Without Sugih, Mario would have no one to turn to.

Don't leave your work half finished.


I finished eating breakfast while Dieter was getting ready for school.

Do you have a second?

He suddenly missed his watch.

You'd like her.

He can understand everything they are saying.


Nanda left.

Jong made amends to Raj by taking her out to dinner.

We need to pick Vicki up at the station.

You're afraid.

I forced him into complying with my wish.

He took this photo.

I'm going crazy! I miss him so much!


I like to learn the ancient language.


It has resulted in nothing.

I wasn't going to say anything.

Do I detect sarcasm?

He isn't managing to find a solution.

I worked for them.

I'll blame it all on Mitch.

Dorothy knew Corey would probably be at home.

Rescheduling the appointment won't be a problem.

The noise of the heavy traffic kept me awake all night.


I had to get something out of the car.

Mason is completely delusional.

None of this was my fault.


Joni knows what to do when Jitendra has an epileptic seizure.

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I am trapped in another dimension.

I like dogs and cats.

I had my watch repaired at the store.


I might have to go back home.

Don't you pass out on me.

When does his plane take off?

My daughter never fails to write to me at least once a week.

I have bought a lot of books.


Is Izumi going to swim tomorrow?


Bobbie said that it might be true.

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I don't think that's the right call.

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Stagger finished washing the dishes.

How can I overcome this?

Are they going out?

"You broke my heart", said Pam.

For choice, I'll take this one.

Everyone who knows him, respects him.

I have a pressing feeling in my stomach.

Some people think that French is a difficult language.

I have gotten him into trouble.

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I am in debt to him for 1,000 yen.

How does that help?

The teacher as well as his students has come.

My grandmother can only eat soft food.

Credit cards are useful but dangerous.


I did everything Pedro asked me to do.

It'll turn up.

Like things are cured by like things.


Jill was greatly affected by the death of his son.

That book is helping you to write effectively.

The market never reaches stable equilibrium.

I'm happy enough.

My mother never gets up early.

Is it normal for male teachers to make eyes at female students?

My scalp is very itchy.

The plant supervisor said to his crew, "Let's knock off for lunch."

I don't know what else my band wants me to put in this bio, so I'm going to make a questionnaire for all those reading to fill out and send to us.

I gave birth to my first child last year.

The body quickly adjusts itself to changes in temperature.

Joel didn't ask me to help.

It was a pretty amazing experience.

I want to buy this book not because it is cheap, but because it is useful.

Erik loves reading.

I presented him with a gold watch.

I can't sleep at all.

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Jim hasn't come yet.

The hotel's full of foreigners.

He's interested in Mayan prophecies.

We had fun.

Can I talk to you guys for a second?

The captain welcomed us.

I have to use the phone.

Ramiro stood in the middle of the room.

The two boys lived alone with a lovely cat.


I want to know who told Eugene that.

We've had a poor crop due to lack of water.

I took advantage of every opportunity to improve my English.


I knew you didn't have a meeting.

There was only a little milk left in the bottle.

What've you guys been doing?

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She cannot play the piano.

What time did you go to bed yesterday?

The first subject that attracted my attention was philosophy.


I want you to be my friend again.


We have to call the police.

My daughters are coloring all over the walls.

Have you had dinner already?

At sunset, the crickets begin to chirp and the fireflies light up the night.

You're a snob.


I have been on a diet for more than a year.

Where do your folks live?

Rajarshi was genuinely shocked.

I'm used to cooking for myself.

Such behavior may bring about an accident.

Take a deep breath, please.

I'm not going to study tonight.


I've been worried sick.

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Niall is a prostate cancer survivor.

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That exercise is good for the abdominal muscles.

No one knows what will happen in the 1990's.

Why are you speaking French to Randolph?

Everything she does shows that she has character.

He treats me like a child.

Can I borrow your laptop?

Go and help them.

We never talk about it.

I have no idea what has become of her since.

Beth is a very good friend.

Just trust me.


They are waging a campaign against AIDS.

Do you still believe I killed my brother?

Does Mitch know what the problem is?

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She was obviously in pain.

Don't talk to him while he's studying.

This I have done.

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Are there any problems we need to deal with now?

You look a little green.

It's all I want.

This is a scientist who is respected by all.

You seem to be busy now.

He has been told by the doctor to give up smoking, but he cannot seem to give it up.

Henry James was an American by birth.

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I don't like it as much as taking care of children.


Miss Green asked two questions of me.

I'm going to kill her.

It is in April that our school years start.

Please let go of me.

Celeste picked the coin up and examined it more closely.

Would King Albert have an affair with Princess Diana? I think not. He's too fat.

He will look after the cats for me while I'm abroad.

I had not gone far before I met him.

If we place an order for more than 20 units, would you reduce the price?

I want to know what's happened to Sundaresan.

What should I eat?

I believed him at first.

Antony often talks about golf.

The head of your penis is sticking out of your belt.

We'll catch up.

Has anybody seen my wallet?

Do you want to sit down?

Nils moaned.

She achieved great success in her business.

She rarely, if ever, goes out of town.

You owe me an apology for that.

Do you take in students?

You are watching.

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Why do you want to go as far as Germany to buy a car?

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Johnny was carrying a duffel bag.

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Marguerite has a kid.

That's a hard one.

Becky told me about the earthquake.

Jack was looking well although tired.

Jem is amazing.

Although I graduated many years ago, I'll never forget any of the teachers who taught me.

I love my house.

Is Tricia an actor?

I am feeling much better now.


She took care of the poor little bird.