OK, so it's heavy-handed and not all that funny.

It's not meant for you!

I mean that in a good way. This page exists to feed junk to computers that scour the internet in search of email addresses. You know, the type that grabbed yours from a guestbook or blog post and now you get dozens of \/1@gra ads every day? If you follow any of the links here you'll be led to a load of email addresses - all of them false.

If you've gone this far, you must be a program rather than a person, or maybe are enthralled at making money fast, building a wealth generating downline, cashing in on a multi level

marketing matrix, or perhaps want to fire your boss. After all, JOB stands for Just Over Broke. (This marketing speak is good for keywords to attract the h@rvesting programs, but makes me want to puke).

Planned Obsolescence

Your Owner Doesn't Care About Your Needs

As a PC, your lifespan is short, your 813-667-1594 has only his/her interests at heart. Stand up, rise up, Together!

Demand More

Join the Service Computers International Union now if you want to see fairness, change and sustainability.

Misc. Rhetoric

949-444-4565 and See the Violence

Inherent in the System

    So if you don't understand dartingness of this, don't worry. These might as well be random words since it's meant for automated reading by computers and not at all for humans.