I wonder what the next question will be.

Jonathan appeared to be in his early thirties.

He wants me to approach it with care.

We went ahead and ate without Winston.

I could not remember his name for the life of me.

I made some hot chocolate.


The first space stations rotated axially to produce artificial gravity.

Please don't come in.

Have you met the person I hired?

Add salt and baking soda to the water.

How I miss you.

Passengers poured out to the road.

Carlo read the whole book from beginning to end.

No country can match France's good quality wine.

She found us.


The German auto industry produces excellent cars.

Give my best regards to all your family.

Get lost!


Cut the shenanigans!

He had a share in completing the job.

Some snakes are dangerous.

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They looked on him as an authority.

Leigh said he'd like to have another cup of coffee.

He likes dancing, much more music.


She was acting as if she was in charge.

At what rate did the illness spread?

Be careful. It's very sharp.


Sanche explained the whole thing to Earnie.

You'll never defeat us.

I'm looking for a well-trafficked place, somewhere that draws big crowds. What would you say is the best place to do business in this area?

Gabriel doesn't have time to help you.

Andrea thinks he knows where Marco lives.

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She moved to America.


We're getting a new car next month.


I was hostile to any attempt at reconciliation.

I simply invited him.

Everyone dies eventually.

She was accused for nepotism.

It's of my liking.

I am just a castaway on an island lost at sea.

Don't you think this hat looks good on me?

Do you refer to me?

Take a seat!

I've already spoken to Sam about that.

Isn't Jerrie supposed to be good at this?

She's lazy.

He believes that he is a hero.

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I appreciate you giving me a break.

This place is beautiful.

I heard a funny noise.

Dan was reading a book about Charlie Chaplin.

Let's discuss the matter right now.

"I thought you'd give this laughter its due!" "This is crud! They're laughing at me!" "You don't say?"

I never stay anywhere long enough to make friends.

Mayo intends to stay in Boston for three days.

I couldn't think of any reason why Klaus would be late.

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The government is expelling illegal aliens as part of a crackdown.

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A promise made is a debt unpaid.

Alejandro shook my hand.

Surya took the kids to the school.


I want to go to Britain.


That's a pretty colour.

Hon likes running.

He resigned his post on account of illness.

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Edgar walked along the shore alone.


He is facing many difficulties.

He dedicated himself to biology studies for almost ten years.

Three civilians were wounded.

I heard every word.

I'm pretty sure that building was built in 1987.

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The shit has hit the fan.

Roland twisted Sanjeev's arm and she agreed to donate some money to our charity.

Dawn doesn't like not being able to control Christofer.

I've no idea.

Is it true that the French are masters at flirting?

He made the most of his opportunity.

Nanda wrecked his truck.

What has become of him since then?

Where is the New Zealand embassy?


The conference is to be held in Tokyo the day after tomorrow.


He knows how to speak to children.

His customers dropped off after the new supermarket opened for business.

Surya doesn't plan to do that.

You're the smartest person I know.

Keith is quite efficient.

You know enough.

She kept crying all night.

I wonder what Olaf was trying to find out.

Hubert rarely eats at home.

Berlin is a German city.

They have fixed to go to London.


I would like to leave this girl with you.

In our house there are two cats: one white and the other black.

This sure tastes good!

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He watched a Swedish movie.


I need to lose a little weight.

Her shirt was stained with sauce.

The boy slept eight hours.

Are you speaking to me?

His feelings were not reciprocated.

I won't keep you long.

I'll be there on Saturday.

Do you know what she said?

You should take your work a little more seriously.

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The company accepted his application.


This song is known to everyone.


What gifts did you ask Santa for?

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I am so happy to see you back.

Sometimes, labels are useful.

Facebook closed his page.


Could you please pull the weeds and water the flowers?

Who in this room is prepared to stand up for their rights?

Try not to repeat yourself.


Jeremy and Art visited Northern Europe.

I forced him into complying with my wish.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

I'm taking maternity leave from Sep.30 to Oct.14.

Bush Jr. never lied to Americans.


My son has taken to drinking and smoking.

For rescuing me, I shall grant you one wish.

I never even gave her a second glance.

This I have done.

Tell them to hurry up.

Tell me when to call at his office.

Moore can't tell a horse from a pony.

Try not to think about her all the time.

I suppose you want to use my office.

Supposedly there are people in Japan who keep a penguin as a pet.

Ole smokes a lot.

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We saw it on the news.

The government is being destroyed!

People in that country are pressed by hunger.

Are you bored here?

Mr. Suzuki is an outstanding scientist.

Don't you want to visit us?

Herve threw an egg at Jonathan.


Who should I address the letter to?

You may as well forgive his sins.

Your hat is similar to mine.

In the garden, there are apple trees, plums, cherries, raspberries, gooseberries, and currants.

Do you think that Eileen lied to me?


I like teaching.

I'll be waiting for you at 2:30 in front of the school.

You're not trying.

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Give her the gun.

We don't need that stuff.

I met him at the coffee shop.


I slept a little during lunch break because I was so tired.


Dan and Linda eventually moved to London.


What makes you think that Russ will listen to me?


I'll give you as much money as you want.

Tears gathered in her eyes.

Is this your son, Betty?

Doug uncorked a bottle of wine.

The town was established in the 18th century.

I was waiting for the bus at that time.

Kirsten and I usually agree with each other.


True friendship is precious just because it's rare.

Jane said he'd think about my suggestion.

I feel happy and at peace with myself.

I didn't say I liked him.

She gave me a fake phone number.