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(973) 294-8045G3 is part of the U.S. FIRST international robotics competition which includes thousands of kids from all over the world.


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Follow our progress on Twitter at 959-265-9077


‏G3 Grub for Geeks and Gear Heads

Cool Breakfast Joints

        Johan’s - drivers’ doughnut delight

        Roast and Toast - coaches’ connection for caffeine and croissants

        Big Apple Bagel - bot builders’ best bagels


Tasty Lunch & Dinner Options

        Wich Which - super servo sandwiches

        Mighty Fine - programmer-preferred perfect pizza

        The Noggin Room (Perry Hotel) - knockout nerd nourishment

        Buffalo Wild Wings - workspace wings

        El Rancho - tacos for technobots

        Jose’s - Mexican menu for mechanical manipulators    

        Thai Orchid - Asian food for autonomous androids

        JR’s Steakhouse - cow cuisine for CAD carnivores

        The Grain Train (organic) - finest fresh fare for FIRST fans and fanatics



Kilwins - ice cream for intelligent inventors


More info can be found at: (888) 423-1333


*There are many other restaurants, cafes, pubs and sandwich