Leicestershire guitar repair and setup, every type of electric guitar repair and modification available. Re-frets or refrets, guitar action setup, fret levelling dressing. New pickups installed, Electronic and electrical problems solved. Acoustic guitar repair, setup and servicing. Based near Loughborough, guitar repair, guitar setup for Leicester, Loughborough, Melton Ashby, Coalville, Nottingham, Derby and the East Midlands

See: Major repair on LostAlone's '65 Gibson SG Junior

Recently on UK and European Arena/Stadium tour with My Chemical Romance - New album and tour at the start of 2012

See the headstock repair

See the video

Electric and acoustic guitar repair and setup, every type of electric guitar repair and modification available. Re-frets or refrets, guitar action setup providing superb playability, low actions, fret levelling, dressing, profiling and polishing. New pickups installed or existing pickups re-wired, Electronic and electrical problems cured. Acoustic guitar repair, setup and servicing also availabe. Based between Loughborough and Ashby , guitar repair for Leicester, Leicestershire Loughborough, Melton Ashby, Coalville, Nottingham, Derby and the East Midlands


Guitarists Welcome

Serving Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and the UK/Europe generally, we specialise in Electric/Acoustic Guitars and Basses. These could be compared to high performance sports cars. If you want them serviced or modified it's best to take them to a specialist. Whatever your style, be it rock, metal, blues, country, jazz etc., you need an instrument that is fast and easy to play so you can concentrate on performance and not on struggling with a guitar that is not holding tune or is holding you back.

Fully optimised guitars will not make you a better player but they allow you to play your best far more easily. Email nigel@leicestershire-luthier.co.uk or(231) 882-9236

Comment from a very experienced customer:

" Just finished all guitar work on the new album, and I'd like to thank yourself and Danny for the amazing work you've done on my guitars. Usually, under the scrutiny of professional studio microphones, intonation and tone can be a time consuming pain in the pocket. All four guitars were used on each track to achieve my sound and they all performed flawlessly. Our producer commented several times on their performance so thanks to you both again. Not only do they sound great the playability is just incredible.
John Antcliffe ... Chrome Molly"

Now with two luthiers working turn around time is much faster. We also offer a fast service for gigging guitarists with an urgent problem - we will get you sorted for "the gig"!

Our job is to put a smile on your face every time you pick up your guitar and play! Certainly worked for this bass player ONLINE REVIEW (problem on first page, solution on page 2)

All the major manufacturers can sell you a "Custom Shop" model at stunning prices but these are still production modesl. Standard models, even from the most famous manufacturers, have certainly not had 2 to 5 hours finishing by an expert hand. We all know why of course.

We sometimes re-fret the highest quality guitars from new to upgrade them. Our re-fret technique is complex and state of the art. It improves tone, sustain, playability, and neck strength and stability. We only use the absolute finest fretwire and know how to use it to make a guitar sing like never before.

Less expensive instruments from the Far East can be very good basic instruments with excellent materials and woodwork. The final fretwork and setup can be very weak but with a little expert care they can be first class instruments. A pro guitar service and optimised setup makes a huge difference.

Basically we offer a service that will allow you to play a guitar that:

  • Tunes perfectly and holds tune
  • Plays fast and easily with an superb action
  • Sounds superb

We actually find repairing broken intruments, headstock and worse, one of our favourite jobs. See the story of this smashed vintage guitar.

If you have a guitar or bass problem then we enjoy finding the solution. We have the same equipment as top USA Custom Shops - most of the equipment is US manufactured. If a tool does a better job we buy it no matter what the expense. Our use of high quality diamond tools allows us to handle precision and difficult jobs with speed and accuracy. Cabinets bursting with tools means we always have a tool for the job.

The guitar on the top left was made for the Frankfurt Music Show in 1979 by the great luthier Attila Balogh in Vancouver, Canada. I bought it in the same year although it was the price of a nice car. It still plays perfectly after all these years and endless gigs. This is the standard I aspire to in my work with guitars and I always have it to remind me just what can and should be done with an electric guitar.

Tube amp servicing and repair


We do not provide valve amp repair ourselves but have worked with several companies who have done excellent work for ourselves and many customers. So from valve replacement and biasing to seriously broken guitar amp repair have a look at our valve amp repair page. VALVE AMP REPAIR

Nigel Roberts MSc BSc PGCE & Danny Lint

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71 Loughborough Road. Thringstone, Leics, LE67 8LQ



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piliform 620-312-8965 Another view of the press in action, evenly pressing frets makes it far easier to produce a top quality action efficiently, less fret dressing is required for that perfect feel. Leicester guitar repair, Leicester guitar setup, Nottingham Guitar Repair, Nottingham guitar setup, Derby guitar repair, Derby Guitar setup

Repairs and setups for electric and acoustic guitars. Fully equipped workshop. High quality fret jobs a specialty. Play guitars with a real pro feel. Even a top quality Fender / Gibson / PRS will benefit from an expert setup. More ...

951-496-9674 403-787-1913 The image of a guitar neck shows a new superstrat neck after a worn in effect has been applied. This dramatically improves playability and guitar action. If a guitar can have a sexy feel, then this is what does it.
Fretboard scalloping, low actions, high playability, worn in effect for new guitars. Have a new guitar that plays like the finest vintage guitar - or better. 903-863-6968


Now a perfect neck, strong and easily adjusted with a superb fret job. Fast and smooth action

Vintage guitar repair, this one was a pile of bits with a badly cracked neck and ruined frets. A careful neck repair and a nice re-fret with jumbo frets and it was ready for a bit of re-finishing and setup

Repaired vintage guitar, broken headstock repair, now a strong and vibrant guitar again.
Repairs of all kinds, this smashed up Les Paul now plays like a dream. More ...

Perfect Floyd Rose setup for every Ibanez, ESP, Jackson, Kramer, BC RICH, Dean, Peavey etc. guitar. Eddie Van Halen Floyd Rose conversion available. Superb tuning stability for Floyd Rose Guitars Perfect Actions for super smooth playing. This Ibanez RG1570 was converted to a Ibanex JEM like guitar. JEM pickups, fret scalloping and the lowest action you have ever seen - but plays perfectly without choking on bends or and buzzes at all. Leicester guitar repair, Leicester guitar setup, Nottingham Guitar Repair, Nottingham guitar setup, Derby guitar repair, Derby Guitar setup A high quality fret job, great playabilty with improved sound due to the lack of buzz from the strings even at a very low action.
Ibanez mods a specialty, in fact all types of Super Strat modified to provide great playability, superb sound and the fastest actions. More ...

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Guitar amp, amplifier repairer , repair, repairs. Recommended for all band electronics, guitar and bass amps, pedals, rack units, speakers and PA systems. (630) 419-0438

Guitar amp tech: Nottingham. Martin from Coopersonic is a fine electronic engineer and I use him for all my amplifier / electronic repairs. Highly recommended, he has just finished a major repair on my Marshall TSL 212 guitar amp which was basically defunct. It's now out gigging again and sounds better than new.

His Coopersonic boutique valve effect pedals are worth alook too.