sheep.

Society is changing.

I had my brother put this room in order.

Raanan is obviously a good teacher.

We have wine.

I'm careful.


You can't change Frances.

Is there any discount on fares for more than one trip.

Pravin tried not to look worried.

There is a desk in a corner of the room.

Will you buy for me some saffron?

Today isn't my lucky day!

We're going to see him right now.


How do you know about him?

You're rather good.

Where there are two Latvians, there are three political parties.

But he suddenly felt dizzy and he sat down again in his old chair.

She admitted to having stolen the jewels.

Pat and Bea danced all night long.

Memorizing the order a deck of playing cards is definitely not easy, but it's not impossible.