I wanted to make sure you were alone.

Hunter is off to a rocky start.

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You even said that yourself.

Do you have a child?

The kid got hurt.

Jerome doesn't like cheese.

She could not help but wonder about the story.

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She is very kind. This is why she is liked by everybody.

Generally speaking, the climate here is mild.

Are you sure his name is Lori?

He swallowed a piece of toast because he was starving.

Elliot is playing with his toys.

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Try kicking it.

Clark couldn't remember what he was supposed to do.

They deprived the criminal of his rights.


Her clothes were clean but dowdy.

Derek can take care of that.

Jerrie was shot by a policeman.

They greeted each other warmly.

Please tell me how to get to ___.

I know that Jacob likes basketball.

In mines you can find valuable minerals.

How can I get rid of him?

Michel doesn't need to answer any more questions if he doesn't want to.

Today there are many things made of sheet metal.

The libelous column can still be read on the website of the previously mentioned newspaper.

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Jun just packed up and left.

We must not let them infiltrate our network.

Is it safe to eat food that has dropped on the floor?


I told Sriram I'd changed my mind.

Do you remember what to do?

He has the reputation of being an incorrigible liar.

I always notice using fake dinosaurs in movies.

Don't let this get out of control.

Just hold still.

I want to know how much it's going to cost me.

Carl dislikes the house he's living in.

An illiterate man was fair game for the literate exploiters who contributed to his domination.

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I thought I could buy a ticket today.

The snow was soft and fluffy.

She was a loving wife and mother.

He has a square jaw.

It cost me 3,000 yen to buy the record.

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I sat up last night until two o'clock watching the Olympic Games on TV.

How much is that going to cost me?

She really caught my attention.

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Steen gasped in pain.

Nadeem forgot to turn off the gas.

What do you want, Kiki?


I don't know how to make friends anymore.

Just stay where you are and I'll bring you the papers you need to sign.

He has gone to the library.

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It's too early to tell anything.

How could that be?

A democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency.


I have to hurry!

What did you think of Elwood?

Can you manage to carry that heavy suitcase by yourself?


We're still discussing it.

Olaf will be waiting for us.

He looked as if he knew all about it.

She says she has no intention of having a baby until she's in her thirties.

That'll just have to wait until next week.

That's not believable.

If you plant an apple seed, it might grow into a tree.


Here is a basket full of vegetables.


She traveled all the way from Algeria to testify.

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The boy is sick, though he doesn't appear so.

These oil fields have only begun to be tapped.

It's now dark outside.

I wouldn't be that optimistic if I were you.

Sherri is angry and upset.

I just redecorated.

They keep their jewelry in the safe.

Seems like I'm just playing gooseberry here. I should go.

Nothing is more important than friendship.

She forced me to do it.

Louiqa goes shopping almost every morning.

He misled you.

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.

Henry certainly wouldn't be anywhere near as rich as he is if he hadn't married Sergeant.

Stop speaking in riddles.

I can't figure out how to export my email addresses to a text file.

It's time to do something.

The teacher read the book.

Since the bus was late, I took a taxi.

Intonation is a notoriously difficult part of a foreign language to acquire.

Randell and Holly are the only survivors.


I should have kept my mouth shut.

They loaded the tank on the flatcar.

This book is above my understanding.


The rescued refugees were longing for freedom.

He grew up to be an engineer.

He confessed he had to lie.

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Don't change the subject.


Jane is as beautiful a girl as her sister.

No one seems to have any idea where John is.

Even though the speed limit was 55 miles per hour, Paola was driving much faster.

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Vijay only has 5 hit points left.

Geoffrey and her family came to the railroad station to see us off.

I still have a lot of questions I want to ask you about your relationship with Giovanni.

I must calculate how much money I'll spend next week.

Tell Reiner I want to see him first thing in the morning.

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I didn't even hear Belinda.


You were beginning to worry me.

We could start again.

Dan pretended to have come to see Linda off.

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Who'd want to hire me?

Dan is Linda's childhood love.

Gideon says that the three of you are his brothers.

Could you lend me some money?

I must convince him.

Not all red apples taste the same.

Travelling is easy these days.

So I want to explain who these people are.

I hear you're good at tennis.

I was going to go to the United Arab Emirates.

Ruth would like to know the reason.


He wrote her to the effect that he loved her.

I have done that.

Walter never mentioned Jeanette again.


Bear with me.

I read books to kill time.

What are you doing in a dark place like that?

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The birds are singing merrily.


If you would talk less and listen more, you might learn something.

The horse rose on its hind legs.

My birthday is November 10th.

I'm very concerned about you, Randy.

He is the man I saw yesterday.

They were stunned after finding out about his resignation.

My name is Luis.


It feels so good!

Whatever you wish on others, it will come to you as well.

My friend likes chocolate ice-cream.

Many people were outraged by a picture of a women pumping air into her tires while a man stood beside her playing on his phone.

I simply don't love him.

What movies just opened?

Where am I now?

That's what I love about him.

Alex is genderqueer.

Don't spoil your child.

Izchak stayed at home all day yesterday.

When will the trees blossom?

If you want a pen, I will lend you one.

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I'm excited about the move.

I have never kissed a girl before.

Her marriage brought happiness to her parents.

He looks just like a skeleton.

We need to decide whether to accept or reject your request.

Everything fell out as I expected.

If we begin early, we can finish by lunch.


I used a spirit level to make sure the shelf was perfectly horizontal.

He called me a joker.

For children, this world is full of wonders and miracles.

They are breaking down the wall.

I'll be there shortly.

You cannot believe a word he says.

He fell in with a strange man when he was taking a walk.

We gotta lose the heat, step on it!

I thought you said you didn't trust Frederick.

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This is by far the tallest building in this city.

Excuse me, could we have some more bread?

It is easy to fake email addresses so that an e-mail looks like it comes from someone else.

I am taking her out to dinner tonight.

Are you sure you want to go to Germany?


Peter not only denied that he was Christ's disciple, but that he even knew him.