Where will it be OK to put this, I am uncertain.

You are blessed, Goddess, mother of all creation, because you teach us cleanliness.

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Give me a clue.

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I have to resist.

Kiwi are mostly nocturnal and have a refined sense of smell uncommon in birds.

Tell me what it feels like to be in love.


I can't believe she did that!

Stacy said goodbye.

Hold still a moment while I fix your tie.

Pilar won't go.

Can you keep an eye on her?

I like white wine better than red.

Looks can be deceiving.

I can't answer why, but I can tell you how.

The president urged employees to act on their initiative.

How long it is!

It may have been Mr Sato who sent these flowers.

Nearly all men die of their remedies, and not of their illnesses.

What exactly is she referring to?

The city of Yefren in Libya has 30,000 inhabitants.

I'm invincible!


She laughed in amusement.

They talked about various subjects.

He acquired Russian quickly.

He couldn't stop laughing.

England established many colonies.

Emma's parents got divorced when he was thirteen.

I don't even know where she is right now.


I'd love to be your age.

Bea had a chance to travel to Boston.

I'm traveling light.


I'm going to look for them now.

Bill was late for school as usual.

Nobody here ordered a pizza.


Earl had a lot of work to do yesterday afternoon.

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I should have kept my mouth shut.

No one expected him to announce his candidacy again.

I've read every book here except this one.


I don't know Russian yet.


The professor treated her as one of his students.

What're you reading?

My family are all early risers.

All Renu can think about is Laurent.

Don't worry about it. It's not your problem.

I can't believe you gave Kiki that much money.

So, what's it gonna be?

Why does that bother you?

I never laid a hand on her.

America is very large.

I just don't want your dog in my house.


He made an angry face.


This is my sandwich.

Tell him you don't need it.

Please don't touch the flowers.

Don't be so glum about it. Life has its ups and downs.

Thank you very much for informing me that the shipment will be delayed.


That was such good a book that I read it three times.

The United States has long been known as a "melting pot" because most of its people are descended from immigrants.

Anything can happen.

What options do I have left?

Are we still going to go over to Neal's after school?

She can't be any more than twenty years old.

Human beings differ from other animals in that they have reason.

The lagoon is very deep.

He even suspected that the man was the principal offender.


Here today and gone tomorrow.

Study hard.

He lied to my face.


How long have you been traveling?

"We have to do this now." "There's no time."

Three of the wounded for whom it is currently unclear what are their condition, are evacuated to an American field hospital.

Hunger is the best cook.

I want to have this dictionary most of all.

Liisa was completely overwhelmed, but there was no one there who could've helped her.

I'm proud of working with you.


The mayor administers the affairs of the city.

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Aaron lived in Boston for several years.

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You can go home after you have finished this work.


What is most important is your strong will to master English.

Nicolas and Sridhar are both unmarried.

I don't want to be friends with Dana.

Can you add these numbers?

I was trying to get Dawn to help us.

Winter storms have increased in frequency and intensity since the 1950s, and their tracks have shifted northward over the United States.

The public is requested not to litter in these woods.


Maybe I should spend an hour with Ralf.

I prefer low heels.

I still remember he loves cheese.

I hope there's enough air in here.

This tower commands a full view of the city.

It was in Beijing that I studied Chinese.

Open the chest.

By craning down his scraggy neck at him, he asked him what Nick was doing down there.

You can always count on me.

Our principal wanted to admit Bob to our school.

At this point, I'm unable to comment on that problem.

The program ended at 7:00 p.m.

The cat jumped onto the table.

They forgave me.

In that country, people thought that Market Capitalism was the natural order.

Let's go to the hospital.

I never dreamed that I would meet her again.

Do you have any idea what time is kickoff?

They feel closer than brothers.


It was a silent night in winter.

I wish you'd call Leila.

You don't know any French, do you?

Werner was finally able to get his car started.

Thus goes the Bible.


I know his family.

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The terrorists will come down from the mountains in a week.


We are leaving for London.


Don't ask me to do that again.

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Shit on a Ritz!

You are sure to succeed in time.

I'm kind of hungry.

You're faithful.

Let's visit them.

It's been raining since morning.

Johann is getting ready for bed.


Discover a way around the situation.

This is the first time I've ever lied to my father and I am ashamed of myself.

I am ashamed of my poor English.

I didn't know exactly what the problem was.

I got an infection and was prescribed antibiotics.


Steve is an American name.

Would you like to have some tea?

William scored three hits.

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.

He isn't my manager.

Let's synchronize our watches.

I am interested in old cities in the world.

Susumu is saving money so he can go to Australia.

They were identical twins.

Have you ever had a girlfriend?

You won't feel me.

The sea bottom is still unexplored.

She brushed the sand off her legs.

Sorry, you were saying?

You can say anything you want about me, but don't say anything bad about Presley.

I'd like to travel around the world.

Marguerite knows me very well.

He looks so serious studying that menu!

Did you go to Boston with Siegurd?

Johann took off his jacket and handed it to Hamilton.

Terry is in bed with a cold.

This is not a shortcut; this is private property.

Jesper is a fraud.

Daniele was secretly pleased.

Oktoberfest has often already ended by September.


He hopes to entice her into doing what he wants.

Two lions have escaped from a zoo in Leipzig, Germany.

We are tired of being treated like children.

I have to translate the sentences.

Don't cut your hair!

Everyday physical exercise is indispensable to your health.

I'm riding with him.

Phil is a Boy Scout.

The capybara is the world's largest rodent.

Get moving.

Why am I laughing?

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He never laughs at my jokes.


Boiled potatoes are much easier to digest than terracotta potatoes.

Loren wants to wear jeans.

An industrious person will succeed in life.

Most bears are omnivores.

I'm very, very angry.

Emily has a sweet tooth.

It is a campaign to encourage young people to vote.