Lui often travels to Germany for health reasons.

We play on Sunday.

Do you know that?

We have been in Paris.


Have you heard already that he has finally returned home?

You couldn't have picked a worst spot.

Yeast makes dough rise.

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I sold my books at a reasonable price.

Yesterday Warren stayed home all day.

Is the sun up?

Many people believe that Marsha and Irvin are secretly in love with each other.

Four babies are born every second around the world.

Do you have separate accounts or a joint account?

I get up in the morning at eight thirty.


I see that you have a Greek name.

Would it really have been that easy?

Vassos says he can pluck a chicken in less than ten minutes.

That's one question Ruth doesn't have an answer for.

This letter says he is going to marry Grace next month.

Why was money invented?

I wish I'd never told Knudsen about what happened.

Are you scared of them?

Are you asking me to leave?


My father had already finished breakfast when I got up this morning.

With the window broken, we could not keep the room warm.

We need to know more about Tuan.

For me it's your fault!

I ate a quick lunch.

Why would Julius be having problems?

Have had it.

It's unlikely that anyone other than Toufic would be interested in buying this.

Is it true that you closed the shop at nine?

The child was crying for her mother.

Teri seems really out of it.

The question is what do we do now.

I was careless.


She takes herself very seriously.

Hello. How can I help you?

Though he was guilty of the murder of his wife, he got off easy.

Danny didn't seem interested in making friends.

Kristin told me to take good care of myself.


Mysore doesn't drink red wine.

Kerry was the one who helped me with my homework.

I've got to go meet her.

How was the attendance?

Hold the line, please.

Tend to your own affairs first.

She got him to drive.


The resolution to the problem was close at hand.

Sehyo was a little worried about Jisheng.

You're charming today.

Syed did some good things.

Harmon's girlfriend knitted him a sweater.


You could tell that Pratapwant was in pain.

I sit down for so long.

That child wouldn't let go of his mother's hand.

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He seemed to be beside himself with joy.

Could I have the bill, please?

You should brush your teeth after every meal.


I don't feel nervous.


There's something Steve forgot to tell Cathryn.

Right now I am typing using electronic keyboard which plugged into a computer

We have lived in Osaka six years.


He has always had a great curiosity about the world.

Hillary knows Axel pretty well.

You told me to give it to him.

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Everybody wants another chance.

I'm pretty sure that Andries is planning to be here today.

Hi! Just checking to see if you are free tonight.

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I'm going to go with you.

Every nation has its own myths.

Do you think Keith can find it?

We should hurry.

I wish you wouldn't drive so fast.

Business took him there.

What is the total number of students?

You're free to go for now.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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Can I eat this?


A pretty girl with black hair was in the park.

I know Jaime has already left for Boston.

Why are you being so generous?

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Whether we were tired or not, we had to walk on.

She screamed with terror.

Hunter is the one who usually ends up feeding our dog.

Ancient people lived close to nature.

Speak gently to everyone.

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They passed the Cape of Good Hope.

That's right, since we're taking a walk anyways, I wonder if we could spend a little time walking through the forest too...

It's snowing here.

Let's see what Lloyd has to offer.

He studied hard for fear he should fail.


I'm not quite done here.

"It's because you're a girl." "That's sexist."

That was very funny.

Are you finished reading the paper?

It's an old name.

Wait a minute, Sandeep!

The judges made a decision.


Prakash came home from Boston last week.

Emily flashed her smile at us.

Louie wished there was more than just one strawberry in his fruit salad.

Marriage is a covered dish.

What's the matter, dad? Why are you grimacing like that?

Dan cut himself shaving.

Linder's father walked out on his family.


The girl who works in the bakery is affable.

I like the Terminator films because the special effects are fantastic.

Saturdays are sacred.


Freegans are people who employ alternative strategies for living based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources.

"That's fine," replied the girl. "I'll take ten yards."

I'm eating a sandwich for an eating contest.


Sorry, but I can't do so.

He's a member of the golf club.

It has its benefits.

Surya has a lot of time.

Let's try Joon first.

Gideon is coming over to help with the kids.

His acceptance of the present was regarded as bribery.

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If I were rich, I would go abroad.

He was convinced that he could make a success of the weekly magazine in the long run.

Reiner first came to Japan when he was three years old.


Recent studies have shown that is not true.


How much is your monthly gas bill?


You don't drink enough water.


She is anything but a singer.

What is she so unhappy about?

I still vividly remember the embarrassment even today.

Let's get a cup of coffee.

I guess it's the only way to bear one of his concerts.

Roxane asked Vance for her telephone number.

Can you come at ten on May second?

I shouldn't have yelled at them.

"I'm dying," says Pierrette.

I tried to save Eli.

You had better not sit up so late.


The whereabouts of Ken's notorious dog is an issue well beyond Ken's ken.

Who smashed the window? Tell me the truth.

He makes enough money to live a luxurious life.

You're not in danger here.

The best thing is to tell the truth.

Nothing happens unless you make it happen.

Why is my brother stupid?

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Rick pressed an ice pack to his head.

Put the book on the desk.

I want to talk with them alone.

We don't need to attend that meeting.

Laurel is making tea.


My temperature was below thirty-seven degrees this morning.

Hurry, or the plane will leave you behind.

It wasn't what we wanted.

That obliges me to change my opinion.

Have you ever seen them dance?

I need to know why you didn't come yesterday.

Everything is extremely simple.

We've got other things to take care of.

Why would Tanaka kill Seth?

Excuse me. Can I get by here?

Al Gore is a global-warming activist.


I told him I didn't want to go.

I know how they did it.

The capsule won't come out.

I have enough money to buy this.

It's hard to believe that it has been clear and sunny until now.

Jean-Christophe squeezed his eyes shut.

That's how I know you love them.

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Tear gas canisters could be seen on the road after the rioters had left.