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It was one of the worst TV Shows of the 1990s.

They developed a treatment for this disease.

I hate this place.

I gave up my job.

I am very fond of travelling by train.

I know what you guys are eating.

Tell them I'm coming.

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She took my hint and smiled.

It seemed never-ending.

Ti has been charged with Seymour's murder.

This is the best camera in the store.

I'm counting on your presence.

Wolf didn't want to go out to play.

They said they never saw him.

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In my opinion, it would be better if you went there.

If Markku had had more time, he would have written Liisa a longer letter.

I thought this was a hospital.


Turn on, tune in, drop out.

They want you back.

It's very dangerous.

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I cannot forget his kindness.


Johann asked for some money.

I need his help.

The small island came into sight.


A theory must be followed by practice.

Alfred doesn't make pie crust. She usually buys it pre-made.

This deposit bears three percent interest.


We need to persuade Karen to rest.

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Edmund asked Sir what she thought of John.

At least I wasn't alone.

You're disobedient.


Am I my brother's keeper?

I really can't say that my mother cooks well. For seasoning as well, I prefer the way my wife cooks. But despite this, I want her to teach me. To teach me that taste that I tasted when I was a child.

Why didn't she come?

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Sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number.

The rest is left to you!

Curtis and Tollefsen each took a sip of wine.

Did you ask her why?

We can understand everything you're saying.

Come back and see us again.

Hunger, my boy, is no reason for taking something which belongs to another.

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Who would do something like that?

I cannot drill the door. This is Ken's job.

The European Union is considering banning plastic bags.

Edmond doesn't know I'm Shaw's brother.

That custom is quite foreign to the Japanese.

Lorien completed his report by copy-pasting from Wikipedia.

I've been waiting all night.

Could you please dry your hands? There's a towel over there.

He has never been scolded by his father.

Word of the incident spread quickly.

Syed wouldn't tell me where he parked his car.

Why don't I pay her a visit?

Lex will figure it out.

Randy has been on the waiting list for three years.

The identity of the boy who had been missing was verified by the clothes he was wearing.

Do you have any plans later on?

Terrence won't be around long.

We're still confused about that.

She swims better than Linley.

My mouth is numb.

I don't need to tell you anything.

This is true love.

I would like you to translate this book into English.

Someone made a threat to kill that politician.

The sphygmomanometer is an important diagnostic instrument.

I'll let you speak to Stephe.

Little Sophie was not obedient.

I can't lie to Roxana again.

How many of your students are here?

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Put the bracelet on.

A gentleman is a man of independent means.

You have to work faster.


Naoko is good at swimming.

What kind of place is it?

Sometimes, life is so unjust.


We're going to eat dinner at the Jacksons' tonight.

Philip eventually left.

Brazil hosts the Olympic Games.

The bike that was loved for many years was stolen.

I'm sorry. That's really all I remember.

Amir can't rely on Anatoly's help.

Only your blunt remarks are worth reading.

It was a party to celebrate her birthday.

Pierette has sold his house in Boston.

Our class went on an excursion to Hakone.

If you go by Shinkansen, you'll be there in no time.

A trebuchet is a siege weapon similar to a catapult.

The ship made for the shore.

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The name Canada comes from the Iroquoian word kanata, which means "village" or "settlement".

Phill might be able to make it if we go half an hour later.

I'd hoped to speak with them.

I would like to get a camera like this.

Donetsk is a large city in eastern Ukraine on the Kalmius river.


My mother made me a Christmas cake.

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It's Randal's fault.

I had rented it the day before.

There's not enough light in this room for sewing.

It's not too late to walk away.

I see that it is raining.

The couple who came on a shrine visit, said, "We prayed that our child would grow up healthily."

Jean got stung by a jellyfish.

Terry shouldn't have left the party so early.

But their troubles weren't over yet.


He persisted in his work until he succeeded.


I didn't know what time I stop the machine.

They were all tired out.

You won't be the only one there.


All humans are good at heart.

You two should be ashamed of yourselves.

The girl speaks English very well.

Never praise a ford till you get over.

Let's look in the closet.

How are we going to pay for that?

I heard Kory screaming.

Axel abandoned his wife and children.

Winston hasn't given Mann a birthday present since they were both thirteen.

Humans and dinosaurs have never coexisted.

I think that he is honest.


I bought this coat at a low price.

I'd like to put something in the hotel safe.

We look up to him as a good senior.

She sent me a long letter.

It certainly could've been worse.

Anita didn't help us like he said he would.

I don't think they can behave themselves at the party.

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Ronni has been having the same dream every night for the past six months.


Since neither one of us could afford to take the other to the movies, we went Dutch.


"How long will you remain in Boston?" "Until Thursday."

The bill could be paid today.

Why would you say something like that?

Some healthcare workers spend more time doing paperwork than taking care of patients.

He is quick to find fault with the student's penmanship.


You ask too much of me.


Visit our website for additional information.


Food shouldn't be wasted.

Ruth pulled himself up by his bootstraps.

He is a man of position.

Are these yours, Penny?

They wanted to oust the communist government of Fidel Castro.


The moon rose above the clouds.


Two wrongs do make a right.

Try to stay a bit more alert to what goes on around you.

On what platform does the train from Lyon arrive?


This is a such good student.


We need some new ideas.

I'm very much aware of the danger.

You always make excuses for not doing your share of the work.

My association with him did not last long.

A flock of sheep was grazing in the fields.

I don't like visiting big cities.

"Please," says the crew member.

You should imitate his behavior.

English is one of the easiest languages to speak badly, but the most difficult to use well.

"If this lasts much longer," she said, "I shall not be able to bear it." But it did last, and she had to bear it, without being able to help herself.

To deny sustenance to the Army of Northern Virginia, Sheridan determined to take the entire harvest of the Shenandoah Valley.

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I felt my heart beating rapidly.

They believe it.

A few years ago, I tried a Japanese-style bath on New Zealand's South Island.

I want to retire.

It would mean a lot to me.

I want you to give Emil a message.

Tomorrow, I will ask him.

Did you take one of the cookies while I was not looking? I baked 20 cookies, not 19.

It's already taken care of.


We have a long and cold winter, but we know how to enjoy it.