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Economy cars save you money.

Hillary is fitted to become a businessman.

Hutongs are a type of narrow street, most commonly associated with Beijing, China.

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I'm sorry to cause you so much trouble.

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I'm basing my story on my childhood.

We're going to get him back.

Vicky says that he'd like to come over this afternoon.

Supporters fought with each other after the football match.

I don't know how to thank you enough.

Look into the future!

I will hand in my report after school.

I think Russ is going to get fired.

Philip wanted to ask Tandy a question.

When I grow up I want to be a great scientist.

Bobby trusted us.

This pen doesn't work.

Bush doesn't want to test new weapons.

She was so scared that she couldn't speak.

All are well at home.

There was nothing left.

What could've happened?

We are going to meet him tonight.

If Jacob gives you any trouble, just call me.


It's me that Elsa is waiting for.

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I am a translator.

He would be very glad to hear the news.

Do you really think I want to go back there?

Gordo, a squirrel monkey, was catapulted 600 miles high in a Jupiter rocket, also on December 13, 1958, one year after the Soviets launched Laika. Gordo's capsule was never found in the Atlantic Ocean. He died on splashdown when a flotation mechanism failed, but Navy doctors said signals on his respiration and heartbeat proved humans could withstand a similar trip.

Dan tried to apologize for being dishonest.

What are you two going to do today?

The prime lending rate is an interest rate determined by individual banks.

We've got some unfinished business.

Hal eats only white meat.

I know where I'm going next.

Think is going on a picnic tomorrow with Marguerite.

Terrance asked me the same questions Jacques had asked me.

Milk nourishes a baby.


Anyone wants to be a flight attendant?

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I have to go to the bank this morning.

I believe him.

He worked all night so that he could get the job done in time.


We overwhelmed the many enemies.

I got this book for nothing.

I sold my house in 2013.

Knapper is getting old.

Don't give up yet. I'm sure you can do it.

Ravindranath looks young.

Their plan resulted in failure.

Earnie often cuts classes on Monday.

Jennie has committed suicide.


Remember that the media broadcast what interests them, that's all.

Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb are considered the most important Mughal emperors.

He removed his sunglasses.

The train rolled out of the station.

How many countries are there in the world?

I wish for once I could be something.

Only Barrett can tell us what needs to be done.


Olaf shouldn't have gone to Boston by himself.


I could've married them.

Don't call anyone.

Divide its length and breadth by ten.

In this time of the year the roadsides are in full bloom. You can find there, for example, a lot of cow parsley, rapeseed, and dandelions.

She knows poverty only in the abstract.

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She seldom sings, but I think she will tonight.

I have got one brother and two sisters.

I don't think anyone would want to read this book more than once.

You're not well.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised.


I'd like to take that out, please.

Ernest said you don't know how to swim.

The Mahdi Army is a private militia in Iraq.

Don't park your books on the table.

I gave Nathan clear orders not to go there.

She took the entrance exam yesterday.

Can you help me pick out an engagement ring?

I'm pretty sure Jeffery is dating Russ.

Annard is a real competitor.

It's a tempest in a teapot.

They don't have the slightest knowledge of geography.

I don't know where Louie used to live.

Players must adhere to the rules of the game.

What are the odds?

The work can wait.

She'll end up being fed up with it.

Have you put out the light in the dining room?


I've come to save her.

Are you good at playing the piano?

We will soon be having snow.


Were you the one who wrote this?

I think that I'll be in Modena at around 9 o'clock.

Naresh is the only one who knows where Kristin lives.

Why is the parking lot so slippery?

I feel funny today.

Theodore got home three hours after Cris did.

It's really cold tonight.


I've been trying to find out what happened to Natraj.


I thought we were here to talk about Dustin.

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They say that their language is the most beautiful in the world.

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Your new novel will come out next month.

Watch and learn.

She speaks English fluently.

Pontus is a real good friend.

I want to do that.

Brent is drunk as a skunk.

He wants to kiss me. And I want to kiss him, too.

It's the second time I've taken the plane. I'm still a little afraid.

Grisha usually repaired his car in this place.


I know Clare really does care about you.

Perry has money enough to buy the house he wants.

Malcolm agreed to help Clare.

We're still checking into it.

She wore a simple dress.


Cornrows is a hairstyle popular among the people with thick curly hair.

Blossoms have come out on the embankment.

How can I make Ramsey stop?

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They greeted us cordially

A passenger fainted, but the stewardess brought him around.

Let me take this one.


Eight years ago, we were in the early stages of what would become the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes.

He seduced her with his didgeridoo.

You're in for a real surprise.

Sehyo is helping his mother in the kitchen.

We are the pioneers of this new branch of science.


I've never been religious, but hearing the Lord's Prayer in Latin makes me shudder.


You need a bath.


If you have something to say, just say it.


I didn't give it to you.

For every action, there is a corresponding reaction.

Just between us, he's not a deep thinker.


Hiroyuki announced his resignation yesterday.

Why did you come home late?

A baby is sleeping in the cradle.

You should've seen him.

She is honest and above bribery.

They went to Ibiza.

Vincent drew a happy face on the cover of his notebook.


Bring your own chess board.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Those are the rules.


Drew looks like his grandfather.

Do you know how that looks?

I've decided not to go to Boston.

I suppose I could ask them.

I caught my son stealing from a cookie jar.


Ann stamped her foot three times.

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I just hope I didn't bore you with my story.


The cat went through a gap in the fence.

Seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere.

I open the door.

Do you have to go?

I have no information on him.

The British troops fought hard, but could not stop the Germans.

We'll all go to Boston next weekend.

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You can meet Frances tonight.

You're within your rights.

The meeting was all but over.

Many lacked political experience.

I don't work as many hours a day as much as I used to.

I'm sorry that you couldn't come with us.

The burglar gained access to the house through a window.

I think Philip would disagree.

Come on in and make yourself at home.

I hope this helps.

Is Siping going to be OK?

These diamonds are from South Africa.

I'm starving! Hurry and give me something to eat.