Real Facts about Testosterone and Testosterone Boosters.

Testosterone Booster FactsOne fact we all know for sure is that testosterone is the steroid hormone that is responsible for secondary development of male characteristics. It is produced in the gonads and its production starts when one is in puberty where they start developing features such as broaden shoulders, growth of muscles, deep voice among others. This is the hormone that leads to production of sperms and makes men to be interested in sex throughout their adulthood. Testosterone is also found in women in low levels but they have estrogen as the predominant sex hormone.

So now that testosterone boosters have become very common in the market today, who are the ideal users?

If you are in your early twenties your testosterone levels are still high and you need not to go for testosterone boosters. Testosterone levels decline when most men are in their 30s and that when one should start using testosterone boosters.

Testosterone boosters are the best remedy for restoring testosterone level back to normal (not all testosterone boosters, but a few) and there is no limitation on who should use these products. Most athletes and bodybuilders have used these products to give them the right amount of strength they require to handle their activities. You can still use testosterone boosters even if you don’t have any symptoms of low testosterone levels just to keep your testosterone levels high and enjoy great strength, stamina, increased libido and sex drive among other benefits.


Testosterone Boosters Work for Old MenTestosterone boosters are also ideal for old men over the age of 50 years. Nonetheless, there are specific testosterone boosters that work best for old men and they should ensure that they are going for the right brands. Most of the testosterone boosters in the market today are geared towards young men who are looking forward to build strong lean muscles. However, old men are not in need of developing muscles. What they need is testosterone boosters that will increase their libido and sex drive since it tends to decrease with age. Old men should visit different websites (like Walmart, ebay, (306) 855-4494 etc..) that have reviewed testosterone boosters tailored towards them and go for that brand they trust most.

Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

The answer is yes and no. testosterone boosters are made of natural ingredients which are mostly extracted from different plants. These ingredients have antioxidant properties that stimulates the body to produce more testosterone. More importantly, some ingredients contains testosterone which then supplements the amount of testosterone present in your body. Some contains anti-estrogen properties hence they are able to enhance the flow of testosterone in the body. These ingredients also helps in burning of excess fats and stimulates the growth of lean muscles.

Nonetheless, some testosterone boosters like TestoTek and TestoRush will not work for you no matter how hard you try. Why? Because the market is flooded with many brands, some of which are of very low quality and you will just be wasting your money buying them. To be on the safe side, visit different websites that have reviewed different brands and look for the high quality brands, most often depicted in the manner in which the brands are ranked. Going for the brand you trust most as opposed to buying the cheapest brand may be the key to effective supplementation.

Are There Other Natural Ways of Increasing Testosterone Level?

The number one reason why people go for testosterone boosters is to avoid testosterone replacement therapy. The therapy is usually very expensive and may make you experience adverse side effects. Nonetheless, testosterone supplements are natural and they are other natural ways you can use to increase you testosterone level including:

  • Physical Exercises; engaging in physical exercises is one of the most healthy behavior you can embrace in your life. If you are looking forward to growing muscles, am sure you already have a programme for visiting the gym regularly. However, regardless of the exercise you like most that is one way of forcing your body to produce more testosterone. Your mind and your body works hand in hand in determining the amount of testosterone you have. Vigorous activities sends a signal to the brain that you require more testosterone to adapt to your environment and with continued effort, your body is forced to produce more testosterone.
  • Diet. There are some food stuffs that contain very high level of testosterone and you should make a point of adding them to your diet.
  • Sleep and Relaxation. Quality sleep is one key factor that can help you increase your testosterone levels. Some people rarely sleeps at all. When you give your body ample time to relax, you create a good environment for hormone production and allow hormonal flow to all parts of the body. If you can’t afford to relax due to pressures of attending to your responsibilities, at least get enough sleep to avoid depleting your testosterone.

Does the Use of Testosterone Boosters Cause any Side Effects?

Yes use of testosterone supplements may cause some side effects to some individuals while others have their entire supplementation without experiencing any side effects. However, that does not mean you should not use them. There are a number of benefits that comes with the use of testosterone boosters and they have been in the market for a long time.

The side effects caused by testosterone boosters are usually temporary and manageable. One fact we know for sure is that these supplements are made up of natural ingredients which have no potential of causing brutal damage to an individual. There is no enough research to prove that testosterone boosters affects the users negatively, but at the same time, we can`t deny that some people have reported to experiencing some side effects including skin acne, inability to control anger, irritability and more.

HCG for Testosterone Supplementation.

Recent studies shows that HCG is very beneficial to all men who are looking forward to increasing their testosterone levels using testosterone boosters or testosterone replacement therapy.

What is HCG?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropic. It is an essential hormone that is used to stimulate ovulation in women and testosterone production in men.

Who Should Use HCG?

HCG favors all men who are using testosterone boosters or testosterone replacement therapy so that they can avoid conditions such as “testicles shrinkage (testicular atrophy)” caused by low testosterone levels (see /

How it works.

HCG mimics the Leutinising Hormone (LH) to stimulate the Leydig Cells in the testes to produce more testosterone. When your testosterone level is low, your brain send a signal to produce more testosterone. However, when you are using testosterone from outside, your brain may fail to notice and hence it will not send a signal to the LH to stimulate the production of more testosterone. Your testes will shrink but taking HCG will restore this to normal and your body will continue to produce more testosterone. All men testo booster users should find it important to add HCG to their supplementation. It is normally injected in the subcutaneous muscle or the lower abdomen. A medical prescription will help you to ensure that you are taking the right dosage.


If you happen to experience any side effects, don’t wait for too long. Stop taking the supplements. You are the master of your life. You may be convinced a thousand time on the benefits you will reap from using testosterone boosters but if it is not working well for you just let go. More importantly, consulting a medical practitioner to help you choose a testosterone supplement that will suit you most may be the key to having an effective supplementation.

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