Sputnik was launched on October 4, 1957.


The show starts at 2:30.

Since wolverine is a very evil wild beast, even a bear in the case of encountering a wolverine tries to avoid it.

She expected him to buy her an expensive gift.


The tree casts a long shadow.

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The door to the garden is very narrow.

I reached the village before dark.

I'm hurrying to learn how to cook.

Kyung says you should always tell the truth.

Nora has lived in New York since he was a child.

The police will just take the money and probably won't even look for the owner.

She helped me morally.

They wanted to build one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

She attended on her sick husband.

Someone always sees through their disguises.

These are my shoes and those are yours.

I wish Frank hadn't kissed me in public.

Grammar is confusing.


All pumps and alarm systems failed, and large amounts of water flooded into the Oslofjord Tunnel three days ago.


There's something important I must tell you.

Besides the piano, can you play any other instruments?

Our library is on the third floor.

I hear that you are having an unusually cold winter.

Isn't this the wrong time to visit him?


There is an abundance of pictures in the book.

Samir hasn't finished yet.

Do your best.

I don't know anything about programming.

I should've worn a short-sleeve shirt.

Let's do what Naim said.

The place is easy to reach from here.

I respect you.

I need to know that Henry is still alive.

Better to die on our feet, than to live on our knees.

Are you sure you have enough money?

Urs can go home.

He spoke to me when he saw me.

Tell me about your program for the future.

You so going to pay for this, Miriam!

If the torque is too high, the shaft might break. That's why we are using a shear splint as a torque limiter.

Tell me again why you like them.


We can't call Florian as a witness.

I failed the written test.

I did some stupid things.

Science without conscience is only the ruin of the soul.

She breaks a dish every time she washes dishes.


We decorated the Christmas tree with lights.


I have to correct this article.


She asked me to help her with the work.


I'll buy a backpack tomorrow.

I never saw a giraffe.

It won't be long before that happens.

I'll probably vote for Patricia.

I have doubts about his career.

They're now alone.

Do you have a receipt?

They are likely to agree to our plan.

Becky dropped this.


Think came in carrying a grocery bag.

You as well as I are wrong.

It's best if you don't know.

I admit it.

Do you think that was funny?

An experiment that is not using scientific control methods is worth nothing.

That's just awful.


I'm not a soldier anymore.

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What's your connection to her?

How long have you and Stacey been living in Boston?

We've got more money than we know what to do with.

There's an easier way to do this.

I go shopping every other day.

Open the window, will you?

Neither of them like me.


You might be able to help them.

I had a right to privacy too.

A dog puts its tail between its legs and cowers when it's frightened.


It is too late for me.

Scot is on pain killers.

Just give me a couple minutes.

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Better an end with horror than a horror without end.


Living is my profession and my art.

Now we'll have some fun.

According to what I heard, they have broken up.


Grab Guillermo and don't let him get away.

Raghu only used it once.

I'm not going to get involved.

You have to get closer.

I want you to listen to me.

Only your opinions matter.

Those are gifts.

It really doesn't matter, does it?

If you float a one yen coin on water and move a magnet slowly towards it then the coin will approach the magnet.


I'm assuming that the gunshot I heard was the one that killed Hubert.

He stood with his feet wide apart.

The climate in Japan is milder than in England.


Next time, I'm coming, too.


What made you so sure?

I just wanted to drop by to say hi.

Kyle burnt the cabin to the ground.

Kevan is feeling good today.

We can't wait for Francois.

I think you should come down here.

Shaw wanted to stay in Boston for another three days.

For whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:

I support your comments wholeheartedly.

Take your time to park correctly, I am not in a hurry.

They cried out in chorus "No!"

You will gain nothing from doing that.

That's a really interesting question.

An ugly wife is a good fence around the garden.

Rees is merciless.


We're going dancing tonight.


Antonella drove me to the airport.


Right now, you have other problems.

Maureen watched from nearby.

How stupid!


Everybody wants to know what's going to happen.

I already know your secret.

What a clever boy he is!


I left my hat in the classroom.

Rhonda came to Australia to visit his girlfriend.

His dad will not come, he is very busy,

My aunt's smile is sweeter than her loquat jam.

I have a Japanese car.


May I ask you for your name and address?

In the movies, ghosts can walk through walls.

You know it's worth it.

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I gave up on the idea of buying a house.

I'll meet you at the usual time.

During the rush hour in Tokyo and Osaka, the trains run at intervals of a few minutes.

The hotel is within easy access of the station.

Pradeep is bored out of his mind.

I am so exhausted because I have padded the hoof for 4 hours.

Kerri must be having a good time.


I suppose I could do that.

There were a great many people present at the assembly.

Terrence has lupus.


Leonard hit me back.

Father bought me the book.

I can't count the number of times I've been here.

I remember the warmth of her arms.

The leader of the opposition called for an independent investigation.

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He is kind of bald.

Clay is the essential ingredient in making pottery.

"Will Juma go to the market with Hasani?" "No, he will go alone."

She'll be up and around this afternoon.

Don't contradict me.

Plastic doesn't take very good care of his children.

She wants to hug him.

How long was your shift?

I thought you said you weren't coming today.

Honzo doesn't understand.

Will you be going to Boston with us next year?

All of the astronauts on board Columbia were killed.

Skeeter asked Syun what her plans for the future were.

Shouldn't we offer to help?

Last night we enjoyed talking over our high school days.

Have Rudolph join us.

I'll make some pasta.


I heard you last night, Lord.

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Harvey ended up in the emergency room.


They'll never make it.

Shakil pushed the elevator call button.

Are you going to miss it?