It took me three years to learn how to do this.

I don't advise them to buy this car.

You'd been playing.

He fixed the watch for me.

Shanghai is the city we miss the most.

I will need your help.

You can't park here.

Failing the exam was a blow to his ego.


He was a bright little fellow of eleven.

That movie ended up being a bore.

You are a nerd.

Can you make out why he won't go with us?

I've heard that he won't be in this country for a long time.


A lot of people in our neighborhood own guns.

Norma pointed to one of the pictures and said, "Who's that?"

The North Star is very easy to find.


I will write to you next week.

She's the nicest person I have ever met.

She's lucky.

Straka isn't the one who helped me.

Do you sometimes go abroad on your holidays?


Ernie teaches me French.


He only drinks that brand of beer.

Robin needs treatment.

I'm not leaving without Kee.

It took her six years to get up the courage to tell him that she didn't like him anymore.

You've got nothing to complain about.

Do you want me to watch Casey for you?

I don't feel sorry for you.


Statutory rape is defined as sexual relations between one member who is above the age of consent and one who is below, even if their difference in age is insignificant.

Nadeem stood in front of a full-length mirror, looking at himself.

I don't have anything to do.

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I think it's disgusting.


These oranges taste good.


I'd like to know Russell's whereabouts.

Good night everyone!

I only have two plane tickets.

I must get this work finished by next Tuesday.

Novo was spotted running east on Park Street, followed by a dark sedan.

You know, Beth, Johann thought the world of you.

Jennifer might be able to sing at your wedding.


They asked me for something to drink.

Tony found that.

He probably won't agree with your proposal.


I've got a good reason to be worried.

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Everett will fight.

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I only eat meat from animals that I have personally killed and butchered.

Slartibartfast celebrated his fortieth birthday the other day, without fanfare or trumpets.

Robin poisoned Ravindran.

Technological innovation brought about the rapid progress of the information industry.

Blame it on the weather.

Maybe it was a convincing argument after all.

We're not going to make it, Hirofumi.


Could you have their luggage taken out please?

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We met in a coffee shop near the campus.

I never forget too.

Lord intends to live in Boston for more than a year.


Knapper took all my money.

I won't be ready to do that until Monday.

It's he, isn't it?

I really feel bad about it.

Child pornography is illegal in most countries, but Saeb wants me to make up sentences about it.


Would you ask her to join us?

Indra doesn't know much about sports.

My mom was a schoolteacher.

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Rakhal told me everything I wanted to know.

You seem happy today.

You won't get anywhere by arguing with such a disturbed individual.

I am who I am thanks to my mother.

I'm not a wealthy man.

Do you know anything about what happened?

My little sister is kind of lazy.

I haven't forgotten her.

He's got two cars.

They accused her of taking the money.

John passed the examination.

He's not a big drinker, but his friends all like to drink, so he often gets drunk.

I get off work around ten.

He is so tired, that isn't able to take even one more step.

It's like you don't have a family, so you are talking about my family.


I've cancelled the newspaper subscription.

I'm sending Molly to Boston to help you.

I was angry.

Heat it up.

I haven't seen Gideon since he was thirteen.

Many peasants died during the drought.

When will you next visit?

Toufic became a Republican.

The man's name was Francisco Pizzaro.

Would it inconvenience you to go yourself?

I visited the village he was born in.

Could you hold this for a sec?

He said that he was very happy.

When are you going to get dinner ready?

Someone needs to tell her that.

I can only speak French.

She's acting on her own.


Torsten told Jay what John did for a living.


We agreed to her suggestions.

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Do your gums bleed?

Shall we go to the cinema?

A study has shown that dairy cattle can increase their milk production by up to three percent after having soothing music played to them for twelve hours per day over a nine-week period.

I never listen to him anyway.

I hate the rain.

Do you have any plans later on?

I don't think I can do this without you.


How many years was Clark in Boston?


Thank you for all your contributions. We expect to see you again soon.

Except for one person, everybody went home.

I know it's not easy.


Julie is always out of money.

Most children feel ashamed in front of people they don't know.

Looks like the weather's gotten worse, eh?

I'd like to go somewhere else now.

If you want to go to the art gallery, get this bus.


We'll pay for this later.

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She ran the risk of having an accident.


I'm so happy to be done with that.

I thought Trevor was in love with Cecilia.

Pradeep was just about to go out when the phone rang.

It's just you and me.

It is not good that you did not ask her name.

I think it's possible.

She's a junior employee.

I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

Our youth we can have but to-day, we may always find time to grow old.

To look at him, you couldn't help laughing.

We have a great school library.

There is a constant flow of traffic on this road.

I'd like to check some of my valuables.

Our teachers say ours is the best school in the state, and in a way, it is.

Her voice could hardly be heard above the noise.

Some birds are flying high in the sky.

How do you interpret the poem?


What's your dream for yourself in five years?

Jane is still on the job.

Our first proposal was turned down.

Rodger glanced at his watch, and frowned.

He is used to eating in a rush.

A wind advisory is in effect until the storm front passes.

We stopped at the monastery and went inside.

If you've got a problem with that, I suggest you talk to Cynthia about it.

Where is Benin?

I didn't swim.

We're going to have to do this again.


The heater doesn't work.

Where do you want to go for our first lesson?

Let's do it ourselves.

There is a quite old vine at Maribor.

When you feel tired, there's nothing better than a bath.


Hold on to the strap. The train will start to move soon.

They say he is guilty, but I believe the contrary.

I am uncertain as to whether I am the right person for the job.

I have fewer students than Pedro does.

Could you please leave?

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I'm late, aren't I?

I'm failing at my job.

Why did you make that deal?

Dan comes from a very traditional family.

My knee hurts a lot.

I study math more seriously than I study English.

I am probably due to speak tonight.


It's useless to translate things that people don't want to say.


Everybody knew, but I didn't care.

Humph! I don't want to speak about this now.

I'll come here as soon as possible.